Telenovela Weekend Issues & Clarifications

Hey there Minions!

We see a lot of you have some concerns with the Telenovela Weekend Event. Sit tight, as usual we are here helping. I have only been a bit silent as I have been looking into all the issues and concerns you are expressing and sharing them all with TinyCo.

I have compiled a list of the main ones and highlighted them below.ย Consuela Technical Support Bunny Glitch

Take a look at the information below to see if it helps you out a little better with the Event.


The Stick was originally set up to help Players out to get rid of the Pinatas on the buildings. For whatever reason, once it went live… the timer wouldn’t work correctly. No matter what they tried, the feature that worked before… just would not work live. So it was pulled. To help out and still give more Blindfolds, they added Seamus to the mix of Characters to help with those drops. I did communicate with them my thoughts on the trade out, and they are looking into it.

Will update with any further information.



10 Blindfolds

I saw comments from Players that the only Characters they had to drop Blindfolds were now stuck in buildings with Pinata Latchers. I reported my concerns and thoughts on the matter to them and they are looking into it.

Will update with any further information.



Pinata Latcher

I saw comments from Playersย that their Latchers were not spawning at the correct 2hr rate. I had not personally been experiencing this issue and mine seem to spawn as intended. I did pass on the information and would recommend if you are running into this to try the basic troubleshooting and report it.

If you are NOT having Pinata Latchers spawn please email me ASAP with your Player ID info ย (Menu, Account, Long # Lower Right)

To Clarify, I am asking if you are getting ONE Latcher Pinata every 2 hours showing up on a building. If not, how long does it take before one shows up? What part of questline are you on? Please forward this info with Player ID. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thanks again for all your help, we no longer need any further Player IDs. Again, you ARE getting them right if you get ONE pinata latcher every 2 hours. ๐Ÿ˜‰

UPDATE 12:30AM EST: Thanks to all you amazing readers responding, we are now pin pointing this issue. So far the pattern I am seeing is around A Whole New Mundo Part 4/ Forbidden Clam Part 1, but want to keep poking to make sure. Thank you again for your help, it really makes a difference and is most useful. Will keep looking into it and going back and forth with TinyCo until it is resolved. ๐Ÿ˜‰



Blindfold Characters

I saw comments from Players they were stuck in a loop. They need to clear a Pinata to continue in questline however, like noted above, they can’t clear it without a Blindfold from a Character… stuck in a building with a Pinata… that requires a Blindfold to clear. I did discuss my concerns on this one with them and they are looking into it.

Will update with any further information.




I saw comments from Players that many were seeing an error message for the Candy when tapping on him in Al’s. It is telling you that you can’t collect Candy yet and need to complete more questlines. This is already known to them and a patch already in the mix, so hang tight.

In the meantime, as long as you have reached A Whole New Mundo Part 2, you should have no problems at all collecting Candy. So just ignore the message in Al’s. No other questlines need completion.


If there is an isolated issue that Basic Troubleshooting does not resolve, please feel free to reach out to them via your in game messaging in the Help Menu.ย 


Short story long on all this, they are ALWAYS watching and keeping an eye out to make sure the game flows as intended. I know it is easier at times to jump the gun, grab the pitchforks, riot and loot, and freak the frak out the second something goes wrong… but no worries. Take a step back. Take a breather if needed. Know that they are one of the ONLY companies out there they are making sure the Players concerns are being addressed each and every event.

So put down the pitchforks, feel free to use the What The Deuce posts to vent if needed (helpful posts such as this one are NOT the appropriate place to yell and scream). We know you are frustrated, we know you are upset, we know you need to vent… just do it at the right place (see What The Deuce). Remember WE here at the Addicts are here to help, so yelling at us or taking it out on us really isn’t necessary. WE got your backs. WE are players too and are going through the hiccups and bumps as well in our games we invest a LOT in. WE just have a more professional approach to handling things.


If there is another major issue with this particular Telenovela Weekend you feel I need to address, please let me know. (The list I sent them had other items… but they were more just one person reporting so isolated.) Now… go back to playing the game. Have some fun. Smile. It is the weekend, so relax a bit. We got yah covered. ๐Ÿ˜‰







234 responses to “Telenovela Weekend Issues & Clarifications

  1. Albert Francis

    OK guys I’m getting a message its consuela and it says error no material try again and it just comes up again what can I do to fix this


  2. I was soooooo close to having Soap Opera Peter!! I needed 5 more hats to get him & was rather sad when it was pulled & all that work went to waste… Just like the Valentine’s Day event. Sometimes the goals for the things we have to get for special events is a bit rediculous.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My whole spanish mission has gone! No peter no pinatas nothing ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  4. My pinatas stopped giving me candy. I only need 14 more and it just stopped yesterday. I’m so close to unlocking Spanish soap Peter and o really need the clams that come along with it. I will be very disappointed if the event ends today before I get him considering tinyco messed up.


    • They never ALWAYS dropped. They’re a chance drop. Keep playing and see how far you get. 1 every 2 hrs spawns. If you REALLY want him so bad…you’re at a point you need to decide if it’s worth it to you to buy him out or let him go. (Still needing 14 is not enough time left.)


  5. This is the first event I’ve seen that actually halts your progress and makes you do the side stuff, which as always is basically impossible to complete without dropping cash on it. I’m putting the game down until this crap is over.


    • Not sure what you are referring to “side stuff”. You do know the amount of Candy has changed?

      But if it isn’t enjoyable for you, that is fine. I understand if you chose to not play it. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  6. Update….they changed it from 55 candy to 35 candy.woo hoo..


  7. Still having issues spawning pinatas can’t meet candy quota at this rate by Wednesday


  8. Thank you, TinyCo. Woot! Woot !. all I need is i sombrero and I have Peters costume Topped out at 35.


  9. The just lowerd the candy limit from 55 to 35!


  10. Hello ladies! I’m sure you’re already aware of this, but if you check out TQFS fb page the candy requirement has been reduced to 35. Didn’t want to post and have the masses overloading the site.. Or step on toes ๐Ÿ˜‰ hope you’re getting a chance to celebrate St. Paddy’s at your local pub today!



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