Telenovela Weekend is Here!

Update 3/13 9pm EDT: TinyCo has made a couple of adjustments in the game tonight.  They’ve completely removed the clock feature from the stick…so now you must earn Blindfolds to make it work.  However, they’ve added a task for Seamus (Sing Shanties) to also help earn Blindfolds (so now you have Peter, Bruce, Mort, Herbert AND Seamus that can help earn Blindfolds).  

The timer is NOT coming back.  The 4hr task replaces the timer (as they all take the same amount of time).

In addition they’ve added a task for Conseula to drop Cowboy Hats (6hrs, Clean the Town)

Also…as a side note for those struggling with Plutonium.  They’ve added a task for Tricia and Connie to help earn more Plutonium

There currently is a known issue with the bat timer and it not counting down properly.  So if you’re experiencing it, know that you’re not the only one.  The best thing to do is to contact TinyCo via your game and let them know you’re impacted too.  The more players that report it the quicker they’ll be able to determine what’s causing it.  

Hello There Clammers!

Well the weekend looms large and you know what that means?  No, not time to break out the Bunny Water (although it is almost St. Pats!).  Nope it’s time for another TQFS Weekend Event!

What’s in store for us this time?  Well in case you didn’t get it from the title of this post….it’s Telenovela Weekend in Quahog!  So what does this mean for you???  Well….the long awaited arrival of Soap Opera Peter!

2015-03-13 16.35.02

As always we’ll be back with more details as we go through them….for now know that the event ends on Wednesday March 18th (3pm PDT) so you have until then to unlock Soap Opera Peter or he’ll disappear from the game…oh and, as usual, you must be at least District 3 for the event to hit your game.  (as if you newbies needed more motivation to find Lois in your new Quahog!)

Note: Sorry to our Windows friends….sadly this update will not be hitting your devices….

Back with more in a bit!

So let’s take a look at the new stuff..



Hacienda GriffinHacienda Griffin- $3,000.  12hr Build.  Earns $60, 15xp/12hrs

Channel 26Channel 26- $4,000.  6hr build.  Earns $60, 15xp/12hrs

Senor LimpiadorSeñor Limpiador- $8,000.  2hr Build.  Earns $60, 15xp/12hrs


Luchador General StoreLuchador General Store- 50 Clams.  Earns $60, 14xp/12hrs.  Always drops mustaches.



Taqueria La Almeja GordaTaqueria la Almeja– $7,000.  Note: This is supposed to be in the shop.  Currently it’s missing.  TinyCo is working to restore it back.  


Mariachi La Almeja BassistMariachi La Almeja Bassist- 25 Clams

Mariachi La Almeja TrumpeterMariachi La Almeja Trumpeter- 25 Clams

Mariachi La Almeja ViolinistMariachi La Almeja Violinist- 25 Clams

Mariachi La Almeja GuitaristMariachi La Almeja Guitarist- 40 Clams

PinataPiñata- 130 Clams (spawns more Piñatas in your town)

New Character


Soap Opera Peter has finally arrived! As usual to unlock him you’ll have to collect STUFF.  Just what do you need?  Here’s the breakdown…

Candy55 35 (Changed 3/17/15) Candy (Common)- Earned By: Smashing Piñatas

Cowboy Hat20 Cowboy Hats (Common)- Earned By: Make Bonnie Go to Ladies Night OR Make Lois Freshen Up

Mustache16 Mustaches (Rare)- Earned By: Make Chris Eat a Large Ham OR Make Joe Visit the Gun Range OR Make Jerome Be a Superior Athlete OR Make Quagmire Enjoy Carrots OR Get from Luchador General Store

For those curious, it’ll cost you over 400 Clams for instant create. 

Remember you have until March 18th at 3pm PDT to unlock Soap Opera Peter, or he’ll disappear from the game!  (no matter where you are in the unlock process)  So get him before he disappears! 


2015-03-13 16.59.36

Who remembers Latcher Stewie?  How about the poltergeist?  Well….they’re baaaacccckkk!  Sorta.

Latchers are back for this event….only this time they’re Piñatas!  Yes, that’s right my friends…we once again get to clear things from buildings!  (I can feel your excitement already)

Just like latchers of events past, Piñatas will block buildings and make them unusable.  (so be careful who you send on what task)  Smashing the Piñatas (clearing them from the buildings) will help you earn candy needed to unlock Soap Opera Peter.  So pull out your sticks and whack it!! Giggity!

So how do you smash them?  Well what’s a Piñata smashing without a blindfold and stick?  Kinky…

You’ll pull out your stick and whack the Piñatas (what did you think we were just joking about that?).

So what’s the spawn rate for the Piñatas?
Well….at a normal rate Piñatas will spawn every 2hrs and you can have a max in your town of 5 Piñatas at a time.

How Long Will they Latch onto a building?
They’ll change buildings every 8hrs if you don’t clear them before then.

Note: you will not see Piñatas until AFTER you’ve reached A Whole New Mundo Pt. 2.

Also…if you purchase the Piñata decoration from the store it will spawn even more Piñatas in your town!


3 Blindfolds

So what does the blindfold do?  Blindfolds aren’t just for fun…they have a practical use too.  Blindfolds allow you to instantly get back to whacking those Piñatas.  (think zapper Batteries for Latcher Stewie)  Otherwise the normal cool down time between whacks is 4 hrs.

Blindfolds can be earned by doing tasks…or purchased from the shop….

Which characters can earn blindfolds from tasks?

Mort- Swallow Jewels

Peter- Cook Disgusting Vegetables

Bruce- Be a Good Listener

Herbert- Buy Candy for Kids

Currently there are 3 options to purchase Blindfolds.

1 Blindfold1 Blindfold- 10 Clams

3 Blindfolds3 Blindfolds- 25 Clams

10 Blindfolds10 Blindfolds- 75 Clams.

So How Do I Smash Piñatas?

Once you’ve reached A Whole New Mundo Pt. 2part of the quest will be to smash a Piñata.  You’ll see them hanging out over buildings…they latch onto the coins, they’ll look like this:

2015-03-13 17.03.13

When you tap on those Piñatas the bat screen will come up & it will tell you how much time you have left to recharge your bat:

2015-03-13 17.00.17

As you can see this still needs a full 4hr charge before I can whack the Piñatas.  If you don’t have any Blindfolds available it’ll say Buy…but if you have them available it’ll say Use:

2015-03-13 17.17.04

Note…you’ll see your blindfold count in the bottom right corner of your screen:

2015-03-13 17.16.55

Remember you can earn Blindfolds via Character tasks (Herbert, Peter, Bruce & Mort) or you can buy them in the store.  

IF your blindfold count looks crazy high (at one point mine said 17,000 +) hard close and restart your game a few times.  This should reset the counter.  TinyCo IS looking into why it’s starting off crazy high as well…

Now once you have a whack available (or you decide to use a blindfold) you just tap Smash and the game will do the rest…

2015-03-13 17.17.12

And it’s that simple to smash those Piñatas!

Note: After you’ve smashed the first Piñata for Part 2, DO NOT SMASH ANYMORE!  You will need to smash 50 for part 4 and any you smash before getting there won’t count.


Here’s as far as i’ve gotten so far with the main questline…

A Whole New Mundo
-Pt 1 $200, Peter
-Pt 2 Piñata Smash, Buy Senor Limpiador
-Pt 3 Peter
-Pt 4 Buy Hacienda Griffin, Smash 50 Piñatas
Will update walkthrough once i’ve gotten past the 50 Piñatas

The Forbidden Clam
Will start right around when Pt 4 of A Whole New Mundo starts
-Pt 1 Create Spanish Soap Opera Peter, Spanish Soap Opera Peter
Will update walkthrough once i’ve got more details.  

And there you have it my friends!  The complete details for the Telenovela Weekend!

What do you think of the weekend event?  Thoughts on Soap Opera Peter finally joining the game?  How about the Piñata latchers?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

432 responses to “Telenovela Weekend is Here!

  1. They need to bring back Spanish soap opera Peter I was short by 1 hat!


  2. When are the pinatas going away??? The even should have ended already, they are slowing me down -____-


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