Star Trek Family Guy AWESOME Video

Hey there all you Tribbles!

Bouncing by here really quick to show you all a lot clearer and longer version of the video clip that was shown this last Sunday During Family Guy on FOX.

What do you think of it? Seeing more recognizable Characters? Anyone you can’t wait to get into your game?

All I can say is I am truly amazed at all the time, effort, and FRAKKIN AWESOME stuff they put into this Event. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!



14 responses to “Star Trek Family Guy AWESOME Video

  1. Im not, at all, into this event. I’m fine with it though…I could use a break and Im going to see exactly how much I can get as a freemium player since I typically will shell out clams for at least SOMEthing in every event. On this one I won’t be doing it because I think Star Trek is just “eh”. I’m glad they are doing it though…because just like the whole KISS thing, it will be done with and out of the way, hopefully never to return. 🙂


  2. Klyngon Meg! I can’t wait!!


  3. We better have a gribble npc at the end of this event i REALY whant that fur shop BRING ON THE TRIBBLES


  4. Okay I know we are hardly started – but I can’t wait for a Star Wars update – will that be in May…may the 4th be with you? Although I doubt they can shot their wad and do two huge events back to back. But really the big one will be Star Wars – I mean the show has had so much Star Wars involvement.


  5. There is a meteor shooting game?!? How much are they gonna add? This is definitely the biggest update ever since comic con in my opinion!


  6. Spock, says my sister


  7. jennifer martski

    Love it!!


  8. All I can say is AWESOME!!!


  9. Eeeekkkk I love it!! When I was younger my Dad and I used to watch TNG all the time. It was one of our thaaaaangs. This is SO. CCOOOL EEEEkk!!

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