The Star Trek Event is LIVE!

UPDATE BUNNY 345PM EST 3-20: Android users: Download the 1.7.3 update from the Google Play store for bug fixes!

UPDATE BUNNY 645PM EST: Two things I am noticing in the game. Players without the ship in the Event Area. Patch is almost complete and should be to the games in a bit, so keep checking back. 

Next, players jumping WAY ahead and unlocking Riker before completing “Where No Griffin Has Gone Before” Part 4 to get 35 Tribbles from Quahog. This is creating a conflict due to the jump then sets the Tribble requirement to the Enterprise questline, overwriting the Quahog one. They are aware and seeing how they can better make it so those of us with itchy Fingers (yes, Alissa did this too. 😉 ) can get the Tribble quest in Quahog complete if we jumped ahead. 😉 Patch sent, let us know if the issue is resolved for you. 😉

Also, if you are getting an error mesage… check your app markets first to ensure you have the latest update to the game. 😉


Update Alissa 2pm EST: Land issue is fixed as are most issues listed below.  Be sure to update from the App Markets to the latest version…

UPDATE BUNNY: Known things TinyCo is aware of…
-Fine Arts covered in trees. 
-Can’t connect. 
-“Attempting to place unusable placeable enterpriseSkinHouse of class”
-“requesting empty assetId”

Hang in there. They’re on top of it all.

Hello There Clammers!

Are you ready to boldly go where no Clammer has gone before?!  After weeks of teasing, a few trailer videos and a bunch of sneak peeks…it’s finally time for Star Trek to arrive in Quahog! (Make sure you download the latest Version from your App Market.)

Star Trek Splash Screen

So. Much. Content!  And it’s AWESOME!


As always we’ll be back with more details as we go through them….

(Side Note: This will NOT be available on the Windows Stand Alone Version.)

Your first task will be to repair Shuttlecraft which costs $500, and takes 10 seconds..

More details below the fold…

Working to get you guys all the details ASAP…however my game server keeps dropping.  We’ll keep updating as I can get into the game

First the new stuff in the store…

Initially there’s not too much in the store….here’s what’s there when you first start the event:


Pod PlantPod Plant- 35 Dilithium Crystals

Fartonic TreeFartonic Tree- 55 Dilithium Crystals

Dilithium LabDilithium Lab- 200 Clams.  Drops 50 Crystals

Dilithium RefineryDilithium Refinery- 400 Clams. Drops 200 Crystals

Dilithium MineDilithium Mine- 700 Clams.  Drops 500 Crystals

Event Area

The Event Area is a bit different this time…it’s in the same general location but take a look…


Event Overview

event screen

Event Currency

Dilithium Crystal

For this event we’ll be collecting Dilithium Crystals!  This is the currency you’ll need to unlock characters/skins and items through out the event.



What are Tribbles?  
Here’s the info from TinyCo:
“Tribbles are small, furry creatures that purr when you pet them. Sort of like cats, but less bitey. They also multiply very quickly.
Pop them to collect Dilithium Crystals needed to power the Enterprise!”

So basically Tribbles will help you earn more Crystals.  Simply tap on them to clear them!  Sounds simple enough right?

Brown Tribble 2 Yellow Tribble 3 Beige Tribble

Tribbles will also occasionally drop clams! Sweet right?!


UPDATE BUNNY : Here’s my spawn results. 6 Tribbles every hour. 3 yellow, 2 beige, 1 brown. I think your Star fleet Level may impact the amount, but this is what my last 6 spawns showed. 

If you tap on one that multiplies, you can spawn up to 5/6 more from it. But tap fast cuz they disappear after a few seconds.


New Characters

RikerWilliam Riker

You’ll find him when you repair the Shuttlecraft.  As always you’ll have to get stuff to unlock him…here’s a look at what you’ll need:

Tricorder8 Tricorder (Rare)- Earned by: Clearing Beige Tribble OR Clearing Brown Tribble OR Clearing a Yellow Tribble OR Make Peter Watch Space Flicks OR Make Peter Overeat

Beard Trimmer10 Beard Trimmers (Common)- Earned By: Make Lois Pack Peter’s Underwear OR Make Bonnie Pack Up Joe’s Diapers OR Make Quagmire let the Gerbil Loose

Dilithium Crystal175 Dilithium- Earned by: Tapping Tribbles AND Completing Quests


GeordiGeordi La Forge

You’ll find Geordi once you’ve gotten onto the Enterprise.  He’ll be in the engine room…and you’ll need 2 Life Support Energy to unlock the room.  Once unlocked you’ll find him.  Naturally you’ll have to collect STUFF to unlock him.  Here’s what you’ll need:

Star Fleet Insignia Statue1 Starfleet Statue- Craft in the Replicator.  Requires 2 Life Support Energy and 675 Crystals

Rainbow5 Rainbows (Uncommon): Earned By: Make Quagmire Update Dating Profile OR Make Mort Snoop on Customers OR Make Chris Lock Himself in Shed

Children's Book10 Children’s Books (Uncommon): Earned By: Get from Cargo Bay OR Make Herbert Buy Candy for Kids

Visor5 Visors (Rare): Earned By: Make Starfleet Peter Drink Synthehol OR Make Lois Freshen Up OR Make Bonnie Abuse Jacuzzi Jets

Dilithium Crystal500 Dilithium Crystals: Earned by: Tapping Tribbles AND Completing Quest


Starfleet PeterStarfleet Peter

A new costume for Peter (of course you had to have known one was coming!) You’ll be able to start unlocking him once you’ve unlocked William Riker.  Collect STUFF to unlock.  Here’s what you’ll need:

Red Shirt8 Red Shirts (common): Earned By: Make Chris Fat Kid Hula Hoop

Replicator Hamburger8 Replicator Hamburgers (Uncommon): Earned By: Make Jerome Be a Superior Athlete OR Make Riker Seduce Alien Ladies OR Make Joe Give Himself a Sponge Bath

Captain's Log14 Captain’s Logs (Rare): Earned by: Make Peter Stub His Knee OR Get from Beige Tribble OR Get from Brown Tribble OR Get from Yellow Tribble

Dilithium Crystal150 Dilithium Crystals: Earned by: Tapping Tribbles AND Completing Quests

ALL Characters/Costumes must be unlocked by April 30th in order to keep them in your Quahog.  Otherwise they’ll leave with the event on April 30th

Traveling to the Enterprise

Enterprise Icon

You’ll be able to travel back and forth from the Enterprise to Quahog!  BUT you can only do this once you unlock William Riker.  Once you’ve unlocked him simply tap on the icon in the lower right corner of your screen to travel…


Before you unlock William Riker you’ll see this screen popup:


Once you’ve unlocked Riker and are able to travel you’ll see this message popup from Ollie..


And then you’ll be taken away to the USS Enterprise!

2015-03-19 17.31.16

The first time you visit the Enterprise it’ll look like this..

2015-03-19 17.33.26

Once you’ve unlocked the ability to board the Enterprise you’ll be able to explore various rooms and areas.  Here’s some more info on that…

Note these are from TinyCo’s FAQs..

How do I explore the Enterprise?

Only a small section of the ship will be available for use when you first board the Enterprise. As you explore and repair the ship, you’ll be able to repair the main rooms and customize the Enterprise rooms. You can decide which Enterprise Rooms you want to build and where to build them. (For more info, read “How do Enterprise Rooms work?”)

Some parts of the ship are sectioned into “districts.” In order to access different areas of the Enterprise, you may need to complete certain quests or wait for the next Warp Core upgrade to become available. Each week, you’ll need to collect Life Support Energy to upgrade the Warp Core. More content becomes available with each upgrade.

How do Enterprise Rooms work?
Aboard the Enterprise, you’ll find blank rooms. Players can build a room of their choice in these spaces in order to customize their experience.

Each Enterprise Room requires Dilithium to construct and will take time to finish building. The rooms will generate resources and event experience when you collect from them. They also have a chance of dropping stuff you’ll need throughout the event.

Some Enterprise Rooms can be purchased for clams. If you purchase a premium Enterprise Room you get to keep/reuse it (even if you build something over it).

You’ll receive a deco version of each Enterprise Room you build once the event ends!

We’ll break the rooms down a bit more in another post…



Energy is pretty critical for this event.  It’s going to help you open up various rooms/districts of the Enterprise!

There will be 5 types of energy used for this event:

Transporter Energy-Transporter Energy
Phaser Energy-Phaser Energy
Life Support Energy 15-Life Support Energy
Synthesizer Ore-Synthesizer Ore
-Dark Matter

Each energy will have it’s own purpose.  For Phase 1 we’ll just be using Life Support Energy and Synthesizer Ore…the other types (you guessed it) are for future updates!

Here’s how you can earn Life Support Energy:

Riker: Think Deeply
Crew’s Quarters

Here’s how you can earn Synthesizer Ore:

Get from Super Rad Cargo Bay
Go to Ladies Night



The Replicator is basically where you can craft items and other fun things!  Here’s the description from TinyCo:

“The Replicator allows you to craft special Star Trek items and decorations. Each prize requires Dilithium Crystals and other stuff, such as Life Support Energy or Synthesizer Ore. You can earn these by performing character actions, popping Tribbles, and collecting from special buildings.”

From inside the Enterprise you can access the Replicator by clicking on the room in the ship.  Here’s what it looks like:


Right now there are only 4 prizes you can craft:

Star Fleet Insignia StatueStarfleet Insignia Statue- Requires:

Dilithium Crystals675 Crystals

Life Support Energy 155 Life Support Energy


Earl Grey's Hawt TeaEarl Grey’s Hawt Tea- Building to help earn more Crystals.  Requires:

Dilithium Crystals125 Crystals

Life Support Energy 155 Life Support Energy


Ferengi MortFerengi Mort- Skin for Mort.  Requires:

Dilithium Crystals350 Crystals

Life Support Energy 1510 Life Support Energy

Synthesizer Ore5 Synthesizer Ore (Energy)


Latinum LoansLatinum Loans- Building to help you earn more Crystals.  Requires:

Dilithium Crystals200 Crystals

Life Support Energy 158 Life Support Energy

Synthesizer Ore3 Synthesizer Ore (Energy)

Uncharted Planet Mystery Box


This will unlock once you’re on the Enterprise.  You’ll see a shopping cart option, that’s where you’ll find this (bottom right, same place as in Quahog).  Each try costs 100 Clams and here’s what you can win:

GornGorn: Moving NPC
Quarks Bar and Holding-Quark’s Bar and Holding Company: Building, earns more Crystals
Tribble FurrierTribble Furrier: Building, earns more Crystals
ArmusArmus: Animated deco
Clams200 Clams
Clams-150 Clams
Dilithium Crystals-300 Dilithium Crystals
Dilithium Crystals-350 Dilithium Crystals
Life Support Energy 15-15 Life Support Energy
Synthesizer Ore-5 Synthesizer Ore

XP and Warp Core

xp and warp code


When you complete tasks you’ll be awarded XP (questline tasks).  This XP is used to upgrade!Star Trek XP

The higher the level the more stuff you’ll unlock!  You’ll be able to see your XP level at all times in the bottom right corner of your screen (right next to the transport button):

Star Trek Level Icon


And that my friends is the basic rundown for the first phase of Star Trek!  As always we’ll break everything down into further detail in posts to come.

In the meantime…

What do you think of the Star Trek Event so far?  Thoughts on the Phase 1 characters and skins?  How about the USS Enterprise?  Do you like the idea of rebuilding it?  Thoughts on the Tribbles?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


800 responses to “The Star Trek Event is LIVE!

  1. Padre De Familia

    (Side Note: This will NOT be available on the Windows Stand Alone Version.)

    OK 😦
    I play this game on Windows 8.1 and when I saw the Spock’s Hand on the app’s facebook I said: Where is that stuff? Thanks for the information.


  2. I have gone as far as unlocking troi and Klingon Chris but Riker left the enterprise and is now back wandering around Quahog and I can’t send him to OH Nos because it says I haven’t unlocked him. Anyone else have an awol Riker?


  3. Just wondering… After the trek is over.. Do we get to keep the ship and all we have earned? I mean I am on level 5 now and got lots of cool stuff. Hope I can keep it. And the ship also..


  4. Bunny/Alissa, do you know if you complete An Officer & an Idiot Part 6 if the tribbles still spawn on the Enterprise? Mike1 left a tip to not finish it to keep the tribbles spawning so I’ve held off completing the task (placing the Earl Grey Tea). But I haven’t seen any gold shirts to clear to compete Klingon Chris & wonder if I need to finish AOAAI part 6 to get gold shirts?

    Basically just need to know if it’s safe to complete part 6 to keep tribbles spawning. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  5. Is anyone else having trouble with constant crashing? Is there something I can do, like remove buildings? The game just shuts off energy minute or so. Very frustrating.


  6. Ferengi Mott action count lathium bars no longer show it giving transport energy, do you know why


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