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How To: Unlock Fine Arts District Land

Hey there Clammers!

I am seeing a lot of comments popping up with players not being able to unlock the New Land in the Fine Arts District. Figured I would hop on by to help out and possibly offer some clarification to it.

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Fine Arts District Is HERE!!!

Hey there Minions!

The time has FINALLY arrived for some things from the past to come to the future. Or is it the other way around? I forget. Well the Fine Arts District is here and with it a LOT of cool stuff. As usual we will be breaking down all the details once we play through it live in our games, so keep checking back to this post as we update it will all the information. Family Guy Decoration Cowboy

FINALLY we can get on with the Blimp! HERE WE GO!!!

First off, iOS and Android both received updates not long after the Event to clear the Event from their game. So make sure your App Market has the latest update. And update your game from the App Market if you have not. (Seeing 1.6.9 for Android and 1.6.8 for iOS.)

To unlock the Fine Arts District, you will need to complete the quest “The Wild Wild Mayor West Pt. 5” (From District 9) & then start off on the new questline “The Great Plutonium Heist” & “Away We Go”.

More details below…

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