Fine Arts District Is HERE!!!

Hey there Minions!

The time has FINALLY arrived for some things from the past to come to the future. Or is it the other way around? I forget. Well the Fine Arts District is here and with it a LOT of cool stuff. As usual we will be breaking down all the details once we play through it live in our games, so keep checking back to this post as we update it will all the information. Family Guy Decoration Cowboy

FINALLY we can get on with the Blimp! HERE WE GO!!!

First off, iOS and Android both received updates not long after the Event to clear the Event from their game. So make sure your App Market has the latest update. And update your game from the App Market if you have not. (Seeing 1.6.9 for Android and 1.6.8 for iOS.)

To unlock the Fine Arts District, you will need to complete the quest “The Wild Wild Mayor West Pt. 5” (From District 9) & then start off on the new questline “The Great Plutonium Heist” & “Away We Go”.

More details below…

Update from Alissa


There will be 3 new patches of land you will need to clear. YAY FOR SOME MORE LAND! They will run you $18,000/ $20,000/$22,000. And each patch will take 20hrs to clear.  New Land will not unlock until you’ve completed “The Great Plutonium Heist” & “Away We Go”.  So basically after you’ve restored the plutonium to the Blimp.

New Buildings

Balloon ManiaBalloon Mania- $5,000, 12hr Build.  Earns $60, 40xp.  Ok I know this has been around for a while.  But it’s required for this one…

Olivia's HouseOlivia’s House- $24,000.  Earns $45, 30xp/8hrs (Instant Build)

Olivia PlayhouseOlivia’s Playhouse- $20,000.  Earns $45, 30xp/8hrs (Instant Build)

Quahog School Of Performing ArtsQuahog School of the Performing Arts- $10,000.  Earns $30,20xp/4hrs (Instant Build)

h. O. $18,000.  Earns $60, 40xp/12hrs


Make Believe CastleMake-Believe Castle- 40 Clams. Earns $60, 40xp/12hrs

Leaning Tower of PisaLeaning Tower of Pisa- 60 Clams.  Earns $45, 30xp/8hrs (Unlocks after time travel to Renaissance)

New Decorations 

Ice BikeIce Bike- $25,000 (Note from Bunny: YES! This is the same one from Benedict’s Questline we saw. 😉 )

Clam FlagThe Magic Clam Flag- $15,000

Family Guy Decoration CowboyDance Cowboy- $12,000 (Stationary but does tricks with his guns) Will not unlock until you Time Travel to the Old West

Da Vinci Flying MachineDa Vinci’s Flying Machine- $12,000 (animated, but stationary. Unlocks after you travel to the Renaissance)


Old Timey ArcherOld Timey Archer- 40 Clams (animated)

Stew EStew-E- 40 Clams (hilariously animated)

Wool. i. 125 Clams (Unlocks after you time Travel to Prehistoric era.  Roaming NPC)

Buddy the CavemanBuddy the Caveman- 75 Clams (Unlocks after you time Travel to Prehistoric era.  Animated but stationary)

wpid-fg_decoration_gladiator_15830Agador Farticus- 75 Clams (Unlocks after you time travel to Ancient Rome.  Animated but stationary)


Guillotine Guillotine- Free with Time Travel to the Renaissance .

New Character


Olivia has arrived in Quahog! (but won’t appear to start getting items for until you’ve cleared the land and completely unlocked the Fine Arts District)

To unlock Olivia you’ll need to make Stewie Time Travel and bring back STUFF from his travels!  Here’s what you’ll need:

Saloon1 Saloon- 13 Plutonium needed to travel for this (When you get this it’ll go to your inventory.  You’ll have to pull it from there to get it for Olivia.  It’ll earn $140, 90xp/16hrs)

Dancing Snake1 Dancing Snake- 13 Plutonium needed to travel for this. (When you get this it’ll go to your inventory.  You’ll have t0 pull it from there to get it for Olivia.)

Trieste the Triceritop1 Venus Fly Traposaurus- 13 Plutonium needed to travel for this. (When you get this it’ll go to your inventory.  You’ll have to pull it from there to get it for Olivia.)

Acropolis1 Acrapolis- 13 Plutonium needed to travel for this. (When you get this it’ll go to your inventory.  You’ll have to pull it from there to get it for Olivia.  Once placed earns $60, 40xp/12hrs)

Time Travel

plutonium case

To time travel you’ll need Plutonium and LOTS of it!  You can get Plutonium from other characters…however Plutonium is a rare drop so it may take a while to get it all!  Here’s a list of who drops Plutonium:

Carter- Mistreat Minimum Wage Employees (4hrs)
Mayor West- Have a Screaming Contest (6hrs)
Tom Tucker- Find Spare Keys (8hrs)


LOTS of questlines with this…as always we’ll have the full walkthrough up, but here’s the quick rundown of who to keep free and when.

The Great Plutonium Heist
-Pt 1 Mayor West
-Pt 2 Mayor West
-Pt 3 Stewie
-Pt 4 Mayor West, Vinny, Stewie, Brian

Away We Go
-Pt 1 Balloon Mania, Brian
-Pt 2 Stewie

Dance Hall Days
-Pt 1 Fine Arts District, Clear Block, Build Olivia’s House
-Pt 2 Stewie
-Pt 3 Stewie
-Pt 4 Stewie, 13 Plutonium (Time Travel)

The Future Was Just Now
Starts after Dance Hall Days, side quest…will take some time to finish
-Pt 1 Brian
-Pt 2 Lois
-Pt 3 Brian, Olivia, Chris
-Pt 4 Brian, Olivia, Peter…requires
-Pt 5 Brian

Walk Like an Egyptian
Will start after Dance Hall Days.  This one is required to move on
-Pt 1 Stewie, Vinny
-Pt 2 Time Travel Plutonium
-Pt 3 Stewie, Vinny

Page Out of Prehistory
-Pt 1 Stewie
-Pt 2 Stewie, Vinny
-Pt 3 Time Travel Plutonium

Virgil’s First Edition
-Pt 1 Stewie, Vinny
-Pt 2 Stewie
-Pt 3 Time Travel Plutonium

Ye Olde Blimp Trippe
-Pt 1 Olivia
-Pt 2 Vinny
-Pt 3 Stewie, Olivia
-Pt 4 Time Travel Plutonium

You Do
-Pt 1 Olivia, Stewie
-Pt 2 Olivia, Stewie
-Pt 3 Olivia, Stewie
-Pt. 4 Olivia, Stewie

A Couple of Notes

Blimp Questline

-You will have to Time Travel 5 times.  Each time you Time Travel you’ll need 13 Plutonium

– After you’ve completed Time Traveling the Blimp will disappear from Quahog.  Here’s the note from TinyCo on that:
“Once you complete the quest “Ye Olde Blimp Trippe, Pt 4″ the blimp will disappear from the water. We may bring it back in the future though. Stay tuned!”

-Part 3 of Walk Like an Egyptian right now requires the Egyptian Bath House.  This was something that was available during Kingdom of the Full Moon.  I have it from that, not sure if TinyCo brought it back…since I already have it.  However, we’re checking with TinyCo to see if this is intentional or accidental.  Or what the case is.  Currently you cannot progress to another quest unless you have the Bath House.  As soon as we get an answer from them we’ll pass it along to you.

UPDATE BUNNY: We are getting reports of Players reaching this point getting the option to purchase the Egyptian Bath House for $4000. Let us know if you see different. I will attach an image of the one from Kingdom of Full Moon Event, please let us know if your version varies. (Screenshots are always welcome… 



And that my friends are the details to the Fine Arts District!

What are you thoughts on the new content?   How about Time Travel?  Thoughts on the questline so far?  Happy to finally have the blimp going again?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


347 responses to “Fine Arts District Is HERE!!!

  1. I’m stuck! I can’t get past “Great Plutonium Heist pt 2” because the dogs for Mayor West won’t show up. So I am literally stuck and can’t move forward. I have written to Tinyco, but they just said, “we’re aware of the situation”


    • RussianTigger

      Yesterday’s update was supposed to try fix this but it’s become apparent it hasn’t for everyone, instead it will be resolved in the next update but I don’t know when that will be as yet, sorry


  2. Alison bartunek

    I did the whole blimp thing. Even clicking on the bubbles before sending the blimp back I didn’t get anything from the quest, nothing popped up at all and there is nothing in my inventory from it. Now the blimp is gone and Olivia is still locked. I can’t even unlock the fine arts district land yet. I wanna know what’s going on I want to unlock the brewery already


  3. On plutonium heist pt2. I’m not getting any dogs to collect for mayor west?


  4. Tricia also drop plutonium with the action “Sabotage Tom’s mustache” its 4hrs.


  5. is it me or has the recently changed colour?? I’m sure it was a much lighter blue – like sapphire – before star trek event…


    • I’ll have to compare the images. I’ll get back to you.


      • ok, thanks… looking at the post above is the colour it is now, but I’m sure it was much lighter….


        • Yah… same. I pulled the image in this post right from my game. It’s how all our pics are created. Taken right from within our game. I just compared it now… looks the same to me. I think in one of the images like in the Menu it seemed a lil lighter, so I think I know what you are referring to. But the actual building came out dark.


          • Okay well thanx for that… I was actually talking about the building, not the menu icon – I wouldnt usually notice tbh, but I remember thinking a few times how much I really liked the sapphire-type colour of it but now I just think its uglyblue.. really confused about it tbh but I accept your reply and will move on lol 🙂


  6. Advice needed: I just finished away we go part 1 and brian filled up the blimp for part 2. I kind of want to concentrate on my star trek event and save the massive blimp questline for after star trek so i have something to keep me busy! what’s the furthest questline I can advance to and complete without triggering character drops for plutonium which is not what I want right now. appreciate the help! Keep up the great work!


  7. I got the Acropolis and placed it down and the game crashed. Now I have advanced to the next dialog but Olivia is still locked, need another 13 plutonium, and the Acropolis is gone – not in inventory or available to purchase. So frustrated. What can I do?


  8. I’m having problems with my time travel on the blimp. Not sure if it’s something I’m doing wrong or if it’s a glitch in the game but both my husband and i play and we both have this issue where we have used up our 13 plutonium twice with no drop. Nothing happens and nothing in the inventory and when i read that the blimp will dissapear after 5 time travels and it requires the 4 buildings to get olivia i was farely dissapointed. Can someone please help me out on this or let me know how to fix this issue.


  9. Im so mad right now i have the dinosaur and acropolis left i had the 13 plutonium i needed and sent it off and it returns and i get nothing 😠


  10. I have not completely unlocket Olivia yet, but my blimp already dissapeared. I travelled 5 times in total. 3 times successful, and 2 times without getting any buildings and stuff. How can I get my blimp back? Did I do something wrong? 😦 I really want to unlock Olivia so I can continue my quests… I’m stuck..


  11. The drop rate is too low. Taking forever to complate this.


  12. I sent the blimp on the first quest and didn’t get anything. Is that supposed to happen?


  13. I’m not sure if it’s been posted yet…but just so everyone knows Connie and Trisha now drop plutonium as well


  14. I’m struggling with the bath house. I CAN see it in the inventory to buy (and need to for next part of Walk Like An Egyptian Quest) but every time I buy it my games instantly crashes. Been 3 days, I cleared the cache and stripped my Quahog back to a more minimal (less cluttered) state. No joy. Seems like the building is giving us andriod users all sorts of bother


  15. So I built the house for Olivia I collected 13 plutonium. I can’t clear the block. I sent the blimp back to get the items to unlock Olivia but it was empty. So could someone tell me what to do so this thing works. I did open a ticket with tinyco but I don’t expect an answer since the ticket I opened on December second still hasn’t been resolved. I know this isn’t the complaining page but I am really tired of the lack of everything coming out of that company. They are starting to be the same as time warner and comcast.


    • Now now… take a step back. Quick breather. You are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing. Just keep going. 😉

      Keep in mind you are going through a questline with each Blimp trip. Most have like 3 & 4 parts (see all the links in this very post you are commenting on). Just like a race, you don’t get a prize in the middle… only when you finish. You just haven’t got to the finish line just yet. 😉

      As for the Land, it is a lil tricky… but this may help. 🙂


  16. themostawesomesister

    I’m stuck on getting the Egyptian bath house. There’s no option to buy it, and it’s not in my inventory anywhere either. I can’t progress any further without it…am I missing something??


    • Nowhere in decorations? You completed the questline to point it’s asking for it?


      • I also don’t have the option to buy the Bath House. I checked in the buildings section. I’m using android.


        • Where are you in the questline? Are you at the End of the Egypt one?


          • Having a problem getting the triceratops and bath house, collected the first two items from inventory and have completed the blimp task and it has disappeared. Checked my inventory very carefully but can’t find them. I’ve deleted the app on both ios and android and reinstalled.


            • There is a complete questline with each trip including 3 to 4 parts of dialog. You will need to complete each trip fully to the end of those 3 or 4 parts in order to get the items.


  17. I’m just sayin’, 63 plutonium to obtain as a rare item, from 3 characters, with a 4, 6, and 8 hr drop time frame? I’m all good with slowing the pace of the game down but this is just a little too slow. Tinyco has ground the game to a virtual standstill because even with the little quest lines that have popped up over the last week, once you get Lois to audition, you’re stalled again due to needing Olivia for the next one. Problem is that if it’s taking a week at a time to unlock a blimp trip, we are looking at being done the (hopefully will happen) Trekkie Easter event before unlocking the rest of this event.

    I get why the game is “slowed” down for those who have been there since the beginning, it gives others a chance to catch up. The wonder I have, is this going to result in the long time players to just give up, ignore the game, and possibly move on to something else?


  18. I consider myself to be a regular player but the amount of plutonium needed vs the limited characters (3) that can earn it is crazy. Is there a time limit on getting it done or do I just keep plugging along? Thanks. You all do a great job here as well as the simpsons.


    • It is pretty standard time frame to all the previous Districts. They are meant to be something to fill up time, slower pace, kind of a way to “take it easy” between those High Paced/ Limited Time drops we keep getting.


      • Thx for that Bunny, I was worried that this event would end before I could get all the plutonium I needed for each trip. The drop rate is really slow and just having three toons that drop them at different rates was frustrating. I’m glad I have time to finish this one.


  19. At the current rate of acquiring plutonium (1 per day), it’ll be 3 more days before I take my first trip. How many time travel trips are there to take?


  20. Not able to get bath house


  21. I’m stuck on the Dance Hall Days part 1, Olivia’s house has been built, land is still locked (so unable to purchase more land) blimp has been repaired and sent through time once (but nothing new came back or was unlocked in my game) I’ve completed the great plutonium heist and away we go… Why’s my land still locked? I’m unable to progress and wasting time collecting plutonium for nothing to come back with the blimp… Such a stupid update from TinyCo! I want to progress in my game 😦


  22. what happened to the jail meg costume being able to drop plutonium? i can see unlocking olivia taking weeks if not months, wow ! so much plutonium.


  23. Da vinci flying machine not appearing for me. Done everything else and my blimp has blown and gone. Yet no flying machine.


  24. My blimp has disappeared! But I still need the Trapasaurus and the acrapolis to unlock Olivia. Any ideas?


  25. When are the characters Evil Monkey, Neil Goldman and Death going to abel to unlock the characters in the game
    thank you for your help in the past, present and future questions


  26. I shill can’t get Carl no videos or clams on my game.
    When is it going to be able to get Carl videos to work?
    And do you think I can get the Golden Peter Costume on the Samsung Galaxy tab 3?
    If not can you send information to me a way to get the costume misson to start in my game?
    P.S. I do no want a ios means could you please let want it is?
    P.S.S. I’m playing on a Samsung galaxy tab 3 ipad.
    Could you let me know as soon as possible?
    Thank you for your help and support


    • Carl is being worked On.

      Gold Suit Peter is iOS exclusive. Only way to get him on your device is to log into your game on an iOS device first and get him there. Including his golden pool and other items. All can ONLY be initiated on iOS


      • I’m not getting any dogs for mayor west to collect in the plutonium heist pt2? It’s been days and still 0/3 to collect.


        • Have you used your road building icon to check your town for any hidden Roads you may not be seeing? Hidden behind some buildings or decorations?

          Last time someone made this remark, they had a square of road buried and hidden and they had no idea they dropped it there. It was full of the items they needed to tap. So I would suggest to go into road building mode and scan your town. The roads is where they roam.

          Also, have you tried tapping on “go” from the task itself to see if it brought you to an area of town? If so… the road may be there.


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