Pawtucket Brewery Craftables Part 2

Hey there Chumba Wumbas!

Hopping on by with a break down of all the Pawtucket Brewery items that came with District 10 Part 2. Specifically, all the new items that unlocked for you to be able to craft. Pawtucket Brewery RepairedTo start out, you first have to complete all of District 9 and jumped into District 10, then completed the first part of the District 10 Walkthrough. Part 1 Brewery Items HERE. Part 1 Questline HERE

So what all did Part 2 bring? Let’s take a look.

Item Required $/Material XP/ Payout Craft Limit When Unlocks
Pawtucket Ale 40 $8,000/ 4 Beer Bubbles 3 XP 2 State of Pure Inebreation Questline
Trumpet Player $30,000/ 15 Beer Bottles/ 20 Bottle Caps 3 XP 2 State of Pure Inebreation Questline
Drummer $35,000/ 20 Beer Bottles/ 20 Silver Tickets 3 XP 2 State of Pure Inebreation Questline
Marching Band Tubist $40,000/ 8 Beer Bubbles/ 5 Tap Handles 3 XP 2 State of Pure Inebreation Questline
Forklift $30,000/ 12 Beer Bubbles/ 25 Silver Tickets 3 XP 1 State of Pure Inebreation Questline
Hops Fountain 15 Beer Bubbles/ 40 Bottle Caps/ 30 Silver Tickets/ 10 Tap Handles 3 XP 2 State of Pure Inebreation Questline
Chumba Wumba $5,000/ 20 Silver Tickets/ 6 Tap Handles 3 XP 2 Who’s Ever Heard of a Hopsberry Part 6


Now that you have an idea what items are in there for Part 2 to Craft, let’s look at each one individually to see just what they do.

Pawtucket Ale 40Pawtucket Ale 40 (Decoration): Sits on a 1 x 1 Base. Currently not animated. Just a Beer bottle. Would go well with a Brewery themed area or maybe outside one of the Bars round Quahog.

Trumpet PlayerTrumpet Player (Decoration): Sits on a 1×1 base. Is animated. Marches in place while he blows his Trumpet. When tapped he spins it in his hands than plays again. Can place him outside the Brewery, just like in the episode. Or out back the highschool in the field. Lol.

DrummerDrummer (Decoration): Sits on a 1×1 base. Is animated. Marches in place while he drums. When tapped his twirls his drumsticks. Can place him outside the Brewery, just like in the episode. Or out back the highschool in the field. Lol.

Marching Band TubistMarching Band Tubist (Decoration): Sits on a 1 x 1 base. Is animated. Marches in place while he plays the Tuba. (No sound). When tapped he closes his eyes and plays while barely moving his feet. Can place him outside the Brewery, just like in the episode. Or out back the highschool in the field. Lol.

ForkliftForklift (Decoration): Sits on a 2 x 2 base. Currently not animated. I think this one would have been funny as a Moving Decoration myself. Right now it would go pretty much anywhere that could be a construction or in progress type area, or made to look as though its moving around bottles of beer or other things.

Hops FountainHops Fountain (Decoration): Sits on a 3×3 base. Is animated. Beer flows from the mug into the pool below.The foam bubbles and splashes. When tapped, the mug raises up to the sky and sprays out a fountain of Beer, then goes back to pouring into the pool below again. Really cool Fountain. Looks cool pretty much all over. Even in Peter’s back yard. Lol. I could see him swimming in it.

Chumba WumbaChumba Wumba (Moving Decoration): These lil guys will just wander your streets in Quahog. They stop occasionally and start their lil dance. So once you make them, you can leave them out to wander your roads or store them away.


Once you have created ALL the items from Part 1 & 2 to their complete limits a few things will happen…

1:Characters will no longer drop the Materials as the collection is complete
2:Pawtucket Brewery will turn into just a Brewery Decoration. (Currently no payout on it.)
3:You then can go clear any Chumba Wumba’s left with Stewie, outside the two you made, and they will no longer spawn in your town. (This happens just after you finish the questline.)


That does it for District 10. 

What do you think of these items? How many have you crafted so far? Have any favorites? Did you complete District 10? Let us know.



162 responses to “Pawtucket Brewery Craftables Part 2

  1. Hi,

    I was rearranging my buildings and when I went to go move the Pawtucket Brewery Decoration buildings (the one where I can trade in for brewery characters and items), it disappeared. It’s not in my inventory (I’ve emptied i). How do I get it back???


  2. Hey Bunny, hope you are feeling better and better! I have a question. I finally unlocked Pat! Almost done with that district. Doing it along side these events is something else. Lol
    I unlocked the candyman outfit before I unlocked Pat, but I don’t see the costume. Would you know why? Thanks. Wasn’t sure if anyone else has had this come up.


    • wildthornberry88

      Is it in your inventory? Or in Al’s?


      • No. It’s crazy. I messaged them. I was hoping it was lost in inventory. I do keep checking tho.


        • While you are waiting I would suggest Checking the “ALL” section in Inventory as most mini events didn’t get their own tab section in the filter. It will take a while to scroll all the way through… but you may wanna try. Check under Characters too.

          Usually when a Character is placed, live, and active in the Event… their Costumes in limbo show up in the Inventory if not Al’s.


          • They placed it for me, by the way. He must have went on vacation. Lol while I’m here can you tell me is the limit 2 or 4 chumbas? I’ve seen a screen shot that shows 4, but out chart here says 2. I have one more thing to get before I unlock them. I pray only 2. Those limits took patience. Lol

            Also, I really hope you’re feeling ok. Not seen much activity the last few days. That always worries me. Hugs


            • Sorry. I go up n down. Try to do what I can.

              Some mechanics changed after we wrote them 2 years ago. Go by what your game currently states are requirements. 🙂


              • I hope it didn’t change, and I definitely don’t blame you! It’s not your fault some of us found the game yrs after y’all started. Lol

                I think something else may have changed. It looks like before while you were unlocking a ghost, no zombies would spawn. I’m unlocking my first, Mr Weed, and zombies keep spawning. That’s good.


  3. How do I end this. Some characters are still showing items and the chumbas are still walking around. How do I stop this.?


    • Get everything in the Brewery. Many Items have “limits”. So got to MAX them out to those limits to get to the end. Then Brewery will become nothing more than a Decoration


  4. packerfan4life

    When I have enough items to craft everything will they stop dropping like the perfumes did?


  5. How can I stop Pawtucket brewery items as an option of receiving? The task ended Monthes ago


  6. I have done everything and crafted everything it asked and I still can not get rid of the cumbawumba things nor can I get my characters to stop dropping items that I can’t no longer craft with. Getting frustrated with this lame and boring task.


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