Family Guy TQFS: Recent Questions June 2015

Hey there Tribblemakers!

Bouncing by as we are seeing similar questions repeatedly asked by you. So we wanted to tuck them all on one convenient spot for all to locate quickly. Hopefully this will help all of you that are seeking these answers.

Consuela Technical Support Bunny Glitch

You have some questions on game play? Trying to figure out just what is going on? Most of these are answered in multiple locations all over our site, but wanted to put them in one spot. Here are some basic Q&A’s.



Our site is set up so that the current things going on in the game are in the most recent posts. So check the posts within the last week to see if we already addressed your concerns. Beyond that, use our Main Menu at the top of the site. (Drop Down Menu if you are on Mobile.)  There are a lot of sections and areas specifically categorized for different areas of the game.

Want to find the information quicker? Do a more narrow search? Well use our really cool SEARCH TOOL. This is located in our Main Menu links at the top of the page. It works through Google, but searches ONLY the posts and information on our site. It will even help to locate information in comments too. Feel free to give it a try.

To go to the SEARCH TOOL, tap HERE. 



District 9

TinyCo some time back released a separate Stand Alone Version of the game for Windows. It was very limited in its capabilities. Different than the Mobile App Version. To date, there has not been anymore content released for it, nor any plans for future releases. So those just now playing will only get to about District 9 and the game will not continue beyond that point. It also will not participate in any Events.

If you want more info on Windows Version, tap HERE.



Just a short time ago, the Fine Arts District was dropped into the game. This was the 11th District to be added, however it is NOT #11 in the sequence. It is actually the extension of the much waited for remaining Blimp Storyline. Following Downtown District 9. Due to this, you will need to complete all of the Fine Arts District before you can move on to the Pawtucket Brewery items.

For more info on the Fine Arts District, tap HERE.



Bottle Caps Beer BottleBeer Bubbles

The items you can create in the Pawtucket Brewery actually have “Limits” to many of them. This means you can make more than one. So those Materials to create them will continually drop and drop until you clear ALL items to their Limit needing those Materials. Once they are ALL cleared, any remaining Material will go away and the Brewery will turn into just a Brewery Building. (Currently you can’t store it due to it will mess up/impact players not to or completed in the District.) You can see the Limits yourself by tapping on the information “i” next to the Items Image in the Brewery.

For more on the Limits of the items Part 1, tap HERE.

For more on the Limits of the items Part 2, tap  HERE. 



cleveland-animation-actionmodal-001@4x Buzz Killington

During the Star Trek Event, TinyCo made some changes to the Premium Characters you can purchase for Clams. This impacted Buzz and Cleveland. The two Characters were swapped out for Kool Aid Man and Human Rupert. As this is something new TinyCo is trying out, we do not know how long the “swap” will take place for nor who will be swapped next. All we can do is wait and see. In the meantime, let them know the Characters you would like returned for purchase in the Premium section.

For more on when the Character Exchange happened, tap HERE. 



Connection Lost

There are some Basic Steps you can take to help your game function a little more smoothly. Especially with highly active games like this one. These are steps we use personally in our games when issues start to occur, feel free to give them a try.

For Crashing and Lagging help, tap HERE.



Connect to Server 1

If you are experiencing a technical issue/glitch in the game, check the current posts. If it is related to the current events, there is a good chance we already have the help and answers covered in one of our recent posts.

Beyond that, the majority of issues can be corrected with a few Basic Troubleshooting methods. feel free to give them a try if you are having problems.

For Basic Troubleshooting, tap HERE.



TinyCo Logo

TinyCo has multiple games they run, due to this the BEST way to reach out to them for the Family Guy:TQFS Game is to contact them directly from your game. This goes right to the tech support teams for THIS game. This will help you to get to the right place quickly.

Now we do know there are times you are unable to access your game, that is OK. There is still another way to reach out. Contact them via Email. Just make sure you note the game/issue you are writing about to get to the appropriate help quicker.

For more info on how to Contact TinyCo, tap HERE.


WHY IS MY COMMENT IN MODERATION/GONE?Guidelines pic Cant we all just get along 3

To break this down, this site belongs to the Addicts. We run this site and have some specific Addicts Guidelines we like to follow on all our sites. So for the protection and help of OUR sites and the readers, we will moderate each and every comment that comes through our sites. This allows for us to be able to keep the trolls/abuse off the site, the numerous SPAM ads that hit, as well as to be able to see and answer at the same time any questions or concerns you have. Like helping to see an issue hitting multiple players at once, we can track it and report it right away to the Tech Team to jump right on a fix.

Due to our Moderation, you may have to wait just a bit to see an answer. Especially if we are researching the issue/question. Not all questions will take the same time, some a lot more than others. Not to mention we are human (at least I hope we are) and we tend to need to take a break to eat & sleep too. We have full time jobs outside this site as well. So please be patient and wait for us to get to your particular comment.

Outside of that, if your comment is found in violation of any of our Addicts Guidelines, you may find it edited or completely removed depending on the violation. To avoid this, keep it PG (for the sake of the site not being flagged MA and us forced to have to make you register your accounts to access the site too) and keep to the Addicts Guidelines.

Otherwise just go to the same post to see the comment and an answer if you were needing one on that same post. If your comment still says “Moderation” then wait, we will get to it. If you need help relocating the information/comment, just ask. We can help find it.

If you want more information on the Addicts, tap HERE.

If you want to see our full Addicts Guidelines, tap HERE



Account Screen Facebook

It is a really good idea to save and link all your game progress in some way. This helps to not only save all that hard work and progress you made, but also makes it easier to recover it as well as access it from any compatible device.

We would also highly suggest to take a Screenshot of your Player ID or write it down in a place that you can have it handy at all times. This is for in case you are unable to access your game to get to it.

For more information on Account Set Up, tap HERE

For more information on Recovering an Account, tap HERE


Now for a couple of “Glitches/Issues” that should be resolved quickly/soon.


Some of you have asked on why you are seeing a Grey Line opening instead of an image. This looks like just a basic glitch that occurs. (Could just be the game got stuck on the last thing you were doing and couldn’t get out of it fully.)

To correct it, follow Basic Troubleshooting Steps.

  1. Force Close the App
  2. Restart your Device
  3. Check App Market to ensure you are 1.8.5 or higher

If you need further help, see the Basic Troubleshooting link higher up in this post as well as the Contact TinyCo one.



Firefighter Academy

After the Firefighter Event, anytime you try to store the Fire Academy it seems to completely disappear. This is a known issue and a fix is already on its way. It will come in a patch with an App Market Update, so make sure you game stays up to date and current from the App Market so you will get the recovery patch for the Fire Academy.



Maple Leaf Maple Leaf & Pine Cone Counter Icon

I ran into this myself and already did report it. This is what I was seeing. For the most part, the Maple Leaves won added immediately to my Counter. However there was usually one or two wins that I saw pop up, but the count didn’t change.

The easy fix for me was to collect something from my game. A Pinecone, money from a building, check off a task, etc. Just SOMETHING that would trigger a “collection” and that Counter immediately updated the totals to reflect the appropriate amount.

Another fix if you can’t collect is to Force Close the App and Restart the device. That also triggered the Counter to Update. This didn’t happen to me more than twice. I have not seen it happen again since. But just in case, these steps should help you. If not, Contact TinyCo.



As you can see, there is a reoccurring theme for pretty much the majority of “glitches” you run into with the game, any game really…. Force Close, Restart, Check for Update. So always try the Basics first. Then take further steps if needed. As always, we are here to help all we can, so feel free to ask. 😉


There you have it, some of the basic Q&A we are seeing on the site. Did this help to answer your question? Have you used the Search Tool before? Was it helpful? Let us know.


39 responses to “Family Guy TQFS: Recent Questions June 2015

  1. I’ve been experiencing ‘connection lost’ every few minutes. Followed your post to ensure everything is in order. I have 1.9GB available storage in my iPhone and 2.6GB in my iPad. Anyone experiencing the same issue?


  2. Hi, not sure if this one has been covered or not, but didn’t see anything….
    I realised yesterday that I can’t find Stewie in my town. I’m not sure he’s returned since the Star Trek event. Has anyone noticed a similar problem? Is there an easy thing to do to get him back?


  3. Do you know when the ‘play on Facebook’ capacity will launch? It’ll be great to continue the game on my Windows tablet. This is an excellent blog, by the way. Thanks for putting so much work into it!


  4. Thanks bunny! I typed email in, instead of the saved… and all is good in the hood! If you get carrots in the mail, it twas me.


  5. Having trouble, now that I installed the game on an ios device and logged in to get gold suit (it was really bothering me). Now I get a connect error when I try to login by email… I can still run on my tablet, but I can’t carry a tablet around at work. So I can’t collect leaves till I arrive at home ><


    • Still same issue? Double check, as this has happened in our games before, that it didn’t add any extra spaces to the email address when you try to log back in. Also double check your connection.


  6. I have all of the irems for S&M cow and now I’m trying to get the remaining decorations. Unfortunatly, everytime I open a mystery box, I only get 2 maple leaves, never 4. This has been happening for the past 2 days ever since I unlocked the cow. Before that, I was able to get 4 leaves. They still show up in the prizes, I just never get them. With a 50/50 chance I figure I should get them once in a while. Anyone else having this problem?
    Also, when do the nature decorations leave our games?


    • 4 leaves are actually more rare. So it is not a 50/50. Your payout will vary. Just keep trying. 🙂

      It all goes on the 4th, tomorrow. Like in the main post.


    • Out of the last 21 Pine Cones I have “spent” on the mystery box (all of which were after getting the Cow), ALL of them have only given 2 Leaves.

      Just like you, before getting the cow, I would get 4 Leaves at least once or twice a day… Seems way too much (21 – 0) to just be bad coincidence.


      • After I got the cow 2 days ago I’ve spent countless pinecones and I have got 4 maple leaves once. It is possible but maybe once you’ve unlocked the character your chances drop lol. Either way I play all day. Always sleep thru the night tho. And I’ve got enough leaves to get every deco plus working on my third raccoon. I WANT A RODENT INFESTATION!!!!


  7. I have a question that’s not recent. I’m currently working on unlocking mayor west. Already got all kittens and oranges but only have 15 sausages considering the atrocious drop rates. The game says its an uncommon drop but your site says rare. Do you know if your old post was inaccurate or is tinyco trying to pull a cruel joke. Rare would explain why I can send 3 characters on quests all day long and never get the sausage. Thanks


    • We post the info at the time it was released. They may have altered it since then. I would go off what the game tells you.

      Outside that, try to force close and restart before sending them again. Also try to NOT tap on their check marks at same time. Sometimes when they finish separately, it seemed to trigger more.


      • Great advice I will try waiting between each click. Also yesterday I messaged tinyco about the uncommon drop rate glitch. They didn’t respond but when I got on the game today now sausage says its a rare drop. The entire time its told me uncommon so I think it may have been a weird glitch. Will let you know if they respond to me on it. Considering all the game crashing glitches that are out there I’m glad mine was so minor lol.


  8. while I haven’t had the gray line during start up, I have had a giant Peter head. Come to find out that if I’m running low on device memory & have the phone in portrait instead of landscape when I launch the game then I get a giant version of the game icon. Maybe the same thing?


  9. Thanks. Ive been seeing the grey screen but it hasnt been affecting my game once it loads so ive just been ignoring it. Heres a question : are we ever going to get evil monkey, death, or neil? Maybe i missed them? Idk theyve been “promising” theyre coming soon since i started .


    • TinyCo changes their minds now and then. Lol.

      Basically they had one idea on how to release them, but that idea got changed so the Characters sit until they figure out a new way to put them in the game that males more sense to them or plays out better in their design. 😉


  10. The Problem Child

    Plus it seems that the Windows Store version won’t even let you unlock District 9 at all.


    • Hence why it says you will get to there and it will stop in this post. 😉


      • The Problem Child

        The unlocked District 9 graphic you have was confusing. I’ve been playing the Windows Store version just for grins, and all I can do now is buy land (just have 4 lots left), and max out characters. They want 400 clams for Cleveland and 300 for Consuela and I’m slightly over halfway for Cleveland after over 4 months. And they don’t even do the TV ad free clam thing.


  11. The Problem Child

    Does anyone else have the issue of the collections Front Men, Friends & Family and The Smiths not appearing in FaceSpace anymore?


    • They will shuffle character collections in and out of FaceSpace several times. Especially limited Event ones. It is usually due to they relocate them elsewhere. Either way, if you still just want to see the Characters FaceSpace just tap on their FaceSpace Icon link under their image and next to their name when you tap on them to open their tasks.


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