Family Guy On Windows Help

Hey there Clammers!

So as many of you may or may not be aware, the Family Guy Game has come to Windows. It is a little different than the Mobile version, so I wanted to give a quick run down in the differences players on their desktops/PC’s/Windows Devices may notice.

Family Guy Quest For Stuff Image

New players are now downloading the Windows Version of this silly lil game we have been enjoying and getting into the mix of things with the rest of us. Due to this Version is more used for Desktops/Laptops, there are some differences I wanted to point out as it is a Stand Alone Version of the game.


Access to contacting TinyCo through this version is a little bit more limited then from the mobile version in the ways you can contact them. No worries, they actually have a specific team set up JUST for Windows issues to ensure players get the necessary assistance they need. So if you are in need of help/support for Windows and all Basic Troubleshooting has been tried (feel free to look around and ask here for help) then please reach out to TinyCo Windows Team via email at

Give them time to get back to you. (Standard turn around is 3 business days for most companies.)



Currently, there is NOT an option for Windows Version to access accounts. This means saving game progress will not be the same, but more so… you will NOT be able to load up the Mobile Version of the game (if you have been playing on a device) to your Desktop/Laptop. The game basically gets stored on your device memory (similar to documents on other things, NOT on the Cloud). Just don’t go restarting your device in the middle of the game. That WILL cause you to lose progress.

You will ONLY see two options when you play in the Menu (once past the initial dialog and to point Chris is helping hold the TV antennae). Settings and Inventory. Nothing more at this time.Family Guy Menu Icon

Family Guy Windows Menu

Family Guy Windows Menu Settings



As stated above, there is no option right now of syncing this game to Facebook. So that means currently no options to add friends either.



On my Windows 8 enabled Laptop, this was very simple. I just went to my App screen, located the game in the Windows App Market, Installed it, and then launched it. I was up and playing right away. Graphics and sound work and look great.

Family Guy Install

Family Guy Load Screen


There you have it. The basics of game play on Windows. For the rest of the items, feel free to poke around our site here for lots of tips and tricks on the Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff Game. If you need further help, feel free to ask us. We are more than happy to help all we can or direct you to where you can find the information.

Are you playing on Windows? Any thoughts on it so far? Like the option? Let us know.



153 responses to “Family Guy On Windows Help

  1. I played the Windows version of the game before. Boy, what a mistake I made. And when I read that the Windows version will not be getting anymore updates, I took it off of my computer. That’s why I chose to play on my iPhone, my Android tablet, and on Facebook.


  2. I have the app version on my Windows 10 phone, and i have every character up to Stewie unlocked. I haven’t seen the blimp/plutonium mission yet, and i can’t unlock district 9


  3. also when will district 9 be available i have completed the blimp but it says to be continues


    • wildthornberry88

      Hi I assume you’re playing on the Windows app as you said it’s a desktop computer? This is effectively a demo version. It says in the app store or only goes up to district 8. It doesn’t get events or have a save feature.


  4. Ok, so since I’m having a hard time finding any support for this game and you seem to have some answers on things, I’m gonna try this one… I have Windows 10, to play I have to switch to tablet mode for full screen to show correctly. Everything loads fine, BUT when I go to tap on Peter right at the beginning it doesn’t work. I have to tap elsewhere to get him to stand. Then he says to tap on him again to put out the fire, again I need to tap elsewhere not on him. An in game “window” pops up and shows I need to slide the thought bubble of him putting out the fire over to the available space above his head. Here’s where it gets tricky and won’t slide over or tap or nothing. :/ Help? (yes “tap” works fine on everything else, just not on this game.)


  5. are they planing to bring facebook log-in to the game or not….


  6. Why can i not load my mobile game on the PC version? whats the point of the PC version then, so i can just restart?


  7. doesnt load a few days here and there just sits on title screen loading bar stops at the “a” in the word game then nothing last time it happened a week and a half this time now two days and going


  8. What do you do with the clowns, and does that mean all the drinks and popcorn I had is gone now


  9. Verry nice indeed. Awesome game on windows. I have a little problem though. I did all the quests, i have all the buildings and stuff, but for some reason i can’t unlock district 9(being the last district in the game so far). Any ideeas why?


  10. Reminder to everyone that the “events” from the Family Guy games won’t appear on this Windows version as it is a stand alone game. Also, the Windows 10 display issues have not been fixed. Not sure if Tinyco is unable to fix it or unwilling. Either way, I’ve contacted Microsoft about it this morning. We’ll see what they have to say.

    If anyone from Tinyco sees this, here’s what we need. We need the stand-alone game in a frame so that can we move the display to the right and bottom so we can access the entire page (especially the boxes on the bottom). Right now, we cannot do this which makes game play very difficult. Also, we need to be able to click on something and actually have it activate — not have to click offset to the top-left. Thanks.


    • My current monitor uses a 1680×1050 resolution, windows 10 version of Family Guy. I can see the entire screen when playing the game. I installed the game while my resolution was set to 1680×1050.

      I recently connected a HDTV to my computer for gaming purposes, so it’s native resolution is actually 1366×768. After I changed my desktop resolution to 1366×768, Family Guy now has the issue you described. Everything is off set, so you have to click above and left of items, and the entire menu, and bottom edge of the screen can’t be accessed.

      After plugging my 1680×1050 monitor back in for testing, Family Guy works fine again, with full screen access.

      I am not sure if the issue for me is caused by the resolution I was using at time of install, launch, or if the game only supports much higher resolutions.

      I am going to test it on another system with a lower resolution that doesn’t have Family Guy currently installed.


  11. When they are gonna update the pc version for more characters?


  12. Why do I not have peterpalooza I’m playing on the Microsoft surface


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