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UPDATE: As many of you can now see in your towns, an extra Patches popped up in your game. What does all this mean? Well, in similar fashion to Carl during American Dad Event… you may be offered the opportunity to get Free Clams for watching videos. 

Just like Carl as well, these will be random and not all the time. So if you see “Sorry, there are no videos available at this time.” It is just what it says. Nothing to watch right now, so try again later.Free Clams Patches Video

The details of how long this will be around for are not available just yet and with tomorrow a Holiday, we won’t get clarification until Tuesday most likely. So enjoy the videos when you get the chance to watch them and enjoy another option offered for FREE CLAMS in the game. 


Hey there Clammers!

TinyCo has decided to add another fun element and mixture into our games. ANIMALS!!! For those of you that enjoy those NPC/ Moving Decoration style items (like Demented Elf, Snowman, and Mall Santas), you are going to love this one. This lil addition will run in our games until Tuesday, January 20th… 3PM PST -ish.

An Animal of Epic Proportions

As usual, more details coming. Hope you are ready for some FLAMING CHICKENS!!! BAAAAAHGOCK!!

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Family Guy On Windows Help

Hey there Clammers!

So as many of you may or may not be aware, the Family Guy Game has come to Windows. It is a little different than the Mobile version, so I wanted to give a quick run down in the differences players on their desktops/PC’s/Windows Devices may notice.

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End Of New Year’s Event !!UPDATED!!!

UPDATE BUNNY 2PM EST: Got a LOT of clarifications back from TinyCo on the Event… so please read the ENTIRE post to see all the details/Changes. I will update it as fast as I can… 

Hey there … hmmmm… what shall I call you all this time? Friends? 😉

The mini lil New Year’s Event TinyCo gave us right at the beginning of the year is now winding down. So let’s take a look at the items involved that you may wanna grab before they’re gone. As of now we do not see a set time, but assume it will most likely be around the same… 3PM PDT. Without specifics, it is only our guess on it. Looks like 3PM will be the time. 

New Years Event End

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Quahog Quick Walkthroughs: District 10 Part 1, Home Brew

Hello There Clammers!

When we last left off our District walkthroughs we had unlocked Tom Tucker, Vinny & Mayor West.  After a few month stall we pick our walkthrough back up with Jerome and a growing problem in our Tiny Quahogs……

There’s a beer shortage in Quahog!  Don’t worry Peter can convince Pawtucket Pat to start brewing beer again…and if he can’t Stewie will infiltrate them from the inside as a mini Chumba Wumba!

District 10 is where you’ll unlock the Pawtucket Brewery, Chumba Wumba Stewie and eventually Pawtucket Pat!  Plus there will be fun items to craft along the way.

Remember unlocking characters and crafting items in the Pawtucket Brewery District will take a lot of patience, as the list of “stuff” required to unlock is longer and the quantities of each are greater.  Take your time, try not to get frustrated when the items don’t appear.  Try a different task to unlock the item, or try working on a different item.

So let’s pick our walkthrough back up with Jerome, Peter and their quest to bring beer back to Quahog…


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