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Returning Items Wish List

Hey there Minions!

Hopping on by with some questions I have in my mind due to seeing all these items from the past coming back to us. So I decided to take it a step further… what do YOU want to see come back? A Character? A Decoration? A Building? And what do YOU hope it comes back as? Clams? Coins? Lil guys to wander your towns, like the Nerds at Con?

Blue Shirt Nerddecoration_fartOfTheCovenant@4xKool Aid SK8 Park Continue reading

Dear TinyCo: I Would Really Like…..

Hello There Clammers!

As the game evolves we’re noticing more and more of you commenting about upcoming items/features you’d love to see in the game.  So (as suggested by you) we’ve decided that once a month we’re going to give you guys the 1 central place for you to put your game requests (features, events, characters, decorations etc) would be the best place for TinyCo to see all of your great ideas!

Remember..TinyCo does listen to YOUR requests (and they read this blog!) as evident by a ton of the features we see in the game today!

And to get the ball rolling I’ll kick it off…

Dear TinyCo…I would really like to see the task lists for characters shortened.  I’m not saying eliminate various times, instead eliminate multiple tasks that take the same amount of time.  For example….Brian (just regular old Brian, no skins) has FIVE 2hr tasks…that are all indoor tasks!  Then he has two 4hr tasks, 3 6hr tasks,two 8hr tasks, two 10hr tasks and two 24hr tasks…are all those repetitive task times really necessary?  Especially when the character is just going to a building to disappear inside?  Can we shorten these lists up a bit?  Thanks!

So now it’s your turn.  Go on and let us know what YOU would like to see in the game!  Sound off with your requests in the comments below, we can’t wait to see what you come up with!