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New Years Help: New Character Actions Added & Other Questions Answered

Hello There Clammers!

Looks like TinyCo was back in the office today…and saw many of your complaints about characters used to help get items to unlock Jillian and her apartment.  And they’ve added a whole bunch of new tasks for different characters to help you unlock Jillian faster!

So if you’re stuck with the same old characters doing the tasks (especially ones needed to complete the main questline)…now a bunch of Christmas Characters can earn the items as well!

Here’s a complete breakdown of who can earn what (new characters and old) in your quest to bring Jillian to Quahog…



Oh and we answer some common questions we’re seeing about the end date, mystery box and more below…

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Quahog New Year Quick Walkthroughs: Auld Lang Syne

Hello There Clammers!

2015 has finally arrived in Quahog!  And what’s a New Year with out a little Auld Lang Syne?

Quahog is ready to celebrate the New Year in style with Clock Towers (it is 2015 you know…we’re officially IN the future), noise makers, funny hats and ditzy loose woman!

So let’s take a look at the main New Year’s questline, Auld Lang Syne, and just what you can expect each step of the way….

2015-01-02 02.20.32

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What’s In Santa’s Sack??! Friday

Hey there all you silly lil Addict Readers!!

Seems Santa got in a lil TOO much “Egg Nog” for the holidays (probably didn’t help he ate a few too many brownies in Colorado too.) So it seems that his Santa Sack is not quite empty. OH NO!!! Leftover Gifts???!!!


Welcome to the Friday Edition of What’s In Santa’s Sack??!

Today, we want to know… What is Alissa’s favorite candy

Feel free to elaborate in the comments below. Have fun, but stay within the Addicts Guidelines.

Pile of Presents

Keep an eye out every day for the What’s In Santa’s Sack Post to go live. You never know what FREE Goodies the Addicts have in store for you. 😉

All you have to do is comment on the post to enter. That is it. You will have until 9:59 PM EST tonight to do so.

For complete details and restrictions, see the main post HERE. 

 Good Luck!!!

Alissa & Bunny