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New Year’s 2015 Phase 2 Is Here!

UPDATE BUNNY 2pm EST 1/9/15: Just verified from TinyCo a patch has been pushed to resolve the issue with Peter and Lois and the item drops. Please let us know if things are back to normal in your games. ūüėȬ†

UPDATE BUNNY: Putting this up top, but it looks like they have finally set the end date as January 15th! So make sure your Characters are unlocked by then. 

UPDATE ALISSA:¬†If you have the Pet¬†Cemetery¬†from Halloween this can also be used to drop Black Necklaces. ¬†Sorry for not having the info yesterday…I didn’t have it in my town (it’s in inventory). ¬†So pull those Cemeteries from inventory!¬†

Hello There Clammers!

New quests, new skins & one crazy hangover…oh my! ¬†New Year’s Phase 2 has arrived in our Tiny Quahogs!

Inside this new update you’ll find New Year’s Jillian (freemium skin) & New Year’s Brian (premium skin)…plus new quests! ¬†So everyone that was complaining about an empty task bar….your complaints have been heard!

More details are on the way…but for now know that Lois¬†gets things going for this new phase. ¬†You will also have to have completed Auld Lang Syne Pt. 7 in order for it to start for you

Party Hat 2015 Glasses

Be back with more in a bit! More details below the fold..

WARNING Mild Spoilers Ahead… Continue reading

Create Your Own:Party Scene

Hello There Clammers!

One of the best things about the Quest for Stuff¬†game is that it allows for design creativity. ¬†And yesterday that creativity was on display in our Christmas Poll Post, after¬†a¬†reader¬†addressed the annoyance of the KISS Animation from Christmas…they write:

“Kiss was neat. TinyCo really blew it by not having actual animation for a Kiss concert. They could have Hayley veg out on her protest blanket, but they can‚Äôt be bothered to have all four Kiss members get on stage?”

Well…not one but TWO Readers¬†responded by saying¬†there’s nothing stopping you from making your own KISS party & they they both¬†posted links of¬†their own concert/party scenes (don’t worry we’ll show you their designs in a minute). ¬†While they both were along they same concept they were very different in design and that got me thinking. ¬†No two towns in this game are alike because each Quahog is uniquely created by YOU! ¬†Sometimes the best feature of an animation (or lack there of) not working the way you want it to is it gives you a chance to show off your own creativity!

So now I want to see who else has created a unique party scene in their Quahogs…be it a New Year’s Eve Party, KISS Concert or something else…show us your creativity! ¬†All you have to do is upload a screenshot of that area of your Quahog and post a link (via Dropbox,¬†Flickr¬†or any other site you like to use) in the comments below! ¬†So what are you waiting for ? ¬†Show us your stuff!

And now here’s a look at those two awesome KISS concerts:

First one is from Reuben:

2015-01-01 19.51.58

And here’s a look at one from hpferoxcraft:


Now it’s YOUR turn! ¬†Show us what you’ve done. ¬†Post links to your¬†Party Scenes in the comments below, we can’t wait to see your designs!

The Great Debate: Brian’s Lovers

Hello There Clammers!

Brian Griffin is one smooth talking dog. ¬†With his class and sophistication he’s gotten his fair share of the “ladies”. ¬†And with Jillian making a return to Quahog with the New Year’s Event we thought it’d be fun to take a look back at Brian’s Exes and see which one is your favorite!

First let’s take a look at each of these “ladies”….just to refresh your memory on who’s who….

Jillian Jillian Russell-Wilcox

Carolyn Carolyn

ida davis Ida Davis

tracy flannigan Tracy Flannigan

Seabreeze Seabreeze

So check out the poll below and let us know which of Brian’s exes is your favorite

Sound off in the comments below about which ex you chose and why.  And be sure to let us know your favorite memorable moment with that ex from the show!