American Dad Results and a New Poll About Christmas

Hello There Clammers!

A few weeks ago we asked you guys for feedback on your take for the American Dad event…and as usual you guys didn’t disappoint!  And your results are below the fold….

But before we get to those results we had another event hitting our devices over the last month…Christmas!  And we wanted to get your feedback and take on that event.  So now’s your chance to give your feedback on the event…

Now let’s get into the results of the American Dad Poll…

Stan Hide Roger 1

Looks like overall you guys did pretty well with the event.  Most of you unlocked everyone & had positive feedback overall.  Here are the complete details….

Did You Unlock Stan Smith?
No, and I Missed my Chance to Get him <1%
Still Working On Him <1%
Yes, Before the Event Ended 98%
Yes, But After the Event Ended 1%

*Note…More people said No than Still Working

Did You Unlock Steve Smith?
No, and I Missed my Chance to Get him 1%
Still Working On Him 1%
Yes, Before the Event Ended 96%
Yes, But After the Event Ended 2%
Did You Unlock Hayley Smith?
No, and I Missed my Chance to Get her 1%
Still Working On Her 1%
Yes, Before the Event Ended 94%
Yes, But After the Event Ended 4%
Did You Unlock Francine Smith?
No, and I Missed my Chance to Get her 1%
Still Working On Her 5%
Yes, Before the Event Ended 83%
Yes, But After the Event Ended 11%
Did You Unlock Roger?
No, and I Missed my Chance to Get him 2%
Still Working On Him 2%
Yes, Before the Event Ended 75%
Yes, But After the Event Ended 21%
Did You Unlock All The Characters & Win Klaus?
No, But I Didn’t Want Him 2%
No, I Missed my Chance 10%
Yes, After the TinyCo Extension 31%
Yes, Before the TinyCo Extension 46%
Yes, But I Used Clams to Do It 11%
Did You Purchase Any Of the American Dad Premium Items?
Yes 36%
No 64%
Did You Complete the Magic Drunken Clam Challenge on time & Win the Golden Turd?
Yes 84%
No 13%
Yes, But I used Clams to Do It 3%
Overall Rate the American Dad Event
1 1%
2 5%
3 24%
4 42%
5 28%

And those are your results from the American Dad Event!

Give Stan a Makeover 4

What do YOU think of the results?  Are your answers in line with the majority?  Or do you fall somewhere else?  Thoughts on Christmas?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

29 responses to “American Dad Results and a New Poll About Christmas

  1. I somehow missed this poll when it got posted. Probably too late now but I filled it out anyway.


  2. i ended the event with 99 stockings and missed out on Jesus, no joke 😦


  3. HisNameisJames(quagmire's cat)

    Ever since these polls started having the asterisk next to it saying required, I have not been able to vote on the poll no matter what I do. It’s really frustrating and annoying.


  4. Thanks Alissa, I do like these polls :).

    Just out of interest, how did the American Dad event overall satisfaction score compare against other events? It was one of my favourites and well put together I thought, my only gripe was that the Smith House was a clam purchase, I feel a building like that should have been freemium.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Where’s the I couldn’t get Jesus even tho I purchased john McLane option? I tried my best and just didn’t have enough time with those 4 hour resets


  6. I am a huge American Dad fan so that event was one of my favorites. I really hope they do a Part 2 as there are plenty more characters and costumes from the show to add.


  7. I love the game but I feel the events are too repetitive. I miss the prizes being your total score of the event currency that way I could focus what I have for building and skins but still count towards King butt (which I didn’t get😞). I just hope there’s a break in events for awhile. Just wanna level up my new characters and breeze through for a month or so.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I hope they bring back the American Dad characters at some point. I only missed Roger (and Claus, technically), but I’d love to get him. That is one of my biggest fears/concerns regarding having so many events in a row- they’re releasing great characters that new players won’t have the opportunity to get and current players aren’t always able to unlock in time. If they do release these characters again I’m sure some veteran players may be annoyed, since they already have the characters (and would perhaps feel it was tougher to get them the first time or that releasing them again gives the veterans nothing fun to do). But at the same time, they’ve already used so many great characters at this point. I know Family Guy is a fairly long running show, so perhaps there isn’t a shortage of characters yet…but I think they will soon run out of characters people really want.

    As for the Christmas Event- I just wanted to mention that just today I finally received a response from TinyCo regarding two different concerns I sent them (in-game) during the event. It basically said they were sorry they didn’t get to me sooner and asked me to respond again if I’m still having the problem. Clearly I’m not, since the event is over, but that wasn’t exactly helpful customer service. I do appreciate that they finally responded. However, I hope they learn from this and maybe make their larger events a bit less intense if they find they can’t keep up with their customer service responsibilities during bigger, involved events.


  9. Why are the options for the kids question all geared towards getting them or being locked out? I picked I was locked out because I was required to answer that question and I did not get anything kiss related. I was not locked out of the event.


    • It should be fixed at this point. Just forgot that option. But I know who’ll just be saying no because none of their other answers will say locked out 🙂


  10. I had some choice words regarding the yeti, in the final comments of this poll. Making the “ultimate prize” of an event unattainable without using clams was rotten. If any future event tries that, I’m bowing out.

    I also had some pointed criticism for the shoppers. My problem with them isn’t the difficulty, it’s that they slow the game to a crawl. The very first time I dropped a Furbal, the game seized up for three whole seconds! Not surprisingly, when it finally acknowledged me and let the Furbal drop, all the shoppers I’d targeted were long gone. In general, while the shoppers are running around, the game is dreadfully slow even when just panning around town. My tablet is fairly modern and there were no other processes running. The game runs smoothly all the time for me, except when infested with shoppers/minions/etc.

    Kiss was neat. TinyCo really blew it by not having actual animation for a Kiss concert. They could have Hayley veg out on her protest blanket, but they can’t be bothered to have all four Kiss members get on stage?

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    • You can always start your own party. Kiss has been rocking out my New Year’s gala since the start:

      I look at the Kiss stage like a set of Legos. Some assembly is required.


    • I agree about the Yeti when it came to getting Jesus. They limited the free characters needed forcing you to buy McClane to make any progress. I was able to get Jesus by not updating the to the last tree keeping me at Top Hat Yeti and using Mort, Lois and Joe. I beat THY 3 times that way.

      I also hated the fact there was a 4 hour delay/reset between Yetis. That’s too much wasted time.


    • Just gotta get a little creative. KISS is throwing a huge concert in my town.


  11. I got everyone and everything that I didn’t have to spend clams on. I got Jillian and now I’m on dead space. I also just updated, and hopefully I will have Jillian’s voice now, I’ve had my volume mute so I don’t know yet. After I updated though, nothing new happened. I haven’t put anyone to work yet so I can start fresh when the new event starts. I love this game, I think I’m to advanced for it becouse I always get everyone and everything before the new event, and just sitting on dead space for awhile till the new event, SO START THE NEW EVENT ALREADY!!!!!!. Love u guys.


  12. I would like to see an extra answer for each timed challenges, if you waited to start the countdown or just ran through with good luck.


  13. The purchase Kiss characters should have a “no” option aside from one that includes you couldn’t get into your game to play (e.g. John McClane)


  14. I loved the fact that they brought the american dad cast into the game. But i expected too much. I personally rate characters by their number of outdoor tasks and i would love if tinyco would put more effort in event characters (eg: Francine, Diane, Mr. Weed and Jasons scarily uncreative tasks). That way i really liked Stans tasks but was very disappointed of Roger.


  15. Kiss doesn’t give the option of just “no I didn’t purchase them”.


  16. On the KISS question there should have been an option for just saying “no, I did not get them”
    Okay poll critique aside I enjoyed the event considerably. Love how tinyco looks out for their players, it’s very refreshing to see in a market that doesn’t really care about the consumer.
    And you awesome people for helping us out and listening to the same grumpy complaints over and over are saints and I’m so grateful you are here for us.


  17. Will tiny bring it back around again


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