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1.6 Update Is Live!!

UPDATE: Per TinyCo in regards to Jillian’s voice… 

We uploaded new sounds for Jillian, so it may take devices a bit more time to fully download. Please advise players to keep their devices running for a bit to download the new audio files to get her talkin’ again!

So for those of you that continue to NOT be able to hear her… let your game play through for a few minutes and then try tapping on her again to see if the sound fully loads. (You see this at times with other items like buildings just showing a blank spot or gears, some just take a bit to complete loading. Memory thing.) Either way, if this still does not seem to help, please let us know. 

Hey there Clammers!

TinyCo has released the long awaited 1.6 Update many of you were waiting for. There will be a LOT of fixes in it, so hang tight while we go through them all.

1.6 Update

More info coming…

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Christmas Results and a New Poll About New Year’s

Hello There Clammers!

Recently we asked you guys for your feedback on the Miracle on Spooner Street Event…and as usual you guys didn’t disappoint!  And your results are below the fold….

But before we get to those results we had another event hitting our devices over the last month…New Year’s!  Although it wasn’t a major event, we wanted to get your feedback and take on that event.  So now’s your chance to give your feedback on the event…

For those having issues you can go to the direct link for the poll here.

Note: I changed the poll due to issues with the other one.  However if you’ve already answered your votes will be counted and added to the final number.  

Now let’s get into the results of the Christmas Poll…

Stewie Brian christmas

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