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“Not Compatible” Update

Hey there Minions!

Bouncing by real quick to let you know TinyCo released a patch a little while back to help many players that were having issues with their device not being compatible with the game, please go to the Android Market and download the latest version (1.5.5). WOOHOOO!!!

Let us know if you are back in the game again and up and running.


Big Puff O Stuff Confetti

American Dad Results and a New Poll About Christmas

Hello There Clammers!

A few weeks ago we asked you guys for feedback on your take for the American Dad event…and as usual you guys didn’t disappoint!  And your results are below the fold….

But before we get to those results we had another event hitting our devices over the last month…Christmas!  And we wanted to get your feedback and take on that event.  So now’s your chance to give your feedback on the event…

Now let’s get into the results of the American Dad Poll…

Stan Hide Roger 1

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Questions & Issues Update

UPDATE 1/6: New Update in Android Market. Try now for those “Not Compatible” devices. 

Hey there my lil Minions!

Having fun yet? No??!! Well sheesh. Why not? Lol.

Bouncing on in here with some updates on things going on in the game right now, so sit tight as we run through them all.Consuela Technical Support Bunny Glitch

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