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Create Your Own: Beer Scene

Hello There Clammers!

One of the best things about the Quest for Stuff game is that it allows for design creativity.   No two towns in this game are alike because each Quahog is uniquely created by YOU!  Sometimes the best feature of an animation (or lack there of) not working the way you want it to is it gives you a chance to show off your own creativity!

This past week District 10 opened it’s doors wide for Clammers to create their own Beerfest!  (Just watch out for the bubble in Das Boot!)  So let’s see what you’ve done so far with your Beer Wonderland.  Use the craftable decorations or hell just put beer everywhere!

Pawtucket Brewery Repaired Creepy River Boat Beer River


Show us your creativity!  All you have to do is upload a screenshot of that area of your Quahog and post a link (via Dropbox, Flickr or any other site you like to use) in the comments below!  So what are you waiting for ?  Show us your stuff!

Here’s a look at something reader jeffs666 has brewing in his Quahog:

2015-01-16 00.29.01

Mmmm beer lake….

Now it’s YOUR turn!  Show us what you’ve done.  Post links to your Beer Scenes in the comments below, we can’t wait to see your designs!

Epic Animal Weekend Walkthroughs

Hello There Clammers!

Epic Animal Weekend is upon us!  For 200 clams you can get a Flaming Chicken, Sheldon the Turtle, Jesse the dog & Patches the TRex.  (of course you can just buy 1 or 2 of them for less…but you won’t get Patches)  Now each animal comes with their own mini questline.  Each one is only 2 parts (and the first part involves buying the animal) and fairly simple to complete.  So instead of doing our usual quick walkthroughs, we thought now would be a good time to test an idea Bunny and I have been floating around for a while…FULL DIALOGUE WALKTHROUGHS!  

This is something many you have been requesting for quite some time, but due to the nature of some of the language in the dialogue we resisted retyping each walkthrough with the dialogue (for fear we’d get slapped with an MA rating…).  However, we think we may have found a workaround for it….dialogue screenshots!

Below the fold you’ll find the actual in game dialogue for each animal you buy in the form of a slideshow.  This way those of you who want to see the dialogue (or missed part of it) can still see it…and we won’t have to worry about getting slapped with that MA rating.

Remember this is still in the testing stages (we still may try different formats).  So let us know what you think in the comments below.  If you guys like this we’ll try to start doing it more (especially for premium characters)….

Oh and for those who don’t want to know the details, but just want to know who to keep free.  All 3 animals have 1hr tasks associated with them (for a character, not the animal)…
For the Flaming Chicken keep Peter free
For Sheldon the Turtle keep Brian free
For Jesse the Dog keep Chris free

WARNING…Dialogue Spoilers Below…

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