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Caption This Clammers!

Programming Note: Working on the next poll for you guys (Christmas) and putting together all the results of American Dad.  With all the holiday hub-bub I forgot to post those.  So you should have both a new poll and the AD results very soon 🙂  For now…enjoy another fun Caption This! 

As you are playing through quest lines, finishing up some tasks, or seeking to get those “rare” items for our characters… you may catch a glance at some of the funny moments that happen in our games. For those of you that are watching and are actually able capture these rather silly and strange things as they happen, we want to see them.

Now comes the fun part, once a week we will be posting these silly images here but want YOU, the readers, to caption them for us. So put on your silly thinking hats, let out that lil comedian inside, and have some fun! (Keep them PG please.)

This week’s Caption This was sent in by Addicts Reader DonL….



If you’ve got an image you’d like to submit for a “Caption This Clammers!” post, email it to us at familyguyaddicts@gmail.com or post it on the Family Guy Addicts Flickr page, you never know when yours might be next!

Quahog New Year Quick Walkthroughs: Jillian’s the New Year’s Bunny

Hello There Clammers!

2015 in Quahog brings a New Year’s Bunny to town!  Jillian has arrived in Quahog…just to make Brian’s life that much more awkward.

Now that you’re all working on the tedious process of unlocking Jillian (and trying not to throw your phones against the wall)…let’s take a look at the questline that will unlock for you once you finally get that last Champagne Glass!



Note: If you’re having trouble with Chris’ task to find a new friend…this post will help: https://familyguyaddicts.com/2014/05/12/chris-his-friend-the-flower-bush/

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