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Quahog New Year Quick Walkthroughs: New Year, New Lies & Tardy to the Party

UPDATE BUNNY 2pm EST 1/9/15: Just verified from TinyCo a patch has been pushed to resolve the issue with Peter and Lois and the item drops. Please let us know if things are back to normal in your games. ūüėȬ†


UPDATE BUNNY: I just ran the questline again myself, after Peter and Lois finish their tasks, they go away during the questline. I have already reported this to TinyCo and verifying if it was as intended. Just tasks for only the questline. In the meantime, try not to complete those tasks until you have all you need for Jillian.

Hello There Clammers!

2015 has finally arrived in Quahog! ¬†And what’s a New Year with out¬†resolutions? ¬†And what’s making resolutions with out breaking them 20 minutes later?

Quahog is ready to celebrate the New Year in style¬†with Clock Towers (it is 2015 you know…we’re officially IN the future), noise makers, funny hats and ditzy loose woman!

So let’s take a look at the main New Year’s questline, New Year, New Lies, as well as¬†New Year’s Jillian’s Tardy to the Party¬†questline & just what you can expect each step of the way….

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