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End Of New Year’s Event !!UPDATED!!!

UPDATE BUNNY 2PM EST: Got a LOT of clarifications back from TinyCo on the Event… so please read the ENTIRE post to see all the details/Changes. I will update it as fast as I can… 

Hey there … hmmmm… what shall I call you all this time? Friends? 😉

The mini lil New Year’s Event TinyCo gave us right at the beginning of the year is now winding down. So let’s take a look at the items involved that you may wanna grab before they’re gone. As of now we do not see a set time, but assume it will most likely be around the same… 3PM PDT. Without specifics, it is only our guess on it. Looks like 3PM will be the time. 

New Years Event End

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New Year’s 2015 Phase 2 Is Here!

UPDATE BUNNY 2pm EST 1/9/15: Just verified from TinyCo a patch has been pushed to resolve the issue with Peter and Lois and the item drops. Please let us know if things are back to normal in your games. 😉 

UPDATE BUNNY: Putting this up top, but it looks like they have finally set the end date as January 15th! So make sure your Characters are unlocked by then. 

UPDATE ALISSA: If you have the Pet Cemetery from Halloween this can also be used to drop Black Necklaces.  Sorry for not having the info yesterday…I didn’t have it in my town (it’s in inventory).  So pull those Cemeteries from inventory! 

Hello There Clammers!

New quests, new skins & one crazy hangover…oh my!  New Year’s Phase 2 has arrived in our Tiny Quahogs!

Inside this new update you’ll find New Year’s Jillian (freemium skin) & New Year’s Brian (premium skin)…plus new quests!  So everyone that was complaining about an empty task bar….your complaints have been heard!

More details are on the way…but for now know that Lois gets things going for this new phase.  You will also have to have completed Auld Lang Syne Pt. 7 in order for it to start for you

Party Hat 2015 Glasses

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