End Of New Year’s Event !!UPDATED!!!

UPDATE BUNNY 2PM EST: Got a LOT of clarifications back from TinyCo on the Event… so please read the ENTIRE post to see all the details/Changes. I will update it as fast as I can… 

Hey there … hmmmm… what shall I call you all this time? Friends? 😉

The mini lil New Year’s Event TinyCo gave us right at the beginning of the year is now winding down. So let’s take a look at the items involved that you may wanna grab before they’re gone. As of now we do not see a set time, but assume it will most likely be around the same… 3PM PDT. Without specifics, it is only our guess on it. Looks like 3PM will be the time. 

New Years Event End

With a New Year’s Celebration comes lots of… Celebration type… Stuff. Lol. We all know our Quest For Stuff does give us lots of Stuff to pick from. Here is the Stuff that will be going with the New Year’s Event (keep in mind, this is all info AS I write this post.)


Remember, many of these are actually used for tasks for the Characters. So if you do not pick them up while they are around, those tasks will be locked up for use.

Rite of Passage TowerRite of Passage Tower: $7,500 Per TinyCo, this one will stick around. So you CAN keep working to get the items so you can drop the balls and get Jillian. All you have to do is make sure you have it placed in your Quahog before end of Event.  

Jillian's Apartment BuildingJillian’s Apartment: Requires all items for Rite of Passage Tower collected and Balls dropped to be placed in your Inventory 

Rite of Passage Tower Materials needed…

Party Hat Icon10 Party Hats (Common)

2015 Glasses Icon10 2014 Glasses (Common)

Champagne Glasses Icon10 Champagne Glasses (Rare) 

Party Favor Icon10 Noise Makers (Rare)


Quahog Clock TowerQuahog Clock Tower: $5,000

Easter Egg BoothEaster Egg Booth: $1,000 (Required to start collection for Jillian) Per TinyCo, as long as you have this placed in your game before the Event ends… you WILL be able to keep working on earning Jillian (NOT NEW YEARS JILLIAN)

Party TentParty Tent: $7,500 Per TinyCo IF you purchased NYE Brian, this will stick around for purchase if you don’t already have it. 

Unemployment OfficeUnemployment Office: $4,500 Per TinyCo IF you purchased NYE Brian, this will stick around for purchase if you don’t already have it. 

New Year's Cocktail BarNew Year’s Cocktail Bar: 125 Clams

Qu'Est-ce que pueQu’Est-ce que pue: $10,000 Per TinyCo IF you have BOTH unlocked NYE Jillian & purchased NYE Brian, this will stick around for purchase if you don’t already have it. 

Providence Rehab ClinicProvidence Rehab Center: $2,000 Per TinyCo IF you purchased NYE Brian, this will stick around for purchase if you don’t already have it. 

Quahog GymQuahog Gym: $1,000

Dr Ling's Eastern MedicineDr. Ling’s Eastern Medicine: $1,750

Big Puff O StuffBig Puff o’Stuff: 100 Clams

Average Puff O StuffAverage Puff o’Stuff: 75 Clams

Little Puff O StuffLil Puff o’Stuff: $1,000


There are more just for visual, but you never know when you may want them around to add to a look when decorating.

Winter Wonderland TreesWinter Wonderland Trees: 20 Clams

Da Boom ConsoleDa Boom Console: 100 Clams

FunTime ArchesFun Time Arches: $2,500

Frosted FoliageFrosted Foliage: $850

Big Bang FireworksBig Bang Fireworks: $5,000

Blazing FireworksBlazing Fireworks: $2,500

Brilliant FireworksBrilliant Fireworks: $1,500

Twinkling FireworksTwinkling Fireworks: $750

Balloon ClustersBalloon Clusters: $1,000

Gentle Reminder SIgnGentle Reminder Sign: $10,000



In order to keep the new Characters/Costumes beyond the Event… you MUST have each individual one you want completely unlocked and roaming your game.

New Year's Brian Croon 1New Year’s Brian: 150 Clams. WILL NOT CONTINUE



JillianJillian and Easter Egg BoothJillian: Requires Easter Egg Booth to be built and all her items collected. Per TinyCo, as long as you have the Easter Booth placed in your game before the Event ends… you WILL be able to keep working on earning Jillian (NOT NEW YEARS JILLIAN)

Kitten3 Kitten Pickin’

Egg Cartons White Eggs15 White Eggs (Uncommon)

Champagne Glasses Icon20 Champagne Glasses (Rare)

Bunny Ears3 Bunny Ears (Extra Rare)


New Year's JillianNew Year’s Jillian Costume: Requires all items collected  for costume AND Requires Jillian unlocked to use. WILL NOT CONTINUE

Black High Heels20 Black High-Heels (Common)

Lip Glosses12 Lip Gloss (Common)

Bracelets5 Bracelets (Extra Rare)

Black Necklace5 Black Necklaces (Extra Rare)



As of this post still no word from TinyCo on what, if any, questlines will continue after the Event ends. So if there was something you liked, finish it up while you can.

Here is the breakdown of the questlines Per TinyCo… 


NEW YEAR’S BUNNY: Will Continue as long as you have the Easter Booth placed or already have Jillian unlocked in the game. 


LOVE CHANGES EVERYTHING: Will Continue ONLY if you have purchased New Years Brian. 

TARDY TO THE PARTY; Will Continue ONLY if you have unlocked New Years Jillian and have her in your game. 

TOGETHER AS ONE: Will Continue ONLY if you have BOTH purchased New Years Brian and Unlocked New Years Jillian and have her in your game. 


Now for New Year’s tasks/actions: You will still see these until the quests above are completed. (New Years Bunny, Love Changes Everything, Tardy to the Party, and Together As One)


There you go. A LOT of items to pick and choose from. Many for just in game coin purchases. So stock up on the ones you want to keep around, everything else will go when the Event ends today.

What have you got so far? Any items you liked most? Any you still are just not sure on? Let us know.


58 responses to “End Of New Year’s Event !!UPDATED!!!

  1. I had stored Rite of Passage Tower but recently brought it back out of storage and noticed that all items are available for collecting again along with the items appearing in associated character’s task list. Does this mean I can craft a second Jillian’s Apartment?


  2. Hi, i don’t have New Years Eve Brian, so I don’t know what happened with Jillian, can someone please tell me???


  3. I’m sorry if this was asked, scrolled through but didn’t see this asked.. Was this an App Store update? Or in game update? I see nothing different except district 10 and the animals.. I have NYE Brian and Jillian and building the restaurant for their quest.. But still snow and elf icon.. Am I missing something? Thanks for all your hard work!


  4. Yay! They extended the quests I needed extended! Woohoo!


  5. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this, but for those players just beginning during the New Years event who have Jillian partially unlocked but DO NOT have the Ball Drop, Tinyco has Jillian’s apartment in the store for 10000 coins so that they don’t have her standing by her kiosk texting badly for eternity.


  6. The Together as One quest line (pt. 2) is still on my list of quests, however I do not have New Year’s Brian and I can’t complete the action without him. Also, I did not want to buy him. Shouldn’t it have disappeared from the quest list?


  7. So this says that you need both New Years Brian and New Years Jillian to unlock “Together as One”. The problem is that this quest line came for me, but I did not get New Year’s Brian. Part two requires him, so the quest line is just kind of stuck in my quest area. Have you heard of this before? Any advice? Thank you!


  8. I have a strange bug (will report to TinyCo later from home):

    Currently, I’m a part 2 of Together As One Pt. 2 (Have Brian and Jillian Show Affection)…. but:
    1.) I don’t have NY Brian, so I can’t continue
    2.) NY Brian is not for sale anymore

    So “TOGETHER AS ONE: Will Continue ONLY if you have BOTH purchased New Years Brian and Unlocked New Years Jillian and have her in your game.” is not true for me :-\


  9. I’m not sure if this is a glitch or what…

    I successfully unlocked New Year’s Jillian, but I did NOT purchase Tuxedo Brian, yet I still have Together As One Pt. 2 showing. When I click on the task from the popup, it brings up Jillian’s task menu but the task is not listed. Reading the event walkthrough (and this post), it should have disappeared along with the everything else. I completed Part 1 with no issues, but I don’t know if I was supposed to be able to do that without Tuxedo Brian.

    I have no intention in purchasing Tuxedo Brian (and he has successfully been removed from availability anyway), and I don’t want an unfinishable quest box lurking in the corner. Is there something I may have missed, or perhaps a glitch on TinyCo’s end? Any other players seeing this?

    Thanks for any info you might have on this. Keep up the great work…


  10. I’m so confused, I don’t have NY Brian, I didn’t bother buying Qu’Est-ce que pue, but Together as One is still showing up in my quest area and it’s the only NY quest still around. Anybody else noticing this? Is it a glitch since I have NYE Jillian? (which is fun but I think I’m enjoying Jillian and Chris running around for butterflies more than anything lol)

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Love Changes Everything, Tardy to the Party, and Together As One questlines have been erased off my game, and i was varying degrees away from finiahing them.
    Hello B&A…I am…frustrated. I recieved the in game notification that the quests were ending only after the 3pm deadline. Had I known I would have gladly spent 40 clams for the missing pieces of Jillians outfit I needed….but…I can’t.


  12. Can anyone clarify what 2 fireworks are needed to complete new year jillian’s tardy to the party questline? I just unlocked the outfit and only on pt 2 of the questline. I checked ahead in the walkthrough, pt 4 says place more fireworks x2, but does not say which specifically, so I bought 1x twinkling and 1x brilliant firework before the event ended to hopefully meet the questline requirement. But now reading through the comments seems I needed to buy 2x of the twinkling aka cheapest fireworks instead. Am I now gonna be stuck with a questline that can’t be completed because I didn’t buy the correct fireworks which are no longer available?


    • If you tap on the “GO” right on the task pop up… it takes you to the right one. Twinkling. Try it and see what happens.

      Do it on any task you are not sure on… it takes you where you need to …well… GO. 😉


  13. I was quite mad that i was one braclet away. I cant afford clams. Thinking about uninstalling it.


  14. Extra-rare drops are just too difficult to get. I ran 136 tasks to get the extra-rare collar and only collected 4/5. What a total waste of time.


    • This happens quite often when the events are shorter. Some people aren’t as click-devoted and they wind up coming up short of the requirements for skins/items/characters. But, as is evidenced in the Pawtucket Brewery/District 10 tasks, it can sometimes pay out in the form of banked materials for another character or skin. ie:) those who could not collect all required materials for Sexy Stewie had banked Dulcet Tones and now are way ahead of the others collecting materials for the Chumba Wumba skin. Don’t drop the game because you didn’t achieve one goal… Look at it as a possible boon for a later quest 😉


  15. Was one collar away and was playing as often as I could. Wish there was more notice it was ending. I would have paid for the final collar.


  16. Thank you so much for the update. Now
    To get brian or not. Hm. Really want Cleveland and consuela too. Skin or save for a character. Will Cleveland be discounted for martin Luther king bday???? Lol. Just wishing since the workers i read were discounted for cincode mayo. I can drem can’t I Well thanks again

    Liked by 1 person

  17. I don’t think TinyCo gets enough credit for the thought that went into this information. They clearly have learned from past (negative) experiences. No reason questlines that have started should not continue after the event and the fact that they are keeping available associated buildings shows real thought. Here’s hoping that this is the procedure for every event going forward. And thanks to Bunny and Alissa for bringing the information to us!

    Liked by 1 person

  18. The in game faq says you can continue with jillian as long as the easter egg booth is built.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Took me a bit to understand that “New Years Fireworks” and “4th Of July Fireworks” were different. Pulled all of my 4th of July fireworks out trying to clear the quest, before realizing that it wasn’t doing anything. Back in storage you go, along with the New Years fireworks!


  20. Have there been problems with jillians quest lines? I bought all four fireworks and the quest won’t clear.


  21. I’m having alittle trouble finishing the together as one pt 2 quest line. It won’t let me finished it. I have NY Jillian. It won’t let me finish the quest line.


  22. I have a request. First, let me say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH to Bunny and Alissa for all of their efforts to maintain this treasure trove of information and the associated community. This is a priceless resource for diehard fans of FG: TQFS.

    Request: In posts like this (where long lists of event-related items, buildings, etc. appear), would it be possible to somehow differentiate premium items from freemium items–like using a different font / color / background for items that cost Clams vs. items that just cost coins? I ask because, as I scroll through these awesome resources, I find myself having to stop and refocus to determine which items I should just go buy without thinking much about it (for coins) and which ones I will lose precious Clams to purchase and should contemplate more deeply.

    Thanks for your consideration and again for all your time and hard work! I know lots of what you get on here is complaining (we’re all passionate), but you two deserve all the praise and gratitude I can muster. Hope y’all have an awesome 2015!


    • I basically just went through the list as they appear in the game. Both Clam (Premium) and Coin items are mixed in the menu of the game too. So I kinda went with that flow of more what you will see as you scroll through your game shopping cart. 😉


      • Oh, yeah, totally! I like having them flow the same direction as they appear in the game. I was just thinking that something as simple as highlighting the premium item costs in yellow (i.e. highlight “125 Clams” with yellow and leave “$10,000” as just plain text) would at least visually differentiate them when scrolling through the list. I know that would involve extra time and effort, so I completely understand if the answer is “no.” But it never hurts to ask! 🙂


  23. I got everything.


  24. Really?!? I’m one collar away from Jillian. Playing every 2 hours but Chris and Peter won’t drop it. Screw Ultra Rare drops! They never do!


  25. Does that quest of “Have Brian and Jillian show affection” require New Years Eve Brian? Because it doesn’t show up in their task lists and it doesn’t say otherwise.


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