New Year’s 2015 Phase 2 Is Here!

UPDATE BUNNY 2pm EST 1/9/15: Just verified from TinyCo a patch has been pushed to resolve the issue with Peter and Lois and the item drops. Please let us know if things are back to normal in your games. 😉 

UPDATE BUNNY: Putting this up top, but it looks like they have finally set the end date as January 15th! So make sure your Characters are unlocked by then. 

UPDATE ALISSA: If you have the Pet Cemetery from Halloween this can also be used to drop Black Necklaces.  Sorry for not having the info yesterday…I didn’t have it in my town (it’s in inventory).  So pull those Cemeteries from inventory! 

Hello There Clammers!

New quests, new skins & one crazy hangover…oh my!  New Year’s Phase 2 has arrived in our Tiny Quahogs!

Inside this new update you’ll find New Year’s Jillian (freemium skin) & New Year’s Brian (premium skin)…plus new quests!  So everyone that was complaining about an empty task bar….your complaints have been heard!

More details are on the way…but for now know that Lois gets things going for this new phase.  You will also have to have completed Auld Lang Syne Pt. 7 in order for it to start for you

Party Hat 2015 Glasses

Be back with more in a bit! More details below the fold..

WARNING Mild Spoilers Ahead…

First…as always….let’s talk about the new buildings and decorations.

New Buildings:

Party TentParty Tent- $7,500, 4hr build.  Earns $140, 90xp/16hrs. Not a new Building… but a New item drop associated with it.  Also it’s required for questline

Qu'Est-ce que pueQu’Est-ce que pue- $10,000, 24hr Build.  Earns $180, 120xp/ 24hrs

Quahog GymQuahog Gym- $1,000, 4hr build.  Earns $80, 55xp/20hrs. Required for questline

Unemployment OfficeUnemployment Office- $4,500, 20hr build.  Earns $60, 40xp/12hrs

Providence Rehab ClinicProvidence Rehab Center- $2,000, 10hrs.  Earns $40, 25xp/ 10hrs.  Required for questline

Dr Ling's Eastern MedicineDr. Ling’s Eastern Medicine- $1,750, 6hrs.  Earns $140, 90xp/16hrs  Required for questline

New Year's Cocktail BarNew Year’s Cocktail Bar- 125 Clams.  Earns $30, 20xp/ 4hrs.  Always drops Black Necklace OR Bracelet for New Year’s Jillian.

New Deocrations:

Frosted FoliageFrosted Foliage- $850

Winter Wonderland TreesWinter Wonderland Trees- 20 Clams.

New Character Skins:


New Year's Jillian

New Year’s Jillian- Collect STUFF to unlock this Lady in Red! Here’s what you’ll need:

Black High Heels20 Black High-Heels (Common)- Earned By: Make Jerome Play Darts OR Make Bonnie Go to Ladies’ Night OR Make Bruce Fret About Something OR Make Seamus Flirt with the Table OR Get from Providence Rehab Center OR Get from Gingerbread House

Lip Glosses12 Lip Gloss (Common)– Earned By: Make Jingle Joe Camp Out OR Make Herbert Freeze Popsicles OR Make Mort Obsessively Count Cash OR Make Jake Tucker Play the Organ OR Get from Party Tent OR Get from Quahog Gym OR Get from Unemployment Office

Bracelets5 Bracelets (Extra Rare)- Earned By: Make Joe Patrol the School OR Make Stewie Travel Through Time OR Make Lois Donate Lightly Used Clothing OR Make Hanukkah Mort Light the Super-Menorah OR Get From New Year’s Cocktail Bar

Black Necklace5 Black Necklaces (Extra Rare)- Earned By: Make Chris Hang Out at Home OR Make Peter Do a Drunk Dance OR Get from New Year’s Cocktail Bar OR Make New Year’s Brian Adjust Bow Tie

If you have the Pet Cemetery from Halloween this can also be used to drop Black Necklaces.  Sorry for not having the info yesterday…I didn’t have it in my town (it’s in inventory).  So pull those Cemeteries from inventory! 


New Year's Brian Drunk

New Year’s Brian- 150 Clams.  Will help you unlock New Year’s Jillian.

Basic Questline Details: 

We will have a full walkthrough up shortly for New Year, New Lies but here are the quick facts for those that like to jump ahead…

Buildings you’ll need to buy: Party Tent, Quahog Gym, Rehab Center, Dr. Ling’s
Part 1 requires Peter & Lois
Part 2 requires Quagmire
Part 3 requires Bonnie
Part 4 requires Peter and Lois
Part 5 requires Joe
Part 6 requires Chris
Part 7 requires Meg

New Year's JillianTardy to the Party will start after part 4 of the main questline.  This questline will require you to unlock New Year’s Jillian.  This whole questline nly requires Jillian

New Year's BrianLove Changes Everything is the premium questline for Brian.  It will start for you even if you don’t purchase him.  For this you’ll need:

Unemployment office
Part 1 requires Brian
Part 2 requires Brian and Chris
Part 3 requires Brian
Part 4 is where you’ll be required to buy New Year’s Brian to continue the questline.

And that my friends concludes the details for phase 2 of New Year’s in Quahog!

What do YOU think of the additions this week?  Thoughts on Jillian’s new outfit?  How about Brian’s tux? Any thoughts on the new buildings?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

177 responses to “New Year’s 2015 Phase 2 Is Here!

  1. After having no access to my tablet for 2 weeks and missing santa I nearly gave up on the game but happy to be back. Unlocked jillian and had to pay 130 clams to finish off getting her outfit as id run out of time but now I have both new years skins I will be able to do the quests right? Those dont dissapear?


  2. I haven’t unlocked Jillian. Will she be gone after the event is over


  3. Just started game a week ago so don’t have many jobs for unlocking jillian costume, but I have unlocked the character. Will her costume go away tomorrow if I haven’t unlocked it or can I continue to work on it since I got the character?


  4. Question… I have unlocked jillian, but just started the game a week ago and don’t have many of the jobs to unlock her outfit. Will that be disappearing from the wardrobe shop tomorrow if I haven’t completed it, or will it stay there since I’ve unlocked the character?


  5. What time will the event end?? I just sent Jillian on her last 24hr task, and I hope I can finish it before the event is over =(


    • I will ask again, but most likely the usual… about 3PM PDT


      • There are times that the event doesn’t end (for me) until later, so hopefully I’ll be able to finish the task before the event is over =/ unless we can still do the task lines after it ends like some of the previous events..


  6. HisNameisJames(quagmire's cat)

    Is there an outdoor task for Jillian and Brian together? I think I saw a pop-up in my game about it, but I’m not sure.


  7. I love everything except how impossible it is to get extra rare items for Juillian I’ve been trying since she got there and only have one black necklace and I have everything except New Years Brian he cost to much I don’t understand why u would need to pay that much clams for just a tux…. But yea other than that I love the new additions.


  8. Soooooo annoying that the bracelets and necklace NEVER drop! I’ve been working all characters non stop around the clock ( yes waking up every 2hrs) and have 2!
    Also, i think it would be nice to plave characters in inventory! I have too many who arent of benegit since i already have max xp and $2million. I didnt buy the kiss characters because i have too many characters and its a pain sifting through them to find someone useful


    • They disabled characters in inventory for a bit due to a lock out issue that happened when one needed was in there preventing players from getting in the game. That was patched. Try now to store them. Tap on them and look for the blue Inventory icon by their name. Tap it and store them.


    • I am with you on sending characters every 2 hours for the necklaces and only having 2/5. Given the event ends in 4 days, it is starting to seem impossible to unlock a “freemium” character without using clams. I find the New Years event pretty anti-climactic after a such a great Christmas event.


  9. Any info on how many parts there are to Brian’s quest line if you have his tuxedo. I think I’m on part 5 and have Brian and Jillian on 24 hr contract and I just unlocked jillians New Years skin and want to start her quest line.


  10. My Jerome has been stuck with an exclamation mark above his head for 2weeks now iv finished the quest but it wont let me move on I think its the lost boys part 3 but i can’t get into him to find out or to make him do anything else any hints on how to get him out of it I’m playing on windows 8


  11. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post but I’ve been wondering what is da boom console for does anyone know?


  12. How important is it to have New Years Brian? I dont want to waist 150 clams just on a skin of an caracter.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Is it going to start requiring us to pay during every event?? sucks that we cant earn things like new years brian on our own..starting to take fun out of it


    • Don’t worry about Clam items so much. Games are always set up for two styles of players. Freemiums, who enjoy coasting along and playing to earn what they can without investing in the game. Premiums, who pay into the game and keep the game alive (someone has to pay for the cost to make the game) and don’t mind buying items to place in their towns like special Characters and buildings.

      How you play will always be YOUR choice. You will never have to buy something. It will always be there as an option, but you will make the final decision of whether or not it is worth it to you to invest. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • “Freemiums, who enjoy coasting along and playing to earn what they can without investing in the game. ”

        As long as developers market their games as “free to play,” people who do so should be referred to as simply players, not “people who coast along.”


        • I was a Freemium in the OTHER game we write on for a long time before becoming Premium and working with Addicts. And I did just that… coasted along at my own pace, did my own thing, got what I could when I could. So… in MY eyes… a good analogy. 🙂
          It has NOTHING to do with an EXACT title by developers and marketing. It is MY words. Thanks anyway. 🙂


  14. I have had everything to get Jillian for a couple days now except the Bracelets….. Haven’t gotten 1 yet and I have had all 4 possible tasks going all the time and not one will drop. I know it says extra rare but the other one was extra rare as well and I have gotten all 5 of them….. Is the bracelet drop broken? Thanks


    • Try force closing, then restart your device and go back in. Try again. See if that helps.


    • One trick that seems to work is sending the character on a short task before sending them on the item task again. I know Lois and joe have a 1 minute task And Stewie has a three minute task. Give it a try.


    • Another thing you can try, if you don’t mind parting with a few clams, is to wait until there’s 30 min or less remaining on the task timer, then complete the task early with the yellow fast-forward button. It’ll only cost you one clam per character, and in my experience it seems to dramatically increase the drop rate. I went three days without getting a single necklace, then I started doing this and I had them all within a few hours.


  15. Fun fact: “Qu’est-ce que pue” means, “what stinks?” Perhaps Pepe Le Pew is the maître d’?


  16. I need some friends on here! I’m always intrested is seeing other people Quahogs! ***********

    Liked by 1 person

  17. I see Peter and Lois’ tasks back. Thanks for looking into it!


  18. When does Distric 10 open up ? Sorry not a comment just a question.


  19. OnlinePseudonym

    Ever since this update (since Tuesday I believe), I keep getting a Consuela screen that says ‘DATA ERROR There was a problem loading the game. Please try again.’ I am totally locked out of the game, can’t get to Help and Support. Worst thing is, it’s been so long since I had to type in a password that I can’t remember what the password is, so I am scared of uninstalling the game. I have hard closed app and restarted phone, but still can’t get into the game. I don’t know what to do.


      • OnlinePseudonym

        Just as a follow-up…..

        I sent an email to on the afternoon of 1/9…..I am still locked out of my game, and I have yet to receive an email from tinyco.


        • So just two days ago. It’s the weekend so wait til the get back in tomorrow and start pulling tickets again. Hang in there.


          • Hi Bunny…

            Still hanging in there, but for the record, still nothing. Don’t you have some pull? Can you mention my email address and get them to look into my game? We’re going on a week since I’ve gotten into my game. I’m missing out on….stuff!


            • Lol… “pull”. We are able to help when there is a mass issue impacting widespread players. Individual issues are really tough as they are one on one and alternate troubleshooting has to be done, like in your case. So even if I email them… it will still take the same amount of time as you emailing them and waiting for a reply. It is just 9am there, so they are just getting in. I honestly wouldn’t be able to do much more.

              Feel free to send a followup email to see the status of your ticket. Also, watch your junk/spam to make sure if they did send something and it got caught there. Wish I could help more. I offered the only troubleshooting I know of. We have no access to players games, nor should we. That really needs to be handled securely by them. Sorry.


  20. I haven’t done any off the quest line and lois has lost her task


  21. Kinda dissapointed that new years Brian only has 1 task to get stuff for new years Jillian. Was hoping for another one but oh well i guess ill cough up the clams for it anyway.. :p


  22. Is it just me, or did Peter lose the drunk dance task?


  23. My make Peter do a drunk dance action disappeared even though I only have one black necklace. Did this happen to anyone else?


  24. Anybody else notice that Peter and Lois’s tasks to get stuff for jillians New Years skin are gone??


  25. Peters task for the necklace is gone 😞 just tried to send him but that task wasn’t in his list


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