Dear TinyCo: I Would Really Like…..

Hello There Clammers!

As the game evolves we’re noticing more and more of you commenting about upcoming items/features you’d love to see in the game.  So (as suggested by you) we’ve decided that once a month we’re going to give you guys the 1 central place for you to put your game requests (features, events, characters, decorations etc) would be the best place for TinyCo to see all of your great ideas!

Remember..TinyCo does listen to YOUR requests (and they read this blog!) as evident by a ton of the features we see in the game today!

And to get the ball rolling I’ll kick it off…

Dear TinyCo…I would really like to see the task lists for characters shortened.  I’m not saying eliminate various times, instead eliminate multiple tasks that take the same amount of time.  For example….Brian (just regular old Brian, no skins) has FIVE 2hr tasks…that are all indoor tasks!  Then he has two 4hr tasks, 3 6hr tasks,two 8hr tasks, two 10hr tasks and two 24hr tasks…are all those repetitive task times really necessary?  Especially when the character is just going to a building to disappear inside?  Can we shorten these lists up a bit?  Thanks!

So now it’s your turn.  Go on and let us know what YOU would like to see in the game!  Sound off with your requests in the comments below, we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

330 responses to “Dear TinyCo: I Would Really Like…..

  1. bryan divincenso

    they should do a wrestlemania event again it is wrestlemania season or something about the impractical jokers


  2. Dear TinyCo,

    I unfortunately missed out on the American Dad event, once I watched several Youtubers (i.e. kclovesgaming) play the event, I was mad I was not able to get any of the Smiths. I just started playing this game around when the Mobsters event had started and I am attached to it. I have loved some things and disliked other things about this game. I understand that the peter palooza event has just started, but I wish there was a way to get the Smiths. Perhaps, American Dad weekend, mystery character box, etc… (As long golden clams are not needed, I would really appreciate something that allows us players to get more characters in general, my preference would be the Smiths but any new characters would work). The Comic con celebrities, dead souls characters, and the scary guys characters were only available to get by participating in earlier events, such as the American Dad event, halloween event, and the egyptian peter event, now since these events have ended there is no way to get these characters that’s why I suggested something along the lines of a mystery box to get the characters. I’m just simply asking for a way to get these characters without having to spend golden clams I mean the game is called the quest for stuff not the purchase of stuff. Finally, I have a suggestion for an event, even though there is a whole game dedicated to this, I think is would really cool to have a Simpsons event where you can unlock Bart, Lisa, Homer, Marge, and Santas Little Helper, and Maggie. I did like how some characters from early events were able to unlock (Fat Lois, Sexy Witch Connie, and Slutty Meg). That is what I think you should do for all characters that were missed out on from past events. I would love it if I could have the Smiths and the Simpsons in my Quahog. I don’t know if you will see or reply to my comment TinyCo, but those are my suggestions on how to make the game even better.


  3. Dear TinyCo,

    I would really like for my game to force close constantly. I can’t play longer than a minute and everything resets so I am repeating tasks over and over, the same tasks. I have sent multiple tickets to customer support and have gotten no response. It has been over two weeks that the crashes happen. Please fix this for Android devices. Also, I would like to see more tasks for items for characters that are deemed useless and sitting in inventory. I spent clams for Cleveland and Consuela and want to use them more.


  4. Here goes my first post! I’ve been playing since midway through Comic-Con, held out on purchased clams until John McClane broke me and now I’m a true addict.

    There’s lots of little things that would be great, but if I could have one big wish it would be more use of premium and old event characters. It doesntveven need to be item drops, etc. It could be that all of these characters get a task for each new event that allows you to get a small number (even just 1) of that event’s particular currency instead of coins or like an item task.

    If I could send every one of those currently useless characters on a 8hr/1day task and get 5 dilithium crystals, that would suddenly give them extra value and if this were a regular feature might just be enough to push people sitting on the edge about buying a premium character.

    (would be great for buildings too but I know that’s asking far too much!)


  5. Dear TinyCo,
    I’d like to see the moustache Peter Griffin skin. You know, the one in jeans, jean shirt and jean jacket.


  6. Curt D the Great

    Dear Tinyco, I would like to see a Cleveland Show tie in similar to the American Dad one (THAT I MISSED). Also more outside tasks for the characters. Great game! Thank you


  7. Dear Tinyco,

    I would really like to hear the song, “All I really want this year” for the next Christmas event. My sister also wanted to see the characters Angela and the two foreigners who can’t speak English correctly. I would also like to see Joyce Kinney. Please and thank you.


  8. I would like to see a Tom Brady character…it is Massachusetts…along with Peters favorite team…add different ways to make coins… One in which can be “deflate balls”


  9. Dear TinyCo,
    I would like to add another thing I would like to see. I did make a post already and I saw a character recently that I would like to see added to the game. Her name is Stella and she is Peter’s deaf coworker. I’m deaf as well, so I started thinking why not add some more diversity to the game.
    Thank you!


  10. Dear TinyCo, I would really like a few music celebrities added to our towns! I have some ideas for tasks for a few, and here they are:

    Eminem- Log Cabin
    1:00- Write Song Lyrics (At Griffin House)
    4:00- Practice Hot Rhymes (Animated)
    4:00- Eat M&Ms (At Log Cabin)
    6:00- Shop for New Chains (At Goldman’s)
    8:00- Listen to Rap Prayers (At Church)
    12:00- Be The Real Slim Shady (Animated w/ Peter)
    20:00- Stay Looking 26 (At Quahog Spa)

    Justin Bieber- Giant Speakers
    2:00- Sing about Babies (At Hospital)
    4:00- Get a Haircut (At Quahog Spa)
    6:00- Try To Break Glass (Animated)
    6:00- Do a Concert (At pLace)
    8:00- Woo Popular Girls (At J.W. High)
    10:00- Run From Paparazzi (Animated)
    12:00- Pretend To Be 21 (At Drunk. Clam)
    24:00- Do an Interview (At Quahog 5)

    Miley Cyrus- Quahog Hardware
    2:00- Go Rock Climbing (At Quahog Spa)
    4:00- Wall Twerk (Animated)
    8:00- Become Inable To Stop (At pLace)
    8:00- Make out with Tools (At Hardware)
    12:00- Summon Lightning (Animated)
    16:00- Screen Hannah Mon. (At Cinema)
    20:00- Host a Party (At Quagmire’s)

    Katy Perry- Fluffy Teddy Bear
    4:00- Do the Shark Dance (Animated)
    4:00- Take Stuffed Animals (At Griffin’s)
    6:00- Dye Hair New Color (At Quahog Spa)
    8:00- Stay Wide Awake (At Quagmire’s)
    12:00- Eat Whipped Cream (Animated)
    18:00- Play with Thermostat (At Griffin’s)
    24:00- Hear them Roar (At Quahog Zoo)

    Usher- DJ Booth
    1:00- Master Breakdancing (Animated)
    2:00- Reanimate The Dead (At pLace)
    2:00- Shop for Sunglasses (At Goldman’s)
    6:00- Be an Usher (At Quahog Cinema)
    8:00- Give Dance Lessons (Animated w/ Stewie)
    10:00- Look for New Talent (At J.W. High)
    12:00- Fall in Love Again (At DJ Booth)
    20:00- Practice New Song (Animated)


  11. Dear TinyCo…

    I would love to see a star wars event where we get all if not most of the customs as well as a few building like the death star or hans ship the millennium but we would also need some of the charcters that haven’t been added yet.


  12. Dear Tiny Co

    Please open up some more land soon. As far as characters for the game I would like to see are Tom Brady, greased up deaf guy, and finally and most importantly The Fonz.


  13. My charecter idias get ready its a long list bunny or allissa please tell me what you think ok ready go
    Loretta – cleavlands ex wife
    Susie – Bonnies baby daughter
    Angela – peters boss at the brewery
    Maude – morts dead wife
    Joyce – news anchor who replaced Diane
    Ollie – news anchor a cool person to have in town
    Olivia – Stu’s dead ex girlfriend
    Bertram – stu’s twin from and alternate universe
    Carl – runs the mini mart
    Earnie – the giant chicken who started the destruction of quohog
    Horace – runs the drunken clam with jerome
    Judge – just the judge from the show
    Lisa – connie’s friend
    Opie – peters superior co worker at the brewery
    Principal sheperd – principle of James woods high school
    Vern and jhonny – 50’s comedy duo who pops up now and then
    Tomik and bellguard – foreign duo who pops up now and then
    Patrick – loise’s insane brother
    Carol – loise’s sister who gets married to Adam west
    Sea breeze – the pewtershmit family dog and Brian’s ex lover
    Joan – quagmires dead wife who used to be a cleaner
    Brenda – quagmires sister
    Anna lee – quagmires daughter (at least the one we know
    Rillo – todler from clevland show
    Roberta – donna’s daughter
    Donna – clevlands sassy wife
    Greased up def guy – “I’m touching all the candy!”
    James wood – James woods no explanationation needed
    God – a reocering charecter on the show
    That’s all I know it’s long but thanks for reading


    • Districts! doesn’t end their muahahahaha
      Somthing to do with sports, a stadium or somthing
      Quohog lake
      The James woods – it’s a place ok I wikied it
      That’s it just my suggestions plz tell me what you think 😊


    • If you look at this post and the one similar we have on the site, you will see MANY others have the same thoughts in mind. 😉

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      • Thanks bunny love this game and u and allissa and wookie and charecters i fact i love everything acept the things I don’t like :/


        • Ooo now I’m gunna pair characters and districts sorry this is to much fun ok
          Suburbs – Carl and Lisa
          City – Carol and Joyce
          Stadium – opie and greased up def guy
          Lake – earnie and Brenda
          James woods – James woods and Patrick
          Wearhouse – tomik and belgaurde
          Buisness – judge and Horace
          That’s it im done sorry lol


  14. I would love it if the clams would sell at lower prices. I think that since there’s quite a lot of things in the game that cost clams it would be reasonable to lower prices on clams. Also I would love to see American dad characters come back!!!
    And another thing, give us more time to unlock the characters. And don’t make it too difficult or annoying bu making us get 20 uncommon or rare items!


  15. Also….really….premium characters sh old always be a perk in EVERY event. Come on, we PAY for them. Where is the REWARD for that?


  16. Dear tinyco,
    I would really appreciate an undo task button. I make a lot of millisecond mistake on assigning tasks
    How about no more drag to task with the characters? Annoying while trying to navigate through my quahog
    And also I spend A Lot of money on clams (which I know helps us developed and add to the game) so quit charging so high of clams on things or offer a more reasonable price! Not everyone can afford the price that’s actually reasonable when they need it. I think you should offer a membership with so many clams and special rewards (extra rare, rare items to unlock event characters) for a reasonable monthly price.


  17. (It is going to be a long comment, so before the comment these are the main topics, 1)Paths/Sidewalks 2) Back To the Future 3) Bertram and Clevelands Family 4) Harry Potter 5) Ancient Rome/Spartacus or Ancient Greek/Gods Theme 6) A Clockwork Orange and 7) Benedict Cumberbatch.)

    I love this game and have been part of it since the Full Moon Event. This is a great opportunity to be able to make suggestions for the rest of the game. My suggestions are as follows:

    1) The game definitely needs paths and/or sidewalks like most of the people here already suggested. This would be an incredible extension for the game. It is kind of frustrating not to be able to put little paths in to your town.

    2) I have multiple ideas for the upcoming events that they can consider:
    – TinyCo must release an event about “Back to the Future”. It’s 2015 and the gamers really want to see Marty McFly, Doctor Emmet Brown and DeLorean in their Quahogs. It is actually a pretty common suggestion and a really reasonable one too. It is a classical and popular movie and the game usually prefers the movies known by most people, so Back to the Future woyld be great choice.
    – From the TV series i would really want to see Bertram and Clevelands family in the game. I have seen other people that want to see them as well ( i came across with comments about Clevelands newer family in at least 20 times under irrelevant topics before this one). Clevelands family can be a event like American Dad and Bertram can be a little one we see all the time.
    – They can use a Harry Potter theme too. I am sure there can be legal difficulties but i would love to see some magic in my town. It can be easily adapted to the characters. Having a building like Hogwarts would be cool.
    – My other suggestion would be events about ancient times. I really enjoyed the Full Moon event even if i was at the beginning and it was a hard event, so i couldn’t gained much. I think the atmosphere of the event was really exciting. The buildings and decos from that event are still the shiniest stuff in my town. Similar to that they can release an ‘Ancient Rome’ or ‘Ancient Greek’ event. I know that they always give a character the leading role to have a questline (like Ghostbusters/Halloween or Indiana Jones/Full Moon), so Ancient Rome / Spartacus and Ancient Greek / Gods would work. We can have a fat gladiator or a fat Zeus, wouldn’t people like that? And there can be lots of cool building like a colosseum, basilicas, temples, arches or Pantheon for example. I love designing my town and it would be great to use those buildings to create an powerful atmosphere.
    – My deepest wish would be to see a reference to “A Clockwork Orange” in the game. Stewie would be great Alex. I know it’s not likely, but still why not give it a shot?
    – I am gonna finish the comment with one last wish, i would love to see Benedict Cumberbatch in my Quahog. He became really popular over last 3-4 years especially with Sherlock, Hobbit film series, Star Trek, 12 Years a Slave, so he is a reasonable character to be added to the game. He seems to be have a fun personality too. It would be fantastic to have him as a guest during the Comic-con event.

    Sorry for the long post!


  18. Praise:

    I really do enjoy the game more often than not – so please take the below as constructive – I’d like to continue enjoying the game with these additions. I also appreciate the ‘best of’ items you’ve been running such that folks can gain a few items they have missed. Keep that sort of thing going along with all the good work you’ve done thus far.

    Dear TinyCo…

    1-I would like to see stability. I have one of the more popular phone variants (a Samsung Galaxy S5) and several other phones (S4) and tablets upon which I’ve run this game. It’s not like I’m using some knock-off variant you’ve never run into before. Also, my wife has iPhones (5s and 4s) and an iPad – game crashes there too. You’d think that a newer, popular and more powerful phone would be able to handle things without a crash, and I think it does, it seems to have more to do with specific items within the game. Namely going to/leaving a ‘neighbors’ Quahog, a
    pop-up window when unlocking a character and/or unlocking part of a group of characters that yield a clam reward. If I manage to get to a neighboring Quahog on my phone without a crash (which is rare), I will most certainly get one when going to another neighbor. If I manage to gain a clam, I will sit in that Quahog for several minutes before I dare click on anything else – as I’ve lost many a clam due to a crash after a collection. The only time it has appeared semi-stable was during the Christmas event with the gift-given, which was a little surprising considering all that was going on then.

    2-Less expensive skins for characters. I generally get every character – I grimace at times due to the costs, but bite the bullet. However, I cannot justify some skin that costs the same as some of the characters themselves – hence, no tuxedo Brian or steroid Stewie for me – I know I am not alone on this. You would have made a lot more money on volume if you’d priced those around 25-50 clams.

    3-Clams, everything costs clams. I understand the economics of it all and appreciate that you have to eat, but plenty of the dedicated players that have helped keep this juggernaut going are rolling in XP and coins. Even having cleared every piece of land, purchased pretty much every coin-based building 2+ times and having thousands of buildings/items in inventory, this player with $7.5+ million coins is a little put off that everything truly desirable is clam-based. XP is meaningless as well – I think the last time the level-cap increased, I was max level again in a few days, plus, it doesn’t seem to mean anything. I’ve seen other posts here with suggestions in this area, I personally like some sort of conversion rate of coins to clams and/or the mystery box concept to at least have a chance of getting clams for a reasonable amount of coins – but try not to have too many lame items in the mystery box, and few, if any, duplicates allowed.

    4-A nit. Why is Jesus’ clam-yielding option down at the bottom of his list? I know, I know – it’s a long task. But it is an item drop, shouldn’t it be up at the top? It rarely happens anyway, so why not leave it at the top where everyone wants it? Hmmm…?

    5-Let’s have some 6/7 hour task instead of 8+. I’ve mentioned this to TinyCo before, but I’ll say it again. Not everyone sleeps only 8 hours, not everyone works 8 hours and so forth; so not all of us can hit this three times a day, generally we’re making it two times a day, if lucky. And, speaking as a new parent, I’m hitting it a whole lot less these days. The item drops at this level tend to be rare or extra rare anyway, it’s already difficult enough to get the items, don’t make the timing a pain as well.

    6-Money(clams) back for any items that were reduced in price – this was done a few times and people had to (1) notice that it had happened and (2) request a refund and (3) actually be awarded such a refund. I also had this happen with the duck reactors (if I recall this correctly – was it Blam! for such things? It all blurs a little) and I don’t think support got back to me for weeks (after the event had ended).


    Ability to see size and animations (if applicable) – perhaps even voices – prior to purchase for all items (before crafting even). Perhaps an ‘undo build’, if necessary.

    Ability/consistency to place a mass number of the same item into and out of inventory. Some items allow you to keep placing them up to the number you have in inventory without returning to inventory. However some items require you to go back for each one in either the inventory or store to reselect…and there doesn’t appear to be consistency as to type of item that causes this behavior.

    When you have X number of items in inventory, the little icon showing that you have such an item while in the ‘shopping cart’ should show X next to or inside of said item so that you actually have a count, instead of having to go into inventory instead.

    Ability to collect from all buildings at once (or perhaps all of the same type of building (I have 300+ common offices, as an example).

    Ability to shift a group of building en masse, you could draw some sort of box around them/swipe select in a certain mode and then shift the whole thing once selected.

    Ability to do conversions en masse – for instance, it took so long to go through the steps to convert all of the Halloween items, I didn’t finish before the event ended (and I spent a long time doing it).

    Thank you!


  19. I would love if for one weekend they would have a babies theme and could get characters like Bertrum and Olivia. Those characters would be fun and would make good quests


  20. I’m still advocating for the addition of 1×1 sidewalk and dirt paths. It would be nice to lay them down yet not worry about collision with houses, etc (basically be able to overlap with objects). Not sure if that’s feasible, coding-wise.

    Also like the frequent buyers idea, in the form of monthly subscriptions or “spend so much money, get clams free.” The latter would be great for the occasional spenders like myself.

    And my inventory is getting a little crazy, so more sorting options would be appreciated, like alphabetical order or custom tabs.


  21. We need a bit of a higher percentage of buildings that are 4×4,4×3 and 3×4 tiles in size so as to fill in some tighter areas….
    Also,a few buildings are not at all proportionate in size.Most of them do look good and are done as well as can be.And I know this is a hard part of the game to design and that we’ll never be able to have scale size in this game without sacrificing detail….but….A couple buildings come to mind,Macabre Curiosities and GhostbusterHQ,they look awfull.GBHQ should be half as tall as it is,it looks weird compared to FFHQ,Barrington Hotel and Qhotel……….And Macabres single story doorway is 2 and 3 times bigger than any other.I know its too late to expect these to be fixed but I just hope for less slip ups like these in the future.Having said all this,i have noticed a bit more consistancy in proportions in recent months…oh,also tiny tots little hut looks way too big near the other schools.and the vending machines are too big……K,sorry,im done with this topic,you get the picture….Thanks:)


  22. Lone standing walls made of brick or something…..They would be 4×1 , 5×1 and 6×1 tiles long and look like they’re 1,2 and 3 stories in height respectively……..These would be extremely versatile finishing pieces for many designs.


  23. Footpaths..They would be 1 tile in size and link together to look like a sidewalk..Cement ones and maybe dirt ones too.We need them for our parks,cemeteries,carnivals,theme parks,etc. and if our characters were programmed to walk on the footpaths it would liven up these areas which are now void of population.Footpaths would also be usefull for extending the walkways of the houses because,as it is now,if we want to have a fence or trees between our lawn and sidewalk theres a gap of green,untrampled grass between the sidewalk and my walkway,it looks out of place.


  24. Since we are in the Pawtucket Brewery, I would like a questline involving Opie, Stella, and Angela.


  25. dear TinyCo,

    I really would like to see characters drop more teddy bears which are needed for the limited time ones. at the moment i have spent 3 days trying to get them and not once have i been successful!
    i love this game, it is very addictive but like others i am getting fed up spending hard earned money to progress in this game.

    please consider this for all the folks who enjoy this game and who are addicted to it (in a good way)

    also i dare say this has been mentioned before but would it be possible to have a Star Wars event, as that would be awesome!!!!


  26. What about offering an optional, monthly subscription service for buying clams, with different levels available? For instance, for $4.99 a month, (Bronze) subscription, you would get, say 250 clams. For a 9.99 Silver membership, 500 clams a month, etc. You could make the top level VIP. With each level, you might include a special limited item, like a skin, trophy deco or building. For many players, the money they are spending is way over the top. And for others, the money they spend is either sporadic or nonexistent. This way you might generate a steady, more consistent flow of income and players could choose the subscription they can best afford.

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  27. I’d really like to get some of the items needed for King Butt! I’m hardly off the starting line with two of the items despite having all the characters listed as having a chance of earning onset constantly on the task since the pyramid became available! I have no hope of getting him by 3rd at this rate, which is very disappointing given that I have not slacked at all!


  28. I’d like an area for Older Premium Characters from the previous events that you can buy with Clams. That way there is no time frames and people can get any older character for clams that they want or missed out on… OH Yeah!

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  29. I think my ‘wants’ will be the same as some others. I’d love to see the buildings and roads line up better. Having that space between roads and buildings drives me crazy. I want to put the road anywhere I want, not in predetermined grid lines. I would also love a collect all button. I’d also love to see a neighbor rewards (similar to that ‘other game’) system. I love that you earn friend levels and stuff from visiting, would love to see it in FGQFS.

    I’ll also echo many others in asking that the price of clam characters be brought down a little. I have bought lots of them, but I think I would freely buy a lot more if the prices overall were cheaper. The building prices during the Phineas event were great! I didn’t buy them because I didn’t need them, but that price range is something I would feel comfortable buying.

    Thanks for the great game and for listening to your players!


  30. I would like to see the items in the inventory sorted by name so I can actually find them!


  31. I would like the same ability I had with another Tapped game, Paradise Cove, where you can shake your device and all of the coins would be collected at once. It would have no affect on Action items, just coins. I realize it’s a Tap game and you have to ‘tap’ to play


  32. Why even bother having the best of event if even the uncommon items drop at a rare rate its just taunting people with what they once again can’t get without spending real money


  33. Glad we’re given the opportunity to get past characters/skins, Builds etc. that where out before I started playing. Would be nice to have the ability to play the past quests. I wish they wouldn’t release multiple boxes at once and considering glitches, goofs, etc, a weeks time limit isn’t long enough, make it for the month. 1 box per month or every other month so we can not only continue with the current game progress but also to replenish the Clam bank.
    One request I haven’t seen: If all my Workers are currently being used, I’d like the ability to buy a “limited time only” item but have it stored in my Inventory until I’m ready or able to build it? If it’s purchased within the time limit, what difference does it make when it’s built? Also to many characters that do nothing. Every character could have a “multi item” task.
    Biggest complaint:
    There’s no way anyone can progress very far in this game as a “freemium” player, as there’s always a quest that has a clam purchase that has to be made. The amount/rate of free clams earned is more of an insult than a reward. This isn’t “paying for a Game”, it’s “paying to play the game”. The cost is never ending and well exceeds the cost of a large flat screen tv, the newest game system and for any game that not only has a 1 time purchase fee but you can play 100% of the game.


  34. I’d suggest an improvement to the Character Selection icon in the upper left of the screen (for characters who aren’t on tasks). Currently they’re always in alphabetical order. I’d like to see the order changed up in the following way:
    1) Characters that have tasks that they need to do for a quest.
    2) Characters that have the ability to drop items for something at that moment.
    3) Characters who are not currently at their max level (and don’t fall into category 1 or 2).
    3b) Jesus (since he can drop clams)
    4) Characters who are at their max level (and don’t fall into category 1 or 2).

    That way I could keep everyone out of my inventory, not keep everyone on tasks, and still use the character selector. As it is, if I have someone’s level maxxed out and I don’t feel like putting him/her on a task at the moment, they just gum up my character selection rotation.

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  35. I would love to have the ability to add neighbors without getting Facebook involved. Even if email address privacy were a concern, a simple username or unique user identifier would allow more people to have neighbor-help for the events.

    If this has already been suggested (yes, I’m too lazy to read the other 287(!!!) comments), then I Second/Third/Fourth/Fiff the idea. 🙂

    Also prioritize taps on or near buildings or characters ready for collection over objects that haven’t finished. Or the collect-all-coins-mega-tap option…


  36. I would really like my game stop crashing so often. Almost impossible to play – sometimes need like 3 times to restart over again sending characters on tasks.


  37. For me the roads should be able to be placed anywhere instead of the set placing in the game now – some buildings I place have loads of land behind it that is wasted space when I have items stored away that I can’t fit in anywhere. Apart from that great game keep up the good work!


  38. Dear TinyCo,

    I previously made a request to be able to get rid of unwanted holiday items, but now I have another request. Please add a 24-hour task for Kool-Aid man, because it’s so hard to max him out to level 25 if the most he can do by himself is a 10-hour task.

    Thank you and keep up the good work!

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  39. Dear TinyCo, it would be awesome if there was a clam sale this week. I bought everything I needed from Box 1, Bryan Cranston, and Nathan Fillion but I need ALL 8 character in Box 2 – 1000 clams eek! Whaddya say???

    I think some sort of ‘frequent buyers’ club would be cool too. Not everyone can afford to spend $99.99 all at once so they spend maybe $19.99 when they can (i.e. payday) but end up losing out on clams. Maybe once you’ve made 5 purchases you receive a bonus? Something along those lines.

    Thanks for an awesome game!


  40. I would like it if the character selector in the corner didn’t reset to the beginning of the list each time you sent somebody on a task.

    So for example, say I don’t want to send Brian on a task because I’m keeping him free for something else in an hour’s time… If I skip past him, it might take me to Bruce. But as soon as a set Bruce a task, it goes back to Brian, and I have to skip him again before doing the next character, and so on and so forth. It would be much more convenient for me if (like a certain other game which is inferior in most other ways) I could continue to cycle through characters, giving them tasks WITHOUT it returning to the first character each time.

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  41. 1. A sticker building design structure; buildings shouldn’t be over 8 tiles, buildings can only be (2×2, 2×4, 2×6, 2×8, 4×4, 4×6, 4×8, 6×6, 6×8 or 8×8), and no building can waste space for driveways. I hate the Rehab Clinic building because 60% of it is wasted for a path with a fountain and a sign. Those type of things should be decos. Also go back and rescale old building to fit format. This will help cut down people asking for more land.

    2. Have a way to organize the owned decos section; alphabetically, by item type and event. Right now it a chore to find a specific item by scrolling through an endless line of unorganized items.

    Liked by 1 person

  42. Add more categories on FaceSpace for Clam Prizes. Right now there are 5 Stewie skins and 7 Peter Skins that could be grouped for rewards if you have them all.


  43. The ability to send items to other players. Kind of like the Christmas presents. During events when I have collected plenty of extra beer bottle caps or Blam! or something, and my mum is short those same items, I’d love to be able to share.

    P.S more land please


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