Best Of 2014! Promo – New Old Items

Hey there all you Minions!

Remember that one time when you kept saying, “It would be great if TinyCo brought back…“? Well guess what TinyCo is doing? Once again, listening to YOUR requests. There will be some fun Characters coming back, and they all won’t be at once… so keep your eyes on your game over the next week as you will see lots of really cool Characters return and be available until Tuesday, February 3rd.


**In order to be able to see Characters/Costumes offered in your game, you will need to at least have unlocked District 3 as Al’s needs to be in your game to be able to get some of the Characters/Costumes put into play.*** (FYI, not all players will see the same Characters/Costumes offered as it will vary on what YOU have already and WHO you have unlocked in your game. If the Character is NOT unlocked/purchased, you won’t see the Costume in your list.)

Also… King Butt IS timed.

More to come…

So for the basics…


As stated above, it will vary on WHO you have in YOUR game. So if you have a Character already, they will not show up to get again.

If you have NOT unlocked a Character, you will not see their Costume. For instance if you have not purchased Consuela, you will not see her Dia de los Muertos Consuela Costume. If you do not have Stewie unlocked in District 8, you will not see his Iron Baby Costume.


New Characters will arrive for purchase/unlock during the Promo, so keep an eye out in your game for when George and Mr. Weed will be available. (We will also post to this site.)

Now for all the Characters/Costumes in the Mystery Box Volume 1…

Best of 2014 Mystery Box Volume 1

Each try in the Mystery Box will cost 125 Clams and once that Character/Costume is won, it will be removed from the list and narrow your options down. Some items will go to your Inventory once won, so make sure you go place them. Others will be put into Al’s to “create” so make sure you check there too to complete them and place them onto the Characters. (Updated with the info we were able to verify in game.)

UPDATE: If you had started collection on one of these Characters/Costumes in Al’s but never completed it… you WILL see the breakdown back in Al’s… I am currently looking into this, but it looks like you still need to win them in the Mystery Box. Will post more once clarified. 

UPDATE: Confirmed… ALL Characters from the Mystery Box will require you to purchase the Mystery Box in order to get them. 

Kingdom of the Full Moon Event

peteradventure-animation-actionmodal-002@4xAdventure Peter: 5 min Creation in Al’s


Quahog Comic Con Event

character_blobulous@4xBlobulous Chris: 10 min Creation in Al’s

Iron Baby 3Iron Baby Stewie: 10 min Creation in Al’s

patrickstewart-animation-actionModal-001@4xbuilding_clamsterprize-open_decover@4xPatrick Stewart w/Clamterprise: Once you place the Clamterprise, you will see an Unlock to tap and bring Patrick into the game. FYI, check your Main Shopping Cart Menu in the Decorations after winning him. His director chair will be there for Free.



Dia De Los Muertos ConsuelaDia de los Muertos Consuela: 10 min Creation in Al’s

Ghost DianeDiane Simmons

FrancisFrancis Griffin

Slutty Cat MegSlutty Cat Meg


Best of 2014 Mystery Box

So depending on WHO you may have already, these are the Costumes/Characters that will be in THIS Mystery Box. If you got them all, you won’t see the Mystery Box at all this time round. More are coming, so still stay tuned throughout the next week. Once you obtain all the ones YOU can, the Mystery Box will disappear.



kingbutt-animation-actionModal-001@4xbuilding_minipyramid@4xKing Butt w/Sandy Pyramid. THIS ONE IS TIMED! From Kingdom of Full Moon Event. Purchase the Sandy Pyramid for $1000, once placed and complete… tapping on the checkmark will start his 7 day timerYou will have that time to collect the following to unlock him for your game… (If you already have the Pyramid, I actually had the option to purchase a second one that controlled his collection…and NEITHER him or the timer will show outside the Pyramid in your game.)

Ankh40 Ankh (Uncommon): Lois Freshen Up OR Chris Enjoy Private Time OR Adventure Peter Grow a Rugged Beard OR 80’s Pop Star Cleveland Prep For the Club OR Francis Relive His Retirement Party OR Diane Exercise at the Gym OR Slutty Cat Meg Go To Halloween Dance OR Dia de los Muertos Consuela Do a Dirty Dance OR Bryan Cranston Throw a Pizza

Sonic Screwdriver5 Sonic Screwdriver (Epic): Quagmire Have Nap Time OR Dr. Hartman Prepare for an Exam OR  Patrick Stewart Be a Thespian OR Iron Baby Stewie Test Armor Systems OR Blobulous Chris Train in The Art of Gorging OR Mutant Stewie Show Rupert New Tentacles OR Ron Perlman Practice Fighting Large Monsters OR Captain Hammered Peter Fly Under The Influence OR Red Hot Lois Swim In Geek Trash OR Bryan Cranston Throw a Pizza

UPDATE: Side Note on Sonic Screwdriver… 

Bloblulous Chris “Train in The Art of Gorging” requires the Training Montage Training Center to activate the task and drops.


Ghost11 Ghosts (Extra Rare): Bonnie Twerk It OR Jerome Grow His Fro OR Bryan Cranston Throw a Pizza

Again, you will only have 7 days to collect all these items once the Sandy Pyramid is built. If you do not complete collection, you will NOT get King Butt. I am still waiting on TinyCo for verifcation due to NO timer in the game, Just the date, if this means 7 days from placement or 7 days regardless and it ends on February 3rd.  I’m leaning towards 3rd. (See Below)

UPDATE: As you can see in the pic below… King Butt WILL say NOT READY as he is NOT READY to Create until you collected all his items. Once you are done getting them all, it will change so you can Create him. Also, you can see the end date and time on the pop up too. All this can be seen by tapping on the newly built Sandy Pyramid. The End Date is set for the End of the Event. So you will need to have acquired King Butt BEFORE February 3rd @3PM PST. 

King Butt Pyramid Collection


Bryan Cranston 1 Bryan Cranston ChairBryan Cranston w/His Chair. From the Quahog ComicCon Event. 450 Clams (Will ALWAYS drop one of  items needed for King Butt). Once you purchase and place his chair, you will see him pop up in front of it with the Unlock symbol. Just tap on it to make him active in your game. (Yes, his questline starts up too.)

New Year’s Eve Brian: 150 Clams. Brian in his suit is back again just in case you missed your chance on this Costume. This was a temp glitch.



Items from the Kingdom of Full Moon Event have also returned for purchase for your game. Here are the “buildings”.

decoration_oasis@4xDesert Oasis: $7,500, $30 & 20XP every 4hrs

decoration_volcano_wip_thumbnail@4xActive Volcano: $5,500, $60 & 40XP every 12hrs

decoration_stewieshinx_wip_thumbnail@4xStewie Sphinx: $2,500, $30 & 20XP every 4hrs



Items from the Kingdom of Full Moon Event have also returned for purchase for your game. Here are the Decorations.

Evil monkey Evil Monkey Statue: $5,000

decoration_smallpalm_WIP@4xBaby Palm Tree: $500

Tiki TorchTiki Torch: $200



Now you have MORE options to get items you may have missed in the past or joined the game too late to have a chance to get. We will have more of a breakdown on the Characters coming up, so stay tuned.

What do you think of the Mystery Box? Liking the items offered so far? Who do you hope to see next? Let us know.


574 responses to “Best Of 2014! Promo – New Old Items

  1. Is there ant way to keep the charectors in one place with out using the roads because I am at the mob part and don’t like the cookie trucks getting in the way?


  2. Like Jerry I apologize if this has been answered before, but is there an option somewhere I am missing to purchase the items to unlock King Butt? I only need 3 ghosts and if I can’t get them before the deadline I’d like to know if they can be bought. Normally unlocking a character gives that as an option.


    • With ANY character that needs material without a direct buy out… this is what you do. When a character for their drops is sent on a task and about done… or just sent… tap on them and use the option to fast forward the task with clams and complete it… and WAIT. Don’t tap anything else. Or you will miss this. A small box appears when you fast forwards asking you to “try again” Or “buy now”. You can instantly pay clams to try again for the item over n over n over til all are collected buying each forwarded time. Or… you can outright buy ONE of that item for Clams. Then it will close out and you have to complete the process again.


      • Thanks so much! I never knew you could do that. I’ll wait til tomorrow and try it if I don’t get enough.


        • It is how we get the info for the site for you all. We pay to speed through a lot, including paying Clams to get those drops when they are not offered at a direct Character Buy out. It helps when you really want something and are willing to pay to get the last few items. Just watch for the shortest task that does it… it will cost the least amount of clams to forward.


  3. What happens to the sandy pyramid once you unlock king butt? Does it vanish or stay in your inventory?


  4. I keep collecting items but do not have a sandy pyramid. I looked all over and can’t find it. What do I need to do?


  5. So I got Cranson, Fillion, and finished Takei, but didn’t receive the 100 clams. I also never saw a chance to get items for PIcard once I placed the Clamterprise, and furthermore, had Diane in inventory but when I tried to place her, she poofed and disappeared. Any help would be appreciated.


    • Many same issue with the Clams. Report it and Diane from your game if you can’t find her out in your town wandering or through Character Locator.


    • I also spent the Clams for Cranston, and didn’t receive the 100 clam bonus for having the 3 characters. I have contacted Tinyco. They had better do something about this.


  6. Sorry if this has been answered but if you use an item to unlock a character is that number of items gone or can you use it for more than one? i.e if I use the ankhs on King butt does that amount disappear or can I also use it on the other character?


  7. I have been lucky enough to get sonic screwdrivers nearly every time, but ankhs, ghosts, etc, have been rare. No way I can complete any of them in the time frame, especially as they all finish on 3rd, but didn’t all start on the same day.


  8. im having such a hard time collecting the Ghost since only 2 Characters drop them…it suck casue time is running out…why do they make this so hard


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