Last Chance Phineas, Barnaby, Stewie, & Rupert

UPDATE: For those waiting on Penny Arcade to complete the questline. A patch was pushed. Check your games to see if you can complete part 5 now. 😉

Hey there Minions!

Just bouncing on by to remind you that around 3PM PST the lil mini “Exercise” Event will be leaving our games. What does this mean? Well, you may want to snag any last minute items that are offered before they are gone.

Screenshot_2015-01-21-13-32-16 Barnaby Human Rupert

So what will stay and what will go? Well all the information is as of THIS post. We will update if anymore changes come in from TinyCo.


Phineas Barnaby

This lil event brought us the two brothers Phineas and Barnaby. This is the ONLY item from the event that will be different than the rest of them. The reason being these two were on 5 Day timers, so when they end will depend on when YOU started them.

If you started them the moment the event was released, you may already have timed out if they were not completely unlocked. For those of you STILL with a timer ticking away above their heads, that is the time to go by until they are gone.

Phineas and Barnaby timers

For those of you that have not placed the buildings for Phineas & Barnaby yet, do so right away if you still want to try to get them withing 5 days. As long as their buildings are placed in your game and you see their timers starting the 5 day countdown BEFORE the event ends… you can still keep working past the event to get them until those timers run to Zero.



Steroid Stewie 2

This lil big guy will be going with the event, so if you were waiting til last minute… that is REALLY soon. Just make sure it is a purchase you want to make.



tanningsalon Human Rupert

This guy has been back a few times now, but we do not know if he will make anymore returns after this one. So, if you want him now make sure you pick him and his building up before the event runs out and he goes with it.



This event brought a handful of new cool buildings into the game, so make sure you pick them up before the event goes. 😉


Sweaty ClamThe Sweaty Clam- $4,000, 30s Build, Earns $30, 20xp/4hrs.  Build to find Phineas. (Remember, if you place Phineas and Barnaby’s buildings BEFORE the event ends… you can still have 5 days to try for them til their timer runs down.)

Old Timey Bike ShoppeOld Timey Bike Shoppe-$4,500, 4hr Build.  Earns $30, 20xp/4hrs.  Build to find Barnaby. (Remember, if you place Phineas and Barnaby’s buildings BEFORE the event ends… you can still have 5 days to try for them til their timer runs down.)

Art of ChesthairArt of Chesthair- $20,000, 20hr Build.  Earns $40, 25xp/6hrs.

Penny ArcadePenny Arcade- $2,500.  16hr Build.  Earns $60, 40xp/12hrs.

Boxing GymQuahog Boxing Gym- 35 Clams, Earns $45, 30xp/8hrs.  Drops more Joggers in your Quahog.  (Earns 5 Male and 5 Female/8hrs)

BulgeBULGE- 25 Clams, Earns $60, 45xp/12hrs

Quahog DinerQuahog Diner- 75 Clams, Earns $45, 30xp/8hrs.  Always drops Eggs.

Jamie Mack's House of SteakJamie Mack’s House of Steaks- 50 Clams, Earns $45, 30xp/8hrs.  Always drops Steak.



A simple yet silly decoration was brought in with this event, so if you want to add it to your game make sure you get it before the Event goes.

Shoe-pa-cabraShoe-pa-cabra- $2,500


As long as you have Phineas and/or Barnaby unlocked,  the “Feel the Burn” and “Feed the Beast” quests will continue.  So you can keep going with them after the event.

Human Rupert’s will continue.

Steroid Stewie’s will not continue.


So there you have it. The items this lil “Exercise” Event brought us. Did you unlock Phineas and Barnaby yet? Did you get any of the extra buildings? If so, did you have any favorites and why? Let us know.


35 responses to “Last Chance Phineas, Barnaby, Stewie, & Rupert

  1. Did Phineas once have sound clips? I thought he did, but mine is totally silent now. Barnaby still has the old hup ho.


  2. I too had problems with the Penny Arcade, but instead of complaining here, I wrote tinyco, and now the patch is here. I’m so glad they listen to us players, because without us, there is no game. And without the Family Guy Addicts I would truly be lost sometimes. So thank you Tinyco and thank you Alissa and Bunny, you two are amazing!


  3. Yay for King Butt! However, 40 Ankhs is going to be tough since the only actions I can do for them are Chris enjoying private time, and lois freshening up… 😦 Going to be hard as hell, if not impossible, to get him!


  4. I have unlocked Phineas and Barnaby but I’m stuck on a quest where I need to build the Penny Arcade. I can’t build it because it’s not showing up in the store. So am I screwed with this quest because I didn’t build the penny arcade?


  5. So Barnaby needs Penny Arcade to finish quest and it is not there any more to obtain. Joggers we do not need are. In the brewery, under chumbawamba it says it needs a fear portal. And I got the pyramid with king Butt and cđicking on it says “not ready”. I have never seen anything so sloppy.


    • Penny Arcade was ONLY during the event. We tried to warn everyone to get the items while they were available.

      “Fear Portal”… It is something TinyCo needs an “outside” source to change and they are waiting on them to do so.

      Make sure you are clicking on the right Pyramid. If you have two, only one will have his info. (FYI…it is SUPPOSED to say “Not Ready” as… you are not ready to unlock King Butt until you collect all the items. 😉 )


    • The penny arcade just showed up for me. Hopefully it sticks around long enough that I’m able to build it once my dudes are finished cleaning district 9.


  6. I’m on “Feel the burn” part 5 and it requires building the Penny Arcade. I just checked in my inventory, and no Penny Arcade. What to do…what to do?


  7. Well wasn’t that a nice treat! While I’m extremely bummed George Takei wasn’t in the mystery box, I’m thankful for what was actually offered. Fun!


  8. I am a freemium player that loves this game and the addicts. I love that TinyCo allows freemium players access to premium content through diligent participation. I have never purchased premium event characters but I did get Jake, the horse, and Consuela (on the day of the dead sale). By visiting friends, Jesus turning water into clams, and various event bonuses I managed to be TWO clams shy of Rupert. Oh well, if he leaves again before I find those 2 clams I’ll get Buzz and save up for the next time Rupert comes around. Again, thanks to TinyCo for a great game and to the lovely addict ladies for all you do.


  9. King butt is back!!!


  10. Hmm my event should be over as its 2 hours past the deadline but it’s still spawning joggers for me. I have both Phineas and Barnaby and their event tasks are also done.


  11. i managed to unlock Phineas&Barnaby with just a little under 24-hours left on their timers. i’ve had them both for about 3 full days now and i completed both of their questlines earlier TODAY, just in time lol. i didn’t purchase Steroid Stewie or Human Rupert. but ohh well and i did get all the buildings that costed coins instead of the buildings that costed clams. soooo as a result, i’m very happy about this lil event, it wasn’t stressful at all and i didn’t have to rush anything! Thanks again TinyCo. yall NEVER let me down and a big thanks to Alissa&Bunny for ALWAYS keeping us updated every day! Lol i’m literally a daily reader. ❤ 🙂


  12. Hey, will the joggers disappear when the event is over? I’ve been leaving them run around since they’re no longer dropping items. Instead of clearing them, I wanted it to be like that movie “The Day After”. Hee hee!


  13. I think they’re going to bring Rupert back because he is in the “Premium Charcters” section on FaceSpace. That’s at least my guess. Keep up the good work guys!


  14. Got both of the guys, the decoration and all of the buildings. I did not get Stewie or Rupert.


  15. 120 hours for Stewie to round up 20 chumbawumbas is ridiculous.


    • That’s not really anything to do with the Event. It is part of District 10. It’s supposed to take time as it is a District. It’s the “filler” to rest, relax, and take your time in between Events.:)

      Liked by 1 person

  16. Just out of curiosity, is Bulge useful for anything? (On my phone and having trouble with searching the site, so apologies if you’ve done a “should I buy” and I can’t find it, lol)


  17. Love the animation on Phineas and Barnaby’s dual “Penny Farthing” task. Bought all the freemium stuff to make a little old-timey mini-district, plus the Boxing Gym to get more joggers (but the building itself is kinda blah). Would’ve preferred to get the Bulge building if it dropped something, but it’s cheap enough that I just might snag it anyway before time runs out.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. I wish they would add Stewie saying “I have the power”……….


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