Best of 2014 Clarifications & Glitches

Hey there Minions.

Bouncing on by with some help on issues we are seeing repeated in the comments, so I wanted to pass on the responses back from TinyCo to you.

Consuela Technical Support Bunny Glitch

A couple different things going on in the game, so let’s break them down.


Once you collect all the items needed for a Character, the NOT READY will switch out to READY and you will get the Character added into your game, each a different way…

King Butt Ready

When you unlock King Butt, the Pyramid will disappear and in turn you will get the Golden Adventure Peter Trophy. The Trophy will be placed into your Inventory.King Butt and Gold Adventure Peter Trophy Inventory

In order to get King Butt into your game, you will need to place the Golden Trophy into your Quahog.  King Butt and Gold Adventure Peter Trophy

Once placed, a bouncing unlock will appear with him underneath, tap it and he is in your town live. The Statue will start to earn you $10 & 5XP every 2 hrs.


George Takei Ready

When you unlock George Takei, the Phone Booth with disappear and in turn you will get his Chair. The Chair will be placed into your Inventory.George Takei and His Chair in Inventory

In order to get Takei in your game, you will need to place his Chair into your Quahog. George Takei and His Chair

Once placed, a bouncing unlock will appear with him underneath, tap it and he is in your town live. His Chair will start to earn you $10 & 5XP every 2hrs.


Mr Weed Ready

When you unlock Mr. Weed, the Coffin will disappear and in turn you will get his Tombstone.  It will be placed into your Inventory.Mr Weed and Tombstone in Inventory

In order to get Mr. Weed into the game, you will need to place his Tombstone into your Quahog.Mr Weed and Tombstone

Once placed, a bouncing unlock will appear with him underneath, tap it and he is in your town live. The Tombstone will start to earn you $40 & 25 XP every 6 hrs.



Character Collection Fillion Cranston Takei

Character Collection Diane Francis Weed

Speaking of unlocking Characters/Costumes, many reported the Completion Clams were not adding to their totals. We reported this right away. TinyCo is still looking into it. At first, it seemed just a delay and a simple Force Close of the app fixed it. But as others, including myself, experienced… the Clams didn’t add on certain Sets.  They are currently looking into it and we will update you with any of their findings as I personally am also impacted by this.

My suggestion in the meantime is to alert them via your game if you experienced this.



Ghost Sonic Screwdriver Teddy Bear Machete

Players still reporting the drops just are not what they seem to be. TinyCo has responded that they are testing and functioning as they should be, but will look into it again per requests. We will update on any findings on this one.


Hopefully this will help to clarify some of the things going on for this Best of 2014 Event. No reports of any extensions as of this date. No reports of anything else coming as of this date.


As always, if basic troubleshooting steps are not helping out, reach out to TinyCo for further help. Let us know if these answers helped you out.





33 responses to “Best of 2014 Clarifications & Glitches

  1. Do you think we will see any update around the spontaneous abortion issues? Really frustrating as I love the game, but it is seriously putting me off of it. New Galaxy Tab S, 64Mem Card, game on said card, etc. I’ve reached out to support but I keep getting the, “yes, we know” response. Anything new to try from the addicts front? I’ve gone from a regular paid player to pure freemium out of frustration…. Thanks in advance!


  2. i didn’t get the clams for completing the Halloween costumes set, I only needed Pink Brian from that event. I unlocked all the other costumes and when Pink Brian came about I was just starting to unlock Brian so didn’t get to collect candy back then. now I’ve won Pink Brian in the 3rd Mystery Box and was wondering what was going on and I have sent them in a ticket just to see if its a glitch OR if they actually meant not to get the clams from completing the Halloween Costumes set.


  3. The screwdriver drop is alnost impossible to reach….i speed up the tasks for my characters to see if it would help drop a few more screwdrivers but after 130 clams spent…..none of them dropped anything….more annoyed with that then the lost clams….hopefully tinyco will warrant a day or 2 more for this mini event


  4. I’m now just one screw driver away from king butt. I’m no where near mr weed. The drops are ridiculously rare. Really feel let down. I have around 3 more chances at getting it. Really hope I get it. Would be amazing to get an extra week


  5. Exactly this!!!
    I was hoping I get those both rewards but got nothing instead…
    and we are talking about 150 clams 😦
    Hopes when they fix it we still can receive these 50 and 100 clam rewards.


  6. Didn’t get the Tortured Souls clams when I unlocked Mr Weed. Reported it. Had the clams this morning. Happy Barry! ^_^

    Now if only the characters would move out of my New Characters and show as the group. My OCD is hating that right now… Lol


  7. Those machetes. Ugh. It wouldn’t have been too bad if it was more than just Meg and Seamus, but even with checking the game pretty much all the time from when I wake up, I still need 6 more to drop by 5pm in my time zone tomorrow, so probably not going to happen. I did finally get that last freakin’ ghost for King Butt a little bit ago, so win some/lose some, I guess.


  8. I actuually pulled out my laptop(instead of my phone) to share this with you guys. I must like you. 🙂

    TinyCo’s (specificaly: alina at 12:21 PM PST today and yesterday at 10:40 AM PST) “end” response to my question from Saturday about EARNED (NOT bought!) Sets not completing in Facespace and clams not awarding:

    I’m willing to bet the coding for awarding the clams for these sets was tied to their specific events. Now with those events not running, they have to write more code to make it work now. Silly programmers and their non-adaptive coding. 🙂

    My one kinda question is to Steve below… Did you get JUST get the clams for your sets, or is your Facespace now updated too? I would think if it’s not, when they do fix this you’ll get double clams. Cool deal. Wish I got your support person instead of first getting a copy-paste from the in game TS and THEN getting a clearly form response again when I pointed this out. Grrr!

    Some personalization would go a long way with them and me… I REALLY want to move on with District 9 and Vinnie and am waiting for this to “settle” before doing so.


  9. I didn’t get the clams for completing a set. Good to hear I’m not the only one and that they are aware of the issue.


  10. At first I thought ” awesome I get a second chance at getting characters I wasn’t able to get.” But now I’m pissed off cause they’ve made this mini event impossible. The items aren’t dropping enough for me to get any of the characters. Only if they’d extended this event. Urg I’m sooooo frustrated.


  11. The main issue with drops is getting the chumbawumba flute instead of ghosts. Making it near impossible or at least a lot of clams to get enough ghosts in time.


  12. For clarification 3 pm PST is pacific time correct? I’m in central time so i would have til 5pm?


  13. Had the issue with not getting clams for the collections, sent a message in game this morning. Just checked, they gave the the 150 clams and apologized for the inconvenience. Granted, it shouldn’t have happened in the first place, but same day response and fix is impressive for a free game with so many users.


  14. zombiepanda2007

    I’m repeating this like a broken record, but it would of been nice if they brought back Sexy Stewie, the party pyramid, and a few of the spot lights.


  15. I just got my final ghost Mr Weed. When I got him there was a 50 clam “clamtastic” for completing all ghosts but I didn’t get any clams at all… I saw you said others are reporting it… But felt the need to complain about me not getting it 😄😢


  16. So Cranston is in the Comic Con Celebrities? I’m only missing one.


  17. The knife drop on meg and sheamus is very low. I have the other two items easily. But meg on a 4 hr and sheamus on a 6, I only have 4 knives now. There is no way to get this item in time, there simply is not enough hours left. Even using clams, I am only getting a knife every 4-5 character completions.


  18. I was really looking forward to this event!!!!! Now I’m really disappointed!!!! How is it that Tinyco puts three difficult characters in with epic drops to complete in a weeks time and then go and put the same items over the different characters to collect!!!! Are they trying to make this impossible?? I have been playing my game around the clock for the last week and it looks like I won’t get a single character in this event!!!!! I am short a few items for every character!!!!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Same here! it’s really annoying when they do this. And what’s the point of having all these characters (especially the premium ones) when only a handful will be used to get items For tasks or to unlock new characters. :/


    • I manged to unlock King Butt and George Takei without using ANY clams! I’ve had Mr.Weed since Halloween event, George Takei I literally just got a few hours ago and King Butt I had him for 2 days now maybe at the least?!.. The EPIC drops weren’t really “epic” in my opinion simply because everytime I put Peter and Quagmire to nap, a solar screwdriver dropped EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I didn’t have a hard time at all with unlocking these 2 characters which I’ve wanted forever now..I missed out on BOTH the 1st time around because I wasn’t playing then. I started playing right before the ending of Comic Con ❤ 🙂


      • Ankhs did not drop for me. Everything else worked out. I unlocked Mr. Weed and Takei and I’ve got everything for King Butt except ankhs. 5 hours until the event ends and I only have 23/40 (Chris, Lois, Francis, and Nathan Fillion working around the clock.) Not gonna happen


    • Joining you in the pissed off-ness. I’ve had my characters doing every task possible as soon as their timer runs out and I’ve not got time to get ANY of them at all unlocked.


  19. Hopefully they can iron out the clam issue as well as they have the unlock issue.
    I let it go on my secondary account, so I’m focusing on Pawtucket Pat and his items. So close, now, I can smell the beer that never goes flat.
    I think my daughter is beating a dead horse, though. Silly girl overextended herself by purchasing Takei, Mr. Weed and King Butt. She was one of the lucky ones who was gifted a Dianne Simmons, so she might get King Butt if she pushes it.


  20. Someone please help me! How do I get Jillian’s apartment??


    • That depends… do you have the Rite of Passage? If so, drop the balls after completing the Collection and it will go to Inventory. If you did not get the Rite of Passage, then you will need to go to your menu when the task to build it arrives and buy the Apartement.


  21. It’s too bad that they won’t let you keep the pyramid and the phone booth.

    Liked by 1 person

    • My daughter has both the pyramid and the phone booth from a previous try in her Quahog. Having two, for her, would be redundant.
      I know at the end of the Kingdom of the Full Moon, the pyramid was a pleasant surprise. But it doesn’t generate coin. If you were to wish for something to carry over from that Event? The SWEET party Pyramid!! That is Da Bomb!!


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