Tasks That Drop Stuff “Best Of 2014” Edition

Hey there Clammers!

So you wanna know what Characters you have are helping you out in this game with the reintroduction of Characters from the past? Who drops what? What goes where?

kingbutt-animation-actionModal-001@4x georgetakei-animation-actionModal-001@4xMr Weed

So you have up to 3 returning Characters in the game to collect items for, but with the changes you are unsure WHO drops WHAT and need some guidance. Well, we are here to help as usual. 😉

Here is a list … as of this post… of WHO is dropping WHAT materials for the Collections.

AnkhANKH (Uncommon) : Needed for King Butt & George Takei

 kingbutt-animation-actionModal-001@4x georgetakei-animation-actionModal-001@4x

Character Task Time
Bikini Rollerblading Peter Spinning Top 4 hrs
Adventure Peter Grow Rugged Beard 8 hrs
80’s Pop Star Cleveland Prep For the Club 6 hrs
Nathan Fillion Make Moms Horny 4 hrs
Slutty Cat Meg Go to Halloween Dance 6 hrs
Lois Freshen Up 6 hrs
Francis Play Angel Harp 4 hrs
Diane Exercise at the Gym 6 hrs
Dia de los Muertos Consuela Do a Dirty Dance 4 hrs
Chris Enjoy Private Time 6 hrs
Bryan Cranston Throw a Pizza 4 hrs


Sonic ScrewdriverSONIC SCREWDRIVER (Epic): Needed King Butt & Mr. Weed

kingbutt-animation-actionModal-001@4x Mr Weed


Character Task Time
Peter w/Quagmire Have Nap Time 6 hrs
Captain Hammered Fly Under The Influence 4 hrs
Red Hot Lois Swim in Geek Trash 6 hrs
Blobulous Chris Break Scale 12 hrs
Bryan Cranston Throw a Pizza 4 hrs
Stripper Bonnie Teaserama 4 hrs
Ron Perlman Practice Fighting Large Monsters 4 hrs
Iron Baby Stewie Test Armor Systems 4 hrs
Mutant Stewie Show Rupert New Tentacles 6 hrs
Patrick Stewart Be a Thespian 4 hrs
Dr. Hartman Prepare for an Exam 6 hrs


GhostGHOSTS (Extra Rare): Needed for King Butt


Character Task Time
Bryan Cranston Throw a Pizza 4 hrs
Bonnie Twerk It 4 hrs
Jerome Grow His Fro 4 hrs


Captains ChairCAPTAIN’S CHAIR (Rare): Needed for George Takei


Character Task Time
Mort Swallow Jewels 4 hrs
Nathan Fillion Make Moms Horny 4 hrs
Herbert Buy Candy For Kids 4 hrs


Teddy BearTEDDY BEAR (Extra Rare): Needed for George Takei & Mr. Weed 

georgetakei-animation-actionModal-001@4xMr Weed

Character Task Time
Nathan Fillion Make Moms Horny 4 hrs
Pee Pants Peter Wet Himself 4 hrs
Brian Brag about his Writing 5 hrs
Pink Brian Pretty in Pink 4 hrs
Vampire Duck Stewie Wear Costume to School 6 hrs
Stan Lee Practice Peter Parkour 4 hrs
Multiplier Quagmire Have Threesome with Self 12 hrs
Tricia Report On-Scene 4 hrs
Rollocop Joe Engage Battle Mode 6 hrs
Felicia Day Play Freeze Tag 8 hrs
Sexy Witch Connie Go to Halloween Dance 6 hrs


MacheteMACHETE (Uncommon): Needed for Mr. Weed

Mr Weed

Character Task Time
Meg Shave Facial Stubble 4 hrs
Seamus Visit Siblings 6 hrs


There you go.  A list of All the Current Characters/Costumes and the Materials they drop along with WHO those Materials are for. What do you think of the drops so far? Have you unlocked any Character yet? Let us know.



85 responses to “Tasks That Drop Stuff “Best Of 2014” Edition

  1. With this update I now completed the ghost collection (Mr. Weed, Diane Simmons, and Francis Griffin). Upon unlocking all three ghosts, it said the collection was worth 50 clams. It has now been a few hours, and no clams. Does this update not honor the previous collection? Why am I not receiving clams?


  2. I refuse to be beaten so I’ve bought a pack of 50 clams and going to fast toward tasks. I need 7 ankhs & 3 machetes😩 to get takei & Mr weed. I’ve got King Butt. Wish they had mini missions though-I’m slightly disappointed.


  3. Captain Stabbing

    I’m sorry, but **** you TinyCo. I’ve been playing every 4-6 hours for days and still don’t have enough ghosts to unlock King Butt. Enough with the incredibly short amounts of time to unlock characters. Games are supposed to be fun, not borderline impossible. Some of us do need to sleep 6-8 hours a night and have a life outside of the game. Quit making me waste my time if you’re not going to make the drops realistic. What is there to gain by making things “extra rare” or “epic”? All it does is drive people crazy. Make it challenging not impossible and people will get more consistent enjoyment out of your game.


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