UPDATE: As many of you can now see in your towns, an extra Patches popped up in your game. What does all this mean? Well, in similar fashion to Carl during American Dad Event… you may be offered the opportunity to get Free Clams for watching videos. 

Just like Carl as well, these will be random and not all the time. So if you see “Sorry, there are no videos available at this time.” It is just what it says. Nothing to watch right now, so try again later.Free Clams Patches Video

The details of how long this will be around for are not available just yet and with tomorrow a Holiday, we won’t get clarification until Tuesday most likely. So enjoy the videos when you get the chance to watch them and enjoy another option offered for FREE CLAMS in the game. 


Hey there Clammers!

TinyCo has decided to add another fun element and mixture into our games. ANIMALS!!! For those of you that enjoy those NPC/ Moving Decoration style items (like Demented Elf, Snowman, and Mall Santas), you are going to love this one. This lil addition will run in our games until Tuesday, January 20th… 3PM PST -ish.

An Animal of Epic Proportions

As usual, more details coming. Hope you are ready for some FLAMING CHICKENS!!! BAAAAAHGOCK!!

You will need to be in at LEAST District 3 in order to see this content in your Quahog.

Peter will have a ! over his head to start it off, though Bruce is the one doing the talking at first. Lol.

Bruce: Oh hey, y’all. It’s time for the Quahog’s Most Amazing Pet Contest!



Once you go through the short dialog, you will be taken to the Menu and see the following NEW Animals for Clams…

Flaming ChickenFlaming Chicken: 10 Clams, runs wild around town, you can multiples of these.

Sheldon the TurtleSheldon the Turtle: 40 Clams, will be mobile around town… but prob not as fast as a Flaming Chicken. Lol. Only one available.

Jesse Herbert's DogJesse: 150 Clams, Herbert’s pet Dog, will drag himself around town. Only one available.

ALL 3 Animals will follow your sidewalks and roads, so look for them there as soon as you purchase them.



There will also be mini questlines with each of the Animals. More coming on that in later posts.


If you buy one of each of the 3 Animals, you will get a bonus Animal…

Free Patches pop up

Patches the T-RexPatches the T-Rex

He will be placed into your Menu where you found the other Animals once you get all 3 and will show “Free” underneath him. So it is just a matter of tapping on him and placing him into your town. He also will roam the roads and streets.

Free Patches


EXTRA Patches the T-Rex.

Patches the T-RexPatches: 200 Clams. Once you place your FREE one in town, additional Patches show up in your menu for the cost of 200 Clams, so be careful you don’t get extra when you already got one for free.

Patches 200 Clams


Some fun new Animals to run around our towns. A giant T-Rex to … eat those Animals? Lol. What do you think of them? Did you get any Flaming Chickens yet? Thoughts on this? Let us know below



  1. Hi! Is there any way to store those characters? I don’t the T-Rex walking around my town anymore 😦


  2. They should release a patch to get rid on non dropping patches 🙂


  3. Do you know why some people have had videos available and others havent? Is it because there only is only a very small window of opportunity to watch them?


  4. Carolyn Hancock

    Patches pops up for video. It saids sorry no video with a picture for 1 clam but no clams are awarded. Am i suppose to receive clams? This has happened a few times now.


  5. Has anyone been able to watch the patches videos for clams???


  6. I’ve had patches show up several times already, but no clams or videos yet. Anyone else getting the same result on an android device?


  7. I was wondering if anyone knows about the watch a video and get free clams thing. When I load up the game since the animals update, I see the t-rex and a text box saying to watch a video for free clams but once I tap it, it goes away and says no videos at this time.


  8. Patches showed up in my town offering me clams for watching videos, is this a glitch?


  9. Okay so I’ve been reading some posts on the animals but I haven’t seen anything regarding an odd glitch I just encountered. I started my game and the T-Rex was just standing in my town (note that I have not purchased all 3 animals and so he was not expected). I clicked on him and I get a message saying “Sorry, there are no videos available at this time” kinda like when you can get clams during the American Dad event by watching videos.

    Anyone else?


  10. How do you have the wizard nerd/geek? I remember them roaming around during an event but never able to keep one?? When was this? Thanks


  11. This may help people decide whether or not to get the animals… I thought it was weird that patches was just standing there waving at me..and waving.. so I clicked on him and lo and behold..looks like ol patches is the new video player for clams!!
    Very cool, and slick,,although i must add it also said no videos available! lol..sigh


  12. I think it’s funny that the Christmas event netted us so many clams like from raising cheer level and completing some of the quests not to mention the Rupert cookie box. I still have most of my clams from Christmas. While I may buy the flaming chicken, I plan on saving my Clams for the Tom Tucker box. Its the route I decided to take and I am fine with it.

    It may suck for those that have all but completed their towns up to this point and the free clam stream may have slowed, but they still offered us many free clams up to this point. I can’t get mad at them for creating an outlet for us to spend them. Not everything can be freemium.

    Just my 2¢


  13. One thing that annoys me now with seeing all these NPC animals roaming around is Rollo Hamster in his ball is a stationary deco. With TinyCo saying they plan things in advance, why wasn’t he like the animals in this event? We should all demand TinyCo to fix him.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Wait a second.

    A flaming chicken? And a T-rex?


    *spends all the clams*


  15. One quick question for everyone if JESSE was a actual playable character what would y’all expect him to do like what task would y’all give him I would think he would have no more than 2 outdoor tasks any was but what would they b Idk maybe a fetch task with Herbert that’s bout it Idk what else


    • I wouldn’t care what indoor tasks they gave him so long as one of them was a one hour task so I could quickly level him up. As for outdoor tasks, I’d say both would need to be interactive with another character. One would definitely be “go for a walk with Herbert”, and the other maybe “play fetch with Chris” or “play with [insert other dog here]”.


    • Oh, also, I’d love to see a task for Sheldon and Stewie battling to the death.


  16. So many complaints on the cost here… No one is forcing anyone to buy these items they are random decos. They literally just released a new district with like nine freemium items to one premium. I see it always weighing towards the freemium side.


  17. I know pennies are scarce after the holidays but I think I’m going to have to drop a few clams here as I really want that dinosaur walking my streets.

    With regards the premium vs freemium, well I’ve bought a few clams, won a good number and also then enjoyed spending clams on quite a few premium characters. When I think of the cost of buying them I tend to think what I’m getting out of the game in comparison to other games, ways to spend my money etc. I’ve been playing the game since it came out, so 9/10 months now and I’ve maybe spent £30 in clams over that period. When I break it down that’s about £3 a month for a game I play quite a few times a day, every day, it’s not so much when I think about it that way. After all I pay more for a magazine I read in under an hour, and I’ve spend £40-50 on console games I complete in a matter of days/ weeks. Whereas here I am still playing this game 9/10 months later and most importantly still having fun.

    I think TinyCo are trying to please both sets of players, whether that’s possible I don’t know but I for one don’t regret any of my spend and always felt it was my choice whether to spend or not. So now when I pick up a magazine or a Starbucks during an event I think how many clams would that get me instead. Decisions Decisions.

    And as usual thanks to Alissa & Bunny for their ongoing devotion to us, I mean the game.


  18. D****, alissa and bunny, you guys are on a roll today. Just wondering if there will be any kind of clam deal during this mini event, if so I may splurge to get jesse. I did get the chicken and trutle, I see the chicken running around all the time, but cant find the trutle. Where does it hang out? I’m going to see a zeppelin cover band tonight at the palace in Waterbury ct. Where are you guys stationed at?


    • Turtle is smaller… (see my image in this post of my town with all of them running… if you look REALLY close you will see him in his lil green shell wandering too.)

      As far as a sale… they DID just have one. A great one. I stocked up. I’m on the West Coast right now. Will be traveling East soon.


  19. I know everyone is up in arms that more premium content was released…greedy greedy blah blah, but I see it from a different perspective.

    I think Tinyco is missing out on MAJOR money by pricing everything so high. Of course I don’t know their sales for each premium item, but based on my sales experience alone, it seems like they’re pricing themselves out of much bigger profits. Is it better if 5 million people buy a premium character for $0.99 or 300,000 pay $9.99?

    Personally I would have no problem at all throwing a buck at the game from time to time, but it’s more like I’m almost offended when they give me a chance to buy a $19.99 package to get a single premium character than I am unable to spend it.

    Of course we have the choice to buy or not to buy but I just think they’re missing out on a big opportunity. For example, they could release a limited time premium character that is popular from the show (Death? Ernie the Giant Chicken? The Evil Monkey?) and at the same time offer a limited time clam package for $0.99 (limit one per person) for the exact same amount of clams. Compare the sales that weekend to the actual profits of their most popular limited time premium character. Obviously I don’t have their P&L reports, but I really think the results would surprise them.

    Liked by 2 people

  20. Not sure where to put this but I noticed in my neighbors quahog he has dr. Heartmans house. When was bay released?


  21. What a joke this game and site this is. You won’t even show comments my earlier comments. what happened to free speech eh?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Really? You want to rethink that? BOTH of your comments were post and I even replied to one of them. Honestly…if you just use your eyes and LOOK you’ll see they were posted. You’ve got to remember we’re in the US several hours behind you, so over night there are a lot of comments that get built up that we have to go through. So even if you comment in the morning, sometimes it takes a little while to get to it. Honestly…you posted 2 hrs ago…that’s not bad. Considering there are some people who posted 10hrs ago and are still waiting for an answer. So maybe a little patience on your end is necessary? How about you just take a deep breath and get the ants out of your pants…

      OH and if this site and the game are a joke I STRONGLY suggest you stop playing the game and visiting this site immediately.

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  22. Some of these mini events just don’t appeal to me. I find they are a distraction from those other tasks to complete (in turn those are a distraction from RL things to complete … Like my income tax *sigh*) I’m not going to participate in this one, much as I’d like to have Jesse for Herbert.


  23. I love Jessie and couldn’t pass him up. I really wish there was a way ro fence him in by Herbert’s house though…


    • Put a single dot of road behind Herbert’s house and put a fence around it. NPCs are restricted to roads and can’t move beyond them.


  24. Question, if i nuke my town and my carechters are running tasks, will the tasks stop? Will the al harrington and and the blimp (in construction) lose progress? Thanks


  25. I just think the prices are ridiculous. And also I bought the turtle and can’t find it ANYWHERE. Hoping I didn’t just waste clams… I wish clams were easier to get without wasting my hard earned money on them. I’ll never spend real money on a game on my phone.. Just not happening. But I do love this game, I just wish you got more clams for how much time I spend playing this game… I miss out on a lot of cool things because of how much things cost with clams…


  26. Well. I got everyone. How many T-Rex’s can we have? I have the free one and only want that one and am just curious about how many you can have on that. I am thinking of buying the other 2 chickens though.


  27. This has to be the worst event. Not only are the animals just decorations, they all have a ridiculous cost. Like really?!?! You couldnt have at least one free item who sit and play the game for hours and earn coins? Im really getting tired of this. I might have been able to get over it if the animals costed less. Jesse is 150. I MIGHT have bought that for 150 clams if he was playable. But he is just a deco. And to get the t rex u have to spend 200 clams. Thats ridiculous.


    • Remember…it’s a premium event. From time to time these premium events hit. They’re just a weekend offer for premium items. (similar to what other games do from time to time) District 10 is still the main update going on right now & move of it is free…


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