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Mobster Week 4 Is Here!

UPDATE BUNNY 6/26: In regards to Fry drops… 

This is the response and results I am getting… if you have leftover Couriers from LAST week… they were not coded to know to drop Fries. So they won’t. Also, the Fry option will ONLY trigger when the Fry Obstacle is Triggered.

This is what I did as it impacted me too. I tapped on any Couriers I had in my town, if it had a Cookie Icon showing… I passed it. If it had a Fry icon showing, I tapped it and got a Fry every time.


Hello There Clammers!

Well…week 4 is upon is here, so hurry into your Tiny Quahogs and load it up! It’s time to upgrade the Fatfather’s Compound and see what’s in store for us this week….


As always we’ll be back with more details as soon as we go through them…

For now know that you should have completed Good to Be A Gangster Pt. 8 in order to upgrade the Mansion (At least that’s how it should work, if you haven’t completed it and can still upgrade please let us know..)

You will need to go to your mansion and upgrade before you see anything else appear…

Details below the fold…

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Mob Rep Prizes: Breaking Down the Security Octopus

Hello There Clammers!

How are my favorite mobsters doing today?  Everyone working on racking up as much Mob Rep as you can?  (amidst all the crashes..which hopefully will be ending VERY soon)  So as we’re in the full swing of the event, everyone should be earning Mob Rep at a decent rate.  So whatcha gonna do with all that Mob Rep you’re collecting?  Unlock really cool prizes of course!

While we’ve taken break in recent events from the prize chart, it’s nice to see TinyCo going back to it for the Mobster Event!  Of course it’ll take some work to unlock all of the prizes, but hey you have a month to do it!  So let’s take a look at the third “real” prize of the Mob Event…the Security Octopus …

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New Addicts Contest: Event Planner

Hello There Clammers!

Lately the tensions been a bit high around here and frustrations about TQFS are mounting.  I know the game can be a bit frustrating (and downright aggravating) at times, but it’s important to remember…It’s a game and games are supposed to be fun.  So with that in mind Bunny and I decided to bring back some fun around here…and nothing says fun more than giving away FREE STUFF!

With all the talk about this (and past) events, and with so many varying opinions we thought it would be fun to see how YOU would create an event for TQFS!  And that’s what this contest is all about…well that and free stuff!

FG Addicts

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