Where The Hell…? Olivia Fuller

In this lil game of ours, it is easy to get lost and so focused into collecting items or unlocking characters that we tend to forget the lil things that make the game what it is. Like Where the HELL did these items come from and why are they in our games?

Well I am here to do just that for you. Let’s take a look at the Family Guy Series and find out just Where The HELL Did That Come From?

Olivia 3

In this post, I will be covering the Origin of that lil girl Olivia Fuller, the Quahog School of Performing Arts, Olivia’s Home, and even Olivia’s Playhouse. Why is she in our game? Didn’t she die? Where did she show up in the Family Guy Series? What is with the School and Playhouse? Let’s take a look at the TV Episodes to find out.

Season 3, Episode 18: From Method to Madness
Brian and Lois are at Quahog School of Performing Arts seeing some “Amateur” actor. Brian feels he can do a lot better and Lois challenges him to prove it. Quahog School of Performing Arts

He later is at the school with Stewie for auditions. Brian fails to impress the judges and Stewie, wanting him out of the house more often, runs up to tell the judges off. It ends up Stewie impresses them with his performance, and he is offered a place in the Rising Star Program.

Later we see Stewie in the class. The Director attempts to pair him with one of the veteran actresses, Olivia, but she refuses to allow him to drag her talent down. The two just will not get along.Olivia 1

While Stewie was outside the classroom getting a drink, he overhears his Teacher discussing with another one that if Stewie and Olivia don’t pull it together the both of them are going to fail. Both will end up being kicked out of the School. So Stewie decides to make peace with Olivia long enough so they can pass. The two end up putting on a Song & Dance routine titled “You Do!” They pass with an A+.

The two are such a hit, their Teacher decides to travel around so they can show off their talent. Olivia is really happy and excited how well they’re doing… that is until Stewie starts to critique her. The two continue to bicker over n over all throughout their lil tour. It finally comes to a full on drag down, knock out match as the curtains open to show the two throwing punches at one another. The audience is in shock. Olivia is done with it all and quits. Stewie attempts to go out on his own, but fails miserably. He gets so desperate to be in the spotlight again, he even creates a Ventriloquist Dummy Olivia. Vantriloquist Olivia

Stewie starts to completely crack and lose it. As he is rambling away to his stuffed animals, Olivia stops by in her fur coat. He figures she is there to get the team back together. Instead, she is there to tell him she is off to Hollywood. Stewie ends up in a padded room in the Asylum… that is until Brian brings a tuning fork and Stewie finally realizes it was HIM that was flat not Olivia when they sang. So… back home to “Normal” life he goes.


Season 5, Episode 7: Chick Cancer
Stewie and Brian are sitting on the Griffin couch watching the news. Tom starts to go into a story about Olivia’s career. Her rise to fame from “Tasty Juice” but it seems she is in a quick decline just as fast as the Company is dropping her as spokesperson. But she may still have a chance, she will be at the Quahog Mall opening up the new Brat Wraps store. Stewie immediately concocts a plan to go there and heckle her. Stewie & Olive Brat Wraps

It doesn’t quite go as planned when Stewie sees her and realizes he is quite attracted to her. He “accidentally” bumps into her in the store and makes small talk. He tries to invite her over, but Olivia blows him off. He is just not her type. She wants more mature men now. Stewie, not one to give up so easily, borrows some of Brian’s fur to make himself appear more mature. Brian pulls him aside and explains if he REALLY wants to learn how to get a girl, just observe Quagmire. They walk outside to see Quagmire insulting his latest date and her reacting by going back inside. He is shocked to see that women like it when you treat them like crap. Stewie sees this as way to get Olivia back.

The next morning he heads over to Olivia’s house as the “bad boy” and begins to insult her the moment she opens the front door. This literally drives her to tears, which Stewie uses to make his move and tell her when he will be by to pick her up for a date. She accepts. Olivia's House

The two go to the park and have fun eating ice cream and people watching. They really seem to be getting along quite well. The day turns into night and the two are still together. Sitting and enjoying the sunset and stars beginning to appear into the night.

It is not long after the two start to bicker like a married old couple. They go to a birthday party for a kid named Quinn. Stewie is not happy about it. Everyone there is HER friends. They run into Olivia’s friend Victor that she did a Flintstone’s Vitamin Commercial with. Stewie’s jealousy really starts to show. So the two start a fight over Victor. She quickly reminds Stewie that she can talk to whomever she wants as there is no ring on her finger. Cut immediately to Stuffed Rupert marrying the two of them.Stewie & Olivia Married

The two then later are seen in their “home” that happens to be a cardboard box. Olivia “cooking” on the stove as Stewie comes in. She asks him how his day went. The two start fighting again over what they keep having for dinner and that their relationship is loveless.

Olivia's PlayhouseOlivia's Playhouse & Stewie

They later arrive at a restaurant to join Brian and Julian for dinner, still both in a sour mood. Their fight continues to escalate from insults to more and more anger. To the point that Stewie is making a scene and taunting others in the restaurant to fight him. The two just don’t seem to be the right fit for each other. After talking it over with Brian (“It’s not your fault, Man”) Stewie decides he has to work it out. He heads to their Cardboard Box Home to talk to Olivia. He is shocked to find her there with Victor instead. Playing with Silly Putty he just bought her…this weekend.Olivia & Victor

Olivia tries to explain that it’s not what it looks like. Stewie doesn’t care. He wants to know if that is the Silly Putty… he bought her… this weekend. Stewie now knows she wanted it to end so he grabs Rupert and leaves… but not before setting the place on fire from outside. Stewie Burning Olivia's Playhouse

….AND the episode ends. We never see the place burn all the way down, if anyone came by to put it out, if Olivia and Victor got out, or if anyone perished. Oh the speculations. LOL. 😉

And there you have it. What did you think of the episodes? Were you wanting Olivia in the game? Are you to the point of collecting for her yet? Did you think she died in the fire? Can YOU tell me who voiced Victor and why his voice is so familiar? Come on, I KNOW it’s driving you mad trying to figure it out. Lol. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Til Next Time


24 responses to “Where The Hell…? Olivia Fuller

  1. Found a bug in the game about Olivia I have used all the time travel I can because the blimp is gone and did not give me the last 2 items needed to unlock her


  2. Sorry Admins I’m looking for a quiet place to post….. trying to change avatar picture not sure what I’m doing also my eyes need a break


    • No worries…when in doubt feel free to use our Q&A or an Open Thread. They’re pretty much anything goes. 😉

      What did you need some help with?


  3. Impressionist Jeff Bergman nailed it. Gotta check out his other impressions…


  4. Any reason why my game loses connection all the time and Consuela comes up Since the update? Is this common or just me?


  5. I do like the original movie “M*A*S*H*” Have the silver anniversary edition in my antique DVD collection. They actually sing the lyrics to “Suicide Is Painless” in it ( which, by the by, Stewie sings to Brian on his first bar drunk). And I do love me some Donald Sutherland….


  6. EVERYONE LOOK AT THE DISCRETION OF THE LATEST UPDATE IT SAYS “it going to be out of this world”
    *passes out*


    • Could just be a reference to the time traveling that is heavily involved. Perennially I hope your right though.




        • I do hope they FINALLY are giving me my #1 request when I first found out they were creating the game. Blue Harvest, however…. “out of this world” could translate into many things. For instance Star Trek. Both have paid a big role in Family Guy. Both are “out of this world”. It also could be alluding to another “Movie” type Event similar to Ghostbusters. Something taking place out of this world. Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor, Star Gate… oh there are sooooooo many possibilities.


          • I would guess along the lines of Star Trek and starwars since Seth loves the shows

            Btw im ok now after an hour in the addicts insane asylum I have been though shock therepy with wookie to relive our starwars event panick attacks


  7. I would like more kids like Suisie Swanson Anna lee Bertram and maby even a whole event for quagmires many kids I have covered this in a dear tinyco already but for those who don’t look at that post I put it here for my own selfish unnecessary resons…errm…your welcome?…I think?


  8. It was either Alan Alda, or someone doing an Alan Alda impression. That was who I thought it was voicing Victor.


  9. Alan Alda. “Hawkeye”. “M*A*S*H ” lost me when it got all preachy and stuff.Meh…


  10. Seems Victor was voiced by Jeff Bergman (http://familyguy.wikia.com/wiki/Victor)


  11. ‘The two then later are scene in their “home”’, shouldn’t it be “seen” instead of “scene”?

    Great post about Olivia’s origin. It’s just sad that an abusive relationship is pictured in a funny and “natural” way. :/


    • Have you watched Family Guy? Lol.

      One step more…Flash back… look at old Disney & Looney Tunes cartoons. All about getting revenge on another. Whether by dynamite, tying them to railroad tracks, or dropping ACME anvils on their heads.

      Cartoons are a way for us to step out of reality and view things in a different light. It’s there because it gets attention. It’s not reality. We have to learn to view them as what they are. “Fantasy”. Just like this game. We bombed lil kid trick or Treaters for Halloween. I won’t even get started on the dialog. Lol

      Just think of it like a book. Just words on a page. When done you go back to reality and a “normal” life.

      Cartoons will never be “normal”. 😉


  12. I was on the same wavelength as many of the other post-ers, here. I was hoping they’d introduce Bertram before Olivia. Hopefully they explore that as another district OR Time Travel destination?
    However, I guess Olivia is all right, considering she comes with a wonderful questline that nurtures Stewie’s cultural needs. LOL
    I really look forward to the interactions he has with other intelligent children. It becomes apparent to Stewie that he isn’t always the brightest crayon in the box and that experience often humbles him for a bit. It brings about the reality that he is not an island unto himself and that he needs to ‘play well with others’ in order to achieve his ultimate goals.


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