Fine Arts District New Items: Prehistory & Ancient Rome & Renaissance

Hey there Clammers!

The Fine Arts District is bringing us some pretty interesting items to our game. Each lil Blimp Travel brings back with it a couple of cool new items. So I decided to take a closer look at these items.

Leaning Tower of Pisa Wool. i. am

For this Adventure, we will be looking at the final Blimp Travels in the Questline. A Page Out Of Prehistory (3 Parts), Virgil’s First Edition (3 Parts), & Ye Olde Blimp Trippe (4 Parts)

First off, in order to see each of the items listed below you will need to complete each Questline to the very end of it as the items are rewarded AFTER the Blimp returns and as the Questline progresses. A clue of when a Reward will hit is you will see s Present Icon over the Blimp in the top left corner of the Questline Pop Up telling you what Part you are on.Dance Hall Days Pt 4

Then when complete, you will see that reward in the form of a lil icon. Dance Hall Days Pt 4 Reward



Trieste the Triceritop 1Trieste the Triceratops (Decoration) Free: Unlocks at the completion of A Page Out Of Prehistory Part 3. Sits on a 3×3 base. Animated. Wiggles its head and tale while stationary. Once tapped, it lunges forward and makes a roar as if to attack, then back to wiggling its head and tale.

Buddy the CavemanBuddy the Caveman (Decoration) 75 Clams: Unlocks after the completion of A Page Out Of Prehistory Part 3. Sits on a 1×1 base. Animated. Picks his nose, looks at it in shock, and wipes it on his clothes while stationary. Once tapped, he eats a leg of meat, then back to nose pickin. I put him next to the Triceratops for now.

Wool. i. amWool. I. Am (Moving Decoration) 125 Clams: Unlocks after the completion of A Page Out Of Prehistory Part 3. This Animal wanders around your Quahog sidewalks like your Characters but is Not Playable. He is kinda large, but looks kinda cool wandering around with T-Rex if you have it.



AcrapolisAcrapolis (Building) Free: Unlocks after the completion of Virgil’s First Edition Part 3. Sits on a 5×6 base. Pays out $60 & 40XP every 12hrs. Actually blends in well with some of the items from Kingdom of Full Moon.

Agador FarticusAgador Farticus (Decoration) 75 Clams: Unlocks after the completion of Virgil’s First Edition Part 3. Sits on a 1×1 base. Stands ready to pull his sword while stationary. Once tapped, he raises his sword, then harnesses it again and waits.

Leaning Tower of PisaLeaning Tower of Pisa (Building) 60 Clams: Unlocks after the completion of Virgil’s First Edition Part 3. Sits on a 5×5 base.  Pays out at $45 & 30XP every 8hrs. I still am messing round where to put this one as it is quite tall.



GuillotineGuillotine aka Da Choppa (Decoration) Free: Unlocks for Purchase after Ye Olde Blimp Trippe Part 4. Sits on a 2×2 base. Currently not animated. Fits in well next to the Castle.

Da Vinci Flying MachineDa Vinci’s Flying Machine (Decoration) $12,000: Unlocks for Purchase after Ye Olde Blimp Trippe Part 4. Sits on a 2×2 base. Animated. The sails spin around like a top while stationary. It also gives appearance it is floating up n down. Once tapped, it looks like it moves slightly higher, slighty faster, and the gears move slightly more. A cool looking decoration. Placed it in the airport area. (Due to a glitch, some of you may have seen this in the first Old West trip. It should not have appeared then. It should only appear during Renaissance, so it will go away and not return til then.)


That does it for the Questlines. Some cool new items to add to the mix. Some for Free, others additions that YOU can decide if you want to get them or not.

What do you think of these new items? Any favorites? Wish any of them did more? Let us know.


37 responses to “Fine Arts District New Items: Prehistory & Ancient Rome & Renaissance

  1. My blimp has left and I dont have the dinosaur or the Acrapolis building I can’t find them anywhere but i have everything else….help!!! I just want to unlock oliva!


    • Hi there, the missing Blimp is an ongoing issue, you need to send TinyCo an in game support request explaining you’re blimp has disappeared. They’ll help you with this issue.


  2. I’m wondering what’s going on with my game…I have no blimp, and I have Ye Olde Blimp Trippe part 4 ready to go…I click to finish the quest, as I’m pretty sure I had the 13 plutonium, but I have no blimp to travel in, making the quest (and therefore the entire district) unfinishable. Neither the flying machine nor the guillotine are available for purchase in the shop.


    • There is a current known issue with the blimp. Contact TinyCo in your game to let them know you’re having the same problem and hopefully they’ll fix it soon.


      • Yeah, I sent a message to support about the issue, and they told me they’d fix it with the next update. That was before the end of the Peter’s Pirate Booty event.


  3. Im having issues with the blimp as well. I’m on part 4 but it won’t pop up for the renaissance. I have 1.27.2 on android, and contacted tinyco… no response. This is my only quest in District 9.


    • They’re aware that a small amount of specific devices did NOT fix with the patch in 1.27.1/1.27.2 so they are still working on it. Hang in there. 😉


  4. I am stuck on “ye olde blimp trippe pt 4”. The blimp is gone and this is the only quest left except the current super hero’s stuff… What am I missing!?


  5. I got the glitch with the flying machine and purchased it at that time. I also told my roommate about the cool item I had, but he didn’t have. Today when I went looking for it, to show him where it was, I found that sandy pyramid. I am just starting the prehistoric part. Is the pyramid another glitch?


  6. Can anyone explain why the Leaning Tower of Pisa is no longer available in the shop? I have completed my 4th blimp trip and got the acrapolis etc but no tower!! I really wanted this but have lost faith with TC at the mo!
    Anyone else in the same boat?
    Tried hard resets etc but nothing appears, gutted!


  7. Hi there! It says in your post above that Agador Farticus, The Acrapolis & The Leaning Tower of Pisa are all available after completing Virgil’s First Edition part three. However, I now have completely unlocked Olivia, have The Acrapolis placed & Agador available for purchase in the shop, but no sign whatsoever of the Leaning Tower either in the shop or my inventory (I have looked thoroughly) Is this a typo in your post or a glitch?
    I’ve notified TinyCo in game, but haven’t had a response yet.


    • Did you look all through your shopping cart menus? Some of these jump to the area of decos or buildings and not the featured one. They may have moved it to the last trip. Either way, you should see it by the end.


  8. I like these, but my dinosaur looks a little strange all by himself with no similarly themed decorations. I don’t want to buy the ones for clams here, so I’m not sure what to put with him. I’ve been playing collecting things since the beginning of the American Dad event, but I haven’t seen anything since then that will go well with him.


    • I’d say in a zoo area maybe or outside a museum like it escaped Night at the Museum style. The animals that would match it are Clam buys. You can also possibly use the jail watch tower and some fencing to make it an enclosure Jurassic Park Style.


  9. i just passed my first blimp quest, and got the saloon. then I noticed my store had a red exclamation point. so I looked, and it showed me the dance cowboy and Da eVinc’s Flying Machine. Not realizing, I bought the cowboy first and placed him. When I came back for the second item ( didnt know what it was called at the time) it was gone. Talk about a huge bummer…. 😒


  10. Watching American Dad reruns and realized that that is where the wooly mammoth came from due to time traveling!


  11. Stewie (to Bertram): What’s your favorite type of bottled water? Mine’s Arrowhead! *shoots Bertram in the head with an arrow

    My favorite Family Guy line ever. 😀

    Also a WDTCF for the flying machine 🙂


  12. tail…


  13. I unlocked the cowboy when I traveled to the west. I saw they had the cowboy and the old time blimp but after I went back for the blimp it wasn’t there. Did I only get the choice of one new item? Why does the blimp show up and then disappear from the shop.


  14. Is it just me or does the Mammoth look like using the Tower of Pisa the way a dog uses a fire hydrant with hind leg positioned like that? 🙂


  15. I think when the day comes that they finally run out of characters they will wish that they hadn’t made Buddy and others like him..decos…that don’t speak…


  16. I’m sorry but, STAN HAS A TWIN BROTHER!!!!!
    I’m done with life! Gravity Falls OP!


  17. Airport area? When was that from?


  18. Much better looks like Tiny is back on track after rehashing the old stuff, (which is already stored in inventory from last time,) for the Egypt part, I did state was not impressed with Tiny doing this. This is much better, looking forward to this, credit where credit us due, and thank you, now have a good reason to complete the Egypt part.


  19. clearly will be making purchase of the Tower of Pisa, need that in my little Italy section


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