Cherub Stewie Box

Hey there Lovebirds!

MORE new things were just added to our games with the Romancing the Clam Event. One of those things is another “Mystery Box”. This time we have lil Stewie as a Cherub. What did this lil “Angel” bring us?

Cherub Stewie Statue

Now I am sure you are all wondering just exactly WHAT is inside Cherub Stewie’s Box of goodies. Well, let’s take a look at what YOU might get for the cost of 50 Clams a try.

(You can find info for Cupid Brian’s Box HERE)

You will find the Mystery Box in your Featured Menu for the Event. Cherub Stewie Main Menu

There is also the usual shortcut to it in your game Event Area. Just tap on the Cherub Stewie Statue with floating hearts and it will take you to the Box as well.Cherub Stewie


Either way, it is just a simple tap to open up the pop up for the Cherub Stewie Box.Cherub Stewie Box


The ONLY items in this Box that repeat are the Clams and Valentine’s. The rest will disappear once won. You can see the Prizes YOU have left in the Box the same usual way… tap on the Green “PRIZES” button with the magnifying glass and it will take you to the breakdown.

Blossom's Blossoms Blossom’s Blossoms (Building): Sits on a 5×6 Base. Pays out 9 Homemade Valentine’s every 4 hours. Looks similar to other office buildings in town.

Lady of Ill Repute 1Lady of Ill Repute (Decoration): Sits on a 2×2 Base. Animated. When tapped she steps on the stool and takes of her… glove. Lol. Then drops it and picks it back up.

Horse CarriageCarriage Ride (Mobile Decoration): This one is similar to Meg’s Car and Peter’s Tank, once placed in your town it will roam and drive all over the roads. I like this one the most out of this Box.

Clams75 Clams

Clams100 Clams

Homemade Valentine's Cards200 Homemade Valentine’s

Homemade Valentine's Cards400 Homemade Valentine’s


Now my personal luck on this Box is as follows:

Blossom’s Blossoms

Lady of Ill Repute

Carriage Ride

At this point I had won EVERYTHING in the box, items first. I can continue to try my luck on Cherub Stewie’s Box now for more Valentine’s and Clams if I want, but for now I am happy with my results. Each players success and winnings will vary from mine, so the choice is YOURS if you want to risk your precious Clams for the items inside.

What do YOU think of the Cherub Stewie BoxBox? Have you tried you luck at it yet? What success did YOU have? Like your Prizes? Worth it to you? Let us know.




18 responses to “Cherub Stewie Box

  1. I dont get the perfume lady’s in my towи. ωнєи ∂σ тнєу ¢σмє?


  2. I got the lady, then the carriage and finally the building which I wanted 🙂 I stored the carriage along with the perv mobile and Peters truck because I don’t really like them, I think they look out of place on the road somehow XD


  3. I had great luck with this box, unlike Brian’s. The carriage is indeed awesome, but I keep debating popping it into storage for a bit since I only have a small stretch of road. Makes getting those love hearts from the PDA couples so much easier!


  4. Hi, please take a look At my question in ‘help me’ área. Tks


  5. It’s been slow on the forums! Guess there’s not much to talk about when everything is going smoothly in the game lol. I’m stuck on both my funny valentine pt 9 and quatum quagmire pt 1.. I feel like I’m going to be here for several more days. Have only received 2 hair straighteners.. everything else for Glenda is done. Anyone else having a slow time at getting glenda? Are people ahead or behind me In the game? Havnt heard any freemium players post updates in several days!


  6. Is there any point in spraying the perfume sprayers at this point? They just come back & are taking up Ida, Glenda, Arnold’s time. Sorry to be off topic, but what are the perfume sprayers for? I have no Quest line with them. Thanks.


  7. I won the lady of lil repute. Happy with that.


  8. Quick question;
    If you clear all of the perfume squaters in your town, will more spawn? Or is that it? Thanks


  9. I ended up getting all the prizes right away as well. No cards or clams (or Asian girls to add to my basement collection). Giggity!


  10. 😄i really want the carriage! i think it’s beautiful. i think the whole valentine event area is beautiful… i hope they have some of those decorations for sale after the event. i even like the brick paths. i am going for the cupid statue after i win kool aid man’s gf 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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