Valentine’s 101: Date Material Drops

Hey there Minions!

Confused what results the two Characters paired up give you? Well we are here to help break it down. Keep reading for a complete list Breakdown of all the Materials you can earn to help you unlock Characters.

Glenda Vajmire Cheryl Tiegs

Here are the following results from the Dates Material Drops. Keep in mind, you can still get additional items like Decorations and Clams too depending on what Dates you already completed.

Detailed Date List for Romantic Thoroughfare HERE

Detailed Date List for Morning Arousal Coffee HERE

Detailed Date List for Casaroja Movie Theater Coming Soon. 

In order to see all the combinations, make sure your Characters are not on another task or their icon will NOT show up as an option for a Date. 



1st Character 2nd Character Material
Francis Lois Industrial FansFan
Carter Peter ViolinViolin
Connie Meg Pepper SprayPepper Spray
Mort Consuela Hair StraightenerHair Straightener
Lois Jesus Hair StraightenerHair Straightener



1st Character 2nd Character Material
Alien Predator Industrial FansFan
Felicia Day Nathan Fillion Industrial FansFan
Handsome Peter Jerome Industrial FansFan
Jerome Chris Industrial FansFan
Diane Tom Tucker ViolinViolin
Lois Chris ViolinViolin
Tom Tucker Tricia ViolinViolin
Glenda Lois SwimsuitsSwimsuits
Roger Bruce SwimsuitsSwimsuits
Brian Handsome Peter SwimsuitsSwimsuits
Handsome Peter Cleveland SwimsuitsSwimsuits
Bonnie Jerome SwimsuitsSwimsuits
Freddy Jason Driver’s LicenseDriver's License
Jasper Vinny Driver’s LicenseDriver's License
Francine Stan Driver’s LicenseDriver's License
Bruce Jasper Pepper SprayPepper Spray
Steve Herbert Pepper SprayPepper Spray



1st Character 2nd Character Material
Stewie Bitch Stewie Industrial FansFan
Stewie Rupert ViolinViolin
Quagmire Brian Driver’s LicenseDriver's License

As you can see, having the Romantic Thoroughfare helps out a lot in getting those extra Materials for your Characters you may need.

Did this help you out? Have you already unlocked the Characters? If not, how close are you to done? Let us know.



27 responses to “Valentine’s 101: Date Material Drops

  1. Ok, so I’ve been collecting hate hearts for bonnie’s gift (before I knew about the cupid statue) but my game hasn’t advanced. In the “romancing the clam” menu, where it shows all the characters and gift options, it shows bonnie and meg as the last two with their gift options but when I click on the giant cups heart, it still shows the padlock for it. What’s wrong with my game?


  2. Hingle McCringleberry

    For some reason, and this is never happened before for me, every character who could drop something for Cheryl dropped that item every single time (except once). I had her unlocked in 22 hours without using clams. Its was a pleasant change.


  3. Hi guys. Quick question. Do you know if you are still able to send people on dates even after you collect the last prize (hot meg)? Thanks!


  4. Anyone know what u get for stewie and rupert? Or bonnie and joe? Or what the other combos are?


  5. Stewie and Brian- popcorn ball pit and 5 hearts. Gives valentines.


  6. Quick question for Bunny and Alissa … Do you two ever sleep? Thanks again for all the hard work!


  7. Just so you know, it looks like the Morning Arousal dates are now dropping different heart counts than before. I just sent Peter and Lois on a date and got 7 hearts (instead of 5) in phase 3.


  8. Not sure if yall noticed but if u send carter and barbara u now get 7 love hearts…also pda couples are 2 different colors now…there are coupes that have darker clothes on thy give love hearts n the others still give hate but no more love


  9. Is there going to be updated lists for the coffe shop and thoroughfare since the amount of hearts the dates drop has changed?


  10. The sexy sign I just got from Cheryl Tiegs and Brian or glen…. I can’t remember what one it was but they both drop red hearts


  11. If you change the order of the characters do you get the same result?


  12. I have unlocked all the characters


  13. 666XdarkkingX666

    This will be very useful when it’s updated to unlock Cupid.. Seeing as I’ve unlocked the skin and 2 characters so far I this event


  14. Bonnie & Jo 7 love + Lovers Quarrel Ferris Wheel


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