Hey there all you Love Birds!

Well, it’s that time of year again where the commercials playing on TV guilt every person in the world to spend LOTS and LOTS of money on the one day they actually remember to do something nice for their Love.

That’s how it goes, right? Lol. 😉

Addicts Valentine 1

First off, you know we love our readers and love our lil blog community. So much so we want to see you all in person. AHHHHH!!! So a quick reminder to check out the post from this morning on the fun and exciting Addicts Meet & Greet coming up in March. We can’t wait to see you all and give out MORE goodies. (It is what we do. Lol.)

Homemade Valentine's Cards

Speaking if giving things away… I myself kind of giggle at this Holiday as I prefer those in love to surprise each other ALL throughout the year, not just because a Holiday told them to do it (no money necessary). I also get that life does get busy and we all need a little reminding to do something nice for that person that means so much in our lives.

Mainly, when I think of Valentine’s Day I think of Elementary School and handing out silly lil cards to all my classmates along with a handful of candy. Dropping them in those “Valentine’s Mailboxes” that were made out of shoe boxes or Cereal Boxes and LOTS of Elmer’s Glue. (Though I think most of it went in the kids mouths. Lol.)

Due to this lil memory, I thought it would be fun to make some Valentine’s Cards from the Addicts. This include our New Valentine’s Images (that you may or may not have noticed in the new Banners). You can print them off and give them to one another, or print them off and put them in your home as a lil bit of Love from Us to You. 🙂Alissa Valentine 2

Alissa Valentine

Bunny Valentine 2

Bunny Valentine

Wookiee Valentine 4 Wookiee Valentine

So there you are, some fun cards from the Addicts for your Valentine’s Day Festivities. Lol.

Valentine's Topiary Red Valentine's Topiary Pink

Now let’s go just a bit further. To make this a little MORE fun, I also thought it would be interesting to share some Valentine’s thoughts in the comments below. To get you started, here are a few suggestions…

What is your favorite Valentine’s Memory & Why?

What is your favorite Valentine’s Card?

What is your favorite Flower?

What is your favorite Candy?

Tell someone you Love them?

Feel free to flood the comments below, you know we LOVE to hear from you!


Bunny with locket





  1. Hi i didn’t get the second work bench nothing comes over it so what do I have to do to start it


  2. Probably my favorite was my first one with my wife. I pulled out all the stops and really surprised her. We had only been dating for 2 months and it was the tipping point of our relationship.

    We had our second best this year. We went to a wine tasting dinner at a local vineyard and it was awesome!

    Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s and a great weekend!


  3. My niece thinks Dan Williams is the cutest guy ever… And she doesn’t even go to his high school. But I am sure the other 1,000+ girls at his high school think he is great too.

    What a cool idea to send all girls at his high school anonymous valentines…


  4. My town is brewing up a little Valentine airwave if you will. Hope you all likehttps://carousel.dropbox.com/photos/cc/IiLvpCJryMTnuNi


  5. My favorite Valentine’s day memory was this year actually because it was my first time having a girlfriend this time of year and we went to the arcade and won a Pikachu and I cooked her dinner and watched a movie. Just time together was super nice!

    My favorite flower is a Sunflower and my favorite candy is gummi bears! And I love all the staff and community here as well as my family =) ♡♡♡

    Are you a dementor, cuz you take my breath away!


  6. I got kool aid mans girlfriend and she walks around it is so epic!!!!


  7. My b/f and I have anti-valentines day and watch scary movies, then go to the store the next day to hit the on-sale aisle!


  8. ohh wait and also I meant to say this too in my comment lol you’re totally right Bunny, when I think of Valentines Day too , I always first think of back in grade school when we made boxes and had parties with alot of candy and ALOT of heart-shaped cookies cakes whatever you name lol. I swear EVERY year I had to make a box covered with aluminum foil haha it was such a “thing” to do with your box and I always cut out hearts in construction paper and what not…kinda wish I would have kept a box or 2 I made. 🙂


  9. My v-day consists of wonderful hand made cards from my son and husband who writes awesome love poems and then the next day we go to the store and raid the 75% off v-day candy at the store. Why buy a $12 box of chocolates when you can get it the next day for 5 right?


  10. *Happy Valentine’s Day to you 3 also!! 🙂
    My favorite memory is gonna have to be last years’ Valentine’s Day. I was just starting to date my boyfriend and on that day he was working and during his lunch he went and bought me a gift. When he got home later that day, I was at my moms and he surprised me with one of those 24-karat gold-dipped red roses! It’s probably gonna be my favorite gift for the rest of my life because I’ve never had a true love like I have now! We’ve been together for a year and 2 months because the Dec.14th is when we got together. ❤ ❤ ❤ Hope everybody else had a decent day today!… Actually in the middle of a horrible snow storm and there's about 5 inches of snow outside so really ruined plans to go anywhere.


  11. I have a question has anyone got kool-aid mans girlfriend yet is she just a deco. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY BUNNY .


  12. My fiancé knows me so well, he bought me a book for Valentine’s Day! No flowers, no chocolate, no silly little card. We also won tickets to Wizard World Comic Con so that was pretty awesome too!


  13. I never really had a v-day that stood out to me. My husband is really thoughtful throughout the year. My favorite candy has to be Gertrude Hawkes choco covered pretzels


  14. Bunny, Alissa and Wookiee, will you be my Valentine(s)? 😛

    Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂


  15. Do we get that guy that we can see on the Facebook page of Family Guy ?


  16. Lol awesome post. Your sketches are so beautiful. I have just written a post on Valentine day..but showing sexodus taking away its attractiveness


  17. My first true Valentine was from my husband when we were just dating, I was working, and on that day I remember he just came in the store with a plush stuffed Dalmatian puppy with a heart in its nose. That was the best time ever! 😍Now that we’ve been married for many years it isn’t the same 😪


    • Hey, same here. But, the bright side to it is that I have a wonderful man who loves and supports our child and I every day of the year, even though those first years of romance, flowers, and dates are gone, I wouldn’t trade the life long family we have for those flowers. Hope you feel the same today 🙂


  18. My favorite Valentines day memory is from two yearsago. I had quit my job to go back to school and I was dating a girl that I met in class. I didn’t really have the money but I made plans for the day candy, flowers, perfume, dinner. Then she broke up with me on the 13th, I thought break-off day was for guys and I thought it was a joke. So I canceled reservations, canceled the flowers, took the perfume back, so no money spent.☺ The only thing I couldn’t return was the candy, so I opened it and ate it. I know how sad is that, a single guy on Valentines day eating chocolates out of a heart shaped box by himself. The only thing is, there were these espresso truffles in there. Basically chocolate covered espresso with a coffee bean on top, they were AMAZING. They are my favorite candy now and I buy myself some whenever I go by the candy shop.


  19. I don’t really have a favorite valentines day memory most cuz I have spent every single one alone and I never even got and in elementary school and way enjoy your days girls , you girls are awesome and I love u


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