Valentine’s Day Phase 2 Is Here!

Update Alissa 10am EST: A LOT of you are commenting that you can’t get Cheryl, the bench doesn’t have a build option.  The answer is…it will.  Just keep moving through the questline, when the questline prompts you to build it you will be able to.  Until then…don’t worry your game isn’t broken.  Just collect to unlock Glenda and have fun 🙂

Also, a number of questions about when phase 2 will start.  Remember, you must complete ALL of The Beautiful People questline in order for it to start (it’s 10 parts).  Once you complete that the next phase will start.  (and nope, you don’t have to have Ida for it to start)

UPDATE BUNNY 135AM EST: Received following info from.TinyCo in regards to Lois going on date issue…

There is currently a bug where if a player has nerd squatters and can clear them with Mid Life Crisis Lois, we had to disable the date action to prevent a different very bad bug where players cannot get Lois out of the coffee shop.

To help alleviate this issue, we’ve changed the quest to read “Have someone join Peter on a Coffee Date” as any date with Handsome Peter should completes the quest, not specifically Lois.

So now you can send anyone to clear the task until issue is resolved. 

UPDATE BUNNY 1245AM EST: Reports from TinyCo of crashing from iOS users linked to Facebook. They are looking into it, so hang tight.

Seeing an increase in reports of unable to send Lois on the Date with Peter. Try a few things first…

1: Make sure Lois is free (Characters will NOT show up for the Date option while in a task).
2: Make sure you are scrolled to Lois and not one of her other Costumes
3: Try to trigger it from the task pop up in the Menu list
4: Try to send her from the Coffee shop, if possible

If all methods tried and still no luck, Contact TinyCo from your game. We reported it already too and will update if hear anything back.


Hello There Clammers!

Week 2 of Valentine’s Day is now live!  And it’s finally time for a Love Connection in Quahog!

Romancing the Clam

As always more details as we go through them…BUT I just wanted to give a little disclaimer to Clammers on Android devices.  There was a Google Play Store update earlier today.  So make sure you’ve downloaded the newest version from the Play Store so you’ll get the latest update.

Back with more as we go through it…

IMPORTANT: Cheryl is timed.  Just like Ida.  You’ll have 5 days to unlock once you repair her bench.  So don’t touch the bench until you’re ready.

First thing you’ll see is we have more levels!  Finally you can increase your Level status!

Now let’s get to the new stuff…


L'Espece D'AndouilleL’Esoece D Andouille- 350 Valentines, 4hr Build.  Earns 6 Valentines, 20xp/6hrs.  Also drops Drivers Licnese

Caring CaricaturesCaring Caricatures- 200 Valentines, 4hr Build.  Earns 6 Valentines, 20xp/6hrs.

Peter's Wifes CookiesPeter’s Wife’s Cookies- 1,000 Valentines, 8hrs.  Earns 10 Valentines, 30xp/8hrs


Valentine Madeline's BoutiqueMadeline’s Valentine’s Boutique- 100 Clams.  8  Valentines, 25xp/6hrs.  Always drops items needed for Cheryl

Valentine Quagmire'sQuagmire’s Valentine’s House- 75 Clams.  Earns 8 Valentines, 25xp/6hrs.  Always drops items needed for Glenda


Sappy TreeSappy Tree- 75 Valentines

Royal Roses WalkwayRoyal Roses Walkway- 25 Valentines

Cherub Stewie Box

This one will cost you 50 Clams.  Here’s what you can win…

Blossom's BlossomsBlossom’s Blossoms

Lady of Ill Repute 1Lady of Ill Repute

Horse CarriageCarriage Ride 

Clams75 Clams

Clams100 Clams

Homemade Valentine's Cards200 Valentines

Homemade Valentine's Cards400 Valentines

New Characters/Costumes

Glenda Vajmire

Glenda Vajmire

Collect STUFF to unlock Glenda (a skin for Quagmire).  Here’s what you’ll need:

Homemade Valentine's1,000 Valentines

Driver's License25 Driver’s License (Common)- Earned By: Make Peter Nibble on Cookies OR Make Quagmire Giggity Strut OR Get From L’Espece D’Andouille OR Get From Quagmire’s Valentine’s House

Pepper Spray15 Pepper Spray (Uncommon)- Earned By: Make Joe Raid Personal Weapons Stash OR Make Bruce Fret About Something OR Make Arnold Sign Autographs OR Get from Quagmire’s Valentine’s House

Hair Straightener5 Hair Straightener (Rare)- Earned By: Make Lois Shoplift OR Make Mort Scrounge for Coins OR Make Arnold Perform Gubernatorial Duties OR Get from Quagmire’s Valentine’s House

Cheryl Tiegs

Cheryl Tiegs

You’ll “find” Cheryl once you repair her park bench.  It’ll cost you 50 Valentines and take 4hrs to repair.  You will only have 5 days to unlock or she’ll leave your game forever.  So don’t repair the park bench until you’re ready.  Here’s the stuff you’ll need for Cheryl:

Fan15 Industrial Fans (uncommon)- Get from: Clearing Perfume Sprayer OR Make Jerome Hug Patrons OR Get from Caring Caricatures OR Get from Madeleine’s Valentine’s Boutique

Violin10 Violin (Rare)- Get From: Clearing Perfume Sprayer OR Make Lois Teach Piano OR Make Seamus Sing Shanties OR Get from Madeleine’s Valentine’s Boutique

Swimsuits6 70’s Swimsuit (Rare)- Get From: Clearing Perfume Sprayer OR Make Chris Enjoy Private Time OR Make Bonnie Abuse Jacuzzi Jets OR Get From Madeleine’s Valentine’s Boutique

Peter's Wifes CookiesBuild Peter’s Wife’s Cookies

The Love Connection..Character Dates

You can now send characters on dates!  This will also require you to repair the Morning Arousal Coffee (in the Event Area).

2015-02-13 02.25.20

From here you can pick and choose characters to send on 4hr dates!  Depending on how the date goes you can either heart Love Hearts, Hate Hearts, Clams or prizes!

We’ll have a full breakdown on just how-to send characters on dates, but basically you pick and choose from the available list and they’ll go on a date for 4hrs.

2015-02-13 03.26.47

Once completed you’ll see just how they did.  If it was a successful date you could win a prize!

2015-02-13 02.30.28

Just what kind of prizes? Here’s a look:

Fire Hazard BedFire Hazard Bed

Brewhaha Carnival Ride

Ultimate Couple’s Bathroom

Romantic Thoroughfare

This is basically the premium version of the Morning Arousal Coffee.  Repairing the walk for 200 Clams will open up new dates for you to send characters on, new prizes & shorter times!

Here’s what you can win by sending the characters on the right date combinations…

Goosey Gondola 

Lovely Greenhouse

Lovey Dovey Arches

Lady Moonshine

Affection Meter

A new set of prizes is out…this time it’s for Lois & will require 200 hearts!

2015-02-13 02.23.19

From what I can tell they both look like decorations.  However, we’ll have a full breakdown for you on them soon..


Perfume Sprayers

The Perfume Sprayers have arrived in town as the new squatters for the event.  They’ll walk around your town and the only way to clear them is through a character interaction.

Here’s who can clear them: Ida, Glenda & Arnold.

Each time you clear them it takes 2hrs and you can earn an item for Cheryl, Valentines or Clams!

Walkthrough Next Steps

For those that like to get ahead here’s a quick rundown of who to keep free when.  (we’ll have a full walkthough up soon)

My Funny Valentine
-Part 1 Repair Shop, 100 Valentines
-Part 2 Peter & Lois
-Part 3 Lois, Build L’Espece D’Andouille
-Part 4 Handsome Peter, Build Caricature Stand
-Part 5 Red Topiary, Mort
-Part 6 Chris
-Part 7 Chris, Herbert Date
-Part 8 Mort
-Part 9 Peter
-Part 10 Glenda
-Part 11 Lois, Build Peter’s Wife’s Cookies
-Part 12 Bonnie, Handsome Peter

You’ve got to complete this questline to be able to start next week’s quests when they launch.  

Quantum Quagmire
-Part 1 Create Glenda
-Part 2 Glenda
-Part 3 Glenda, Joe
-Part 4 Glenda
-Part 5 Glenda, Bonnie, Lois

My Cup of Tiegs
-Part 1 Repair Bench
-Part 2 Unlock Cheryl
-Part 3 Cheryl, Quagmire
-Part 4 Cheryl, Lois
-Part 5 Lois, Cheryl
-Part 6 Quagmire, Cheryl

What’s next?

Here’s a sneak peak at what’s to come next week with the third and final phase..

2015-02-13 02.49.58

Whew and those are the details for week 2!

What do you think of the week 2 additions?  Thoughts on the character dates?  How about the new characters added?  Which prize will you be going for with Lois?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!




456 responses to “Valentine’s Day Phase 2 Is Here!

  1. For those of us that can’t select Lois is there a way to get the prizes that involve her?


  2. I was able to repair Cheryls’ bench, but somehow I don’t see the industrial fans, violins etc when giving characters an assignment!

    Jerome, Bonnie, Lois, Chris etc don’t have any options, neither do clearing the perfume sprayers.

    Does anyone else have the same problem?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Pretty sure Meg and Chris gave love hearts for when the hint is practice kissing with someone you trust lol


  4. Rogue that you Made Me

    When does my cup of teigs start? After quantum quagmire?

    Am I too late?


  5. I’m not sure if this has been answered yet, but how long do the perfume sprayers stay in town? I’ve tried to restart them with the three characters and I got a popup saying that they have all gone back to the mall. So I just wonder how long till or if they will even come back?


  6. Hi!! I’ve not had any perfume sprayers yet. I’ve completed the beautiful people and got Glenda but no sprayers. What part if the questline triggers this?


  7. Is there something wrong with my game??? I was never given Cheryl Twig’s bench to unlock. So now I can’t go any further with beautiful people. I’m using the ZTE from boost mobile with Android 4.4.

    What the heck. Please help!


    • Ok…well first Beautiful people has nothing to do with Cheryl, she’s from Phase 2 Beautiful People is Phase 1.

      The bench for Cheryl won’t unlock until you get to My Funny Valentine Part 10. Once you get there you can build it. However, you don’t need Cheryl to progress in the main questlines.


  8. Why can’t Lois go on a date with peter ?


  9. Has anyone been able to start phase 3? I have completed all quests, but still no phase three.


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