Quahog Valentine’s Day Walkthroughs: Ida Davis in My Fair Lady

Hello There Clammers!

Valentine’s Day has arrived in Quahog & the residents of our Tiny Quahogs are really getting into the spirit of the holiday!

During phase 1 of the event you’ll find Ida Davis and bring her back to Quahog!  Working your way through Ida’s questline will help you earn additional Valentines to unlock more content from the store.

So what are we waiting for?  Let’s take a closer look at Ida Davis and the questline you’ll encounter once unlocked…

Ida Davis 1


Remember: Ida is timed.  Once you “find her” you’ll only have 5 days to unlock or she’ll leave your game forever.  

My Fair Lady Pt. 1
Peter starts

Repair the Park Bench- 50 Valentines, 8hr repair.  Once you clear this repair you will start Ida’s timer.  You’ll have 5 days to unlock or Ida will leave your game forever.

Completed Task Earns 25 Homemade Valentine's

My Fair Lady Pt. 2
Quagmire starts

Fulfill Ida’s Needs- Collect STUFF to unlock Ida.  Here’s what you’ll need:

Handbag12 Handbags (Uncommon)- Get from: Make Jerome Play Darts OR Make Herbert Be a Peeping Tom

Military Ribbon12 Military Ribbons (Common)- Get from: Make Bruce Fret About Something OR Make Jake Tucker Eat Upside Down Kids Meal OR Get From Beach Body Gym OR Make Peter Put on a Gun Show

Hormone Pills10 Hormone Pills (Rare)- Get from: Make Lois Teach Piano OR Make Mort Swallow Jewels

Tunnel of Self-LoveBuild the Tunnel of Self Love- 800 Valentines, 8hr Build

Completed Task Earns 25 Homemade Valentine's

My Fair Lady Pt. 3
Ida starts

Have Ida Go Go Dance- 6hrs, Earns 25 Homemade Valentine's, 45xp

Completed Task Earns 25 Homemade Valentine's

My Fair Lady Pt. 4
Ida starts

Have Ida Buy Valentine’s Gifts- 12hrs, Earns 40 Homemade Valentine's, 65xp

Completed Task Earns 25 Homemade Valentine's

My Fair Lady Pt. 5
Qagmire starts

Have Ida Bask in Happiness- 8hrs, Earns 30 Homemade Valentine's, 50xp
Have Quagmire Nervously Break Down- 12hrs, Earns 40 Homemade Valentine's, 65xp

Completed Task Earns 1 Clam

What do you think of the Valentine’s Day questlines? How are you doing on unlocking Ida?  Thoughts on the dialogue?  How about the Valentine earning tasks?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


127 responses to “Quahog Valentine’s Day Walkthroughs: Ida Davis in My Fair Lady

  1. I didn’t get ida the first time and now I have a mission to clear perfume sprayers but I need ida Davis to clear them I have the other characters needed to clear the perfume sprayers but I do not know how to get ida Davis back.


  2. I’ve been trying to do the Ida stuff before I repair her bench but I don’t see the items. What am I missing?


  3. TinyCo also added to what you have listed above:
    Handbags – Get from: Valentines Founding Father, Mayor West Launch Cats

    Military Ribbons Get from: Valentines Founding Father, Arnold perform Gubernatorial Duties

    Hormone Pills- Get from: Valentines Founding Father, Arnold Get a Checkup, Valentines Founding Father


  4. I just noticed, TinyCo added Have Mayor West Shoot Cats to drop handbags, in addition to having Brian Brag about his stories.
    I started all the needed Ida characters on task before clicking Ida’s checkmark, and it worked to get a head start on collecting.


  5. To be honest, I stopped playing in the middle of the Christmas update, just got bored with the game, and while it seems I’ve missed quite a bit, loving the Valentine’s update so far.

    Also, I did come back to the game briefly for the New Year update, but all I did was buy and place Jillians egg booth and the Rite of Passage Tower, had no idea I could still unlock her. Working on her as well as Ida right now.


  6. I hate how they amend the rules after I have already finished, this is the second character I have missed out n because it was too hard They fix the problem but the players that find the problem first and complain don’t get any reward,we get punished by losing out on characters or having to spend clams.


  7. I love this game but I hate the design all I need was 1 more hand bag and the timer ran out they offered me ida for 10 clams but I didn’t have enough do to the fact that I refuse to pay for clams.


  8. Hi Clammers!

    I judt unlocked Ida today but I relaozed she doesnt have a facespace profile.

    Is this normal?


  9. There is a new task for Brian to earn handbags! “Brag about his writing” for 6 hours!


  10. Hingle McCringleberry

    Had the same problem with handbags. Herbert dropped a bottle nearly every time. No problem with ribbons or pills. I play 3-4 times a day and I’ve never had a problem unlocking a 5-day character in usually 3 days max. In the end, had to drop 7 clams on Ida, with 5 hours left on the timer and two handbags to go. With Jesus and daily visit clams, this was no problem, but I play enough that this has never been an issue.

    On a good note, glad the raised the level cap. I jumped from 50 to 54 all of a sudden today. Now those little XP drops aren’t just in the way.


    • Lol, I jumped straigh to 60 right away.

      Player XP and level have never had any impact on the game. Level
      increase just means Ollie gets to yell at you again, haha.

      Funny how you mention Jesus in the same sentence as daily clam drops.
      Stingy bastard has dropped exactly one clam for me since Xmas. 😉


  11. Looks like TinyCo is listening! Brian now has a task for purses too.


  12. We are “addicts”. If you play diligently and put your life on hold (lol) I always got every character they offered In the alloted time frame. Set alarms and make it happen!! It’s totally possible. Ty for an amazing site with a wealth of info for all us addicts . I refuse to pay clams for characters. Freemium or die!! Lol.


  13. I scored Ida days ago without paying for a single item. Now I’m on his/her last quest and have nothing left to do! When will the 2nd part of the Valentine’s fun begin? 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  14. I do like how the cost to unlock Ida was cheaper than the amalgam of purchasing the items individually. I think I was at 7-5-0 for items needed. Individual cost was 5 clams per so 60 clams. I think the unlock cost was 48 clams for me at that time. I still had a few days, so I thought I would just ride it until I had to drop clam for her. I was on last 2 items with not enough time to resend if I didn’t score them. I lucked out, but was looking at an 8 clam cost. (I assume 4 clams per item left)


  15. Add me to the chorus griping about Herbert and the handbags/beer bottles.

    This is the only freemium game I’ve ever spent money on and it’s only because of the way TinyCo has run this game honestly. They don’t (hadn’t) set up quests that are impossible to accomplish without spending money.

    The choice to make Herbert one of only two characters that can drop handbags, on the same task that has another item with a much higher drop rate, is either dishonesty or incompetence.


    • I think they followed their standard practice, use characters ALL players will have so ALL can participate. I do not think they realized the impact of District 10 on the drops. Keep messaging your concerns into them about it. We have and they are looking into it.


      • Well, I have to give them credit. They amended the setup just in the nick of time for me. I do feel for those who were a few steps ahead of me and had already missed out on Ida.


  16. Extremely poor planning on TinyCo’s part having characters tied-up with earning multiples Pawtucket Pat crap also dropping limited time items. Bad enough to force players to earn dozens of items they likely do not want, but keeping them from being able to earn a great character everyone would want is indefensible.


  17. Two characters/skins TinyCo didn’t think to use for Ida:

    Navy Quagmire – could have dropped Military Ribbons
    Hooker Peter- could have dropped Handbags

    Totally would have helped. 6hour tasks for items that you need 10-12 hours is a little hard to work with.


  18. After 4 days Herbert dropped 2 bags, the previous times all bottles or nothing. Jerome however, didn’t drop twice in a row. So, 18 hours left to get the last 2.


  19. Struggling for bags also but worst comes to worst il use clams I’ve got 80 ish


  20. The drop rate on the handbags for Ida is terrible… I hope that tc takes notice like they have on previous comments


  21. 6 hours away from Joe’s hate prize, just got Ida had to spend 10 clams to get the last 3 hand bags but I got him/her 🙂 hope the drop rates for phase 2 are a little better.


  22. Jennifer Skinner

    Oh and ps. I have every district up and running so herbert dropping beer was an option and I still kicked azz. Lol.


  23. Jennifer Skinner

    So idk whats up with Herbert and these handbags but I just unlocked ida with no issues whatsoever. I see alot of comments on herbert dropping beer instead but everytime I put him to work on that task he dropped a handbag. Since I was seeing the complaints but having no issues myself I thought tinyco fixed the problem others were having but people are still **** so ive decided that I am the god of everything family guy with a water to wine touch. Lol jk im just glad I got her seeing how “Quagmires Dad” is one of my favorite episodes. Of course the ending of it plays a big role lol you guys rule keep up the awesomeness!


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