Quahog Comic-Con Event

2014-07-25 21.22.14

Comic-Con has arrived and nerds have invaded the streets of Quahog!  Here’s where you can find all of the posts from the Addicts Team about the Event:

Comic Book Pages
Event Wrap Up
Ultimate Comic-Con Poll

Rundown For Each Week:
Week 1: Overview and Event Rundown
Comic Con is Live for Kindle and Android
First Weekend Event: Win a Free Rocket
Week 2: Mutant Stewie & Ron Perlman Rundown
Brian Boxes
Week 3: Giant Stewie, Felicia Day & Bryan Cranston
Rupert Boxes
Week 4: Minion Stewies & Stan Lee
Stewie Boxes
Bomber Training (Free clams and trophy)
Week 5: Demon Stewie, The Multiplier & Nathan Fillion
Trailer Party!
Robo-Cop: Super Joe!
Week 6: Iron Baby
Week 7: Mutant Stewie
Stripper Bonnie

Blam! Calendars:
Android & Kindle

Basics of Game Play:
Addicts Question Corner: Most Common Comic-Con Questions Answered
Addicts Question Corner Pt 2: Ron, Mutant Stewie, Zapper, Exclusive Items & More
Blam! Earning Tasks
Latcher Stewie and Zapper Gun Breakdown
Minion Stewie
Minion Tips
Demon Stewie
Iron Baby Questions
More Comic-Con Clarifications

Blam! Prizes: Breaking Down the First 5 Prizes
Blam! Prizes: Breaking Down the 6th Prize Red Hot Lois
Blam! Prizes: Breaking Down the 7th Prize the “Q”
Blam! Prizes: Breaking Down the 8th Prize The Robuttasaurus
Blam! Prizes: Breaking Down the 9th Prize Nothing Suspicious Here Factory
Blam! Prizes: Breaking Down the 10th and Final Prize George Takei

Comic-Con Walkthrough Pt. 1 (Up to repairing the Convention Center, My Little Furry & Tea. Earl Grey. Hot)
Comic-Con Walkthrough Pt. 2 (Creature from the GOO Lagoon & Perls of Wisdom)
Walkthrough: Patrick Stewart’s Taking on Quahog (Second update to Patrick Stewart’s Questline)
Comic-Con Walkthrough Pt. 3 (Enfant Terrible, Red Headed Rivalry & Blobulous)
Comic-Con Walkthrough Pt. 4 (Bombs Away & the Creator)
Comic-Con Walkthrough Pt. 5 (Demon Child & the Multiplier)
New Celebrity Quests
Stripper Bonnie
Bryan Cranston: Bonding Time

Fabulous Challenges:
Fabulous Challenge Part 1: Nailgunner
Claiming the Nailgunner
Gorge-ous Bike
Fabu-Bus and Fabu-Jet

Missing Ron Perlman
Unable to View Controller Glitch
iOS Glitch: Game Won’t Load
Ham, Tasks & Latcher Glitches
Assert Error Glitch
Free Clams for Glitch
Trending Glitches
Red Hot Lois Glitch

Character Overviews:
Patrick Stewart
Ron Perlman
Bryan Cranston
Felicia Day
Stan Lee
Nathan Fillion
Mutant Stewie
Superheros (Captain Hammered, Red Hot, Multiplier, Blobulous, Rollocop & Iron Baby)

Do I Want That?:
Blam! Trucks
Blam! Sommelier Station
Bryan Cranston
Nathan Fillion

Where the Hell?:
Captain Hammered and Red Hot
Latcher Stewie, Giant Stewie

Fun & Insight From the Addicts Team:
iOS Vs. Android…No More
Special Guest Post: Diary of a Non-Fan
Giant Stripper in the Room


21 responses to “Quahog Comic-Con Event

  1. I know that the event finishes today, but what time roughly GMT should it finish?
    I’m trying to get the last few items for stripper bonnie, I know I’m going to have to spend clams to get her but trying to minimise the cost as much as possible.


  2. 666XdarkkingX666

    So I’m havering issues with George taki… He leveled up a bit… But no posts on his face space… Also I have no item rewards from any tasks he has… Idk if he should but every other celebrity does… I’ve logged out and back in and uninstalled and reinstalled.. I have contact tinyco but if you guys could give me detailed info on George taki that would be awesome


  3. Im have a problem with the last update. Start to load game ,when game comes on it goes back to first page apps. R other people got same problems or just me. I only updated my tablet and not my phone. Phone still working but not everything because the update is bad??? Can any one help


  4. So I am loving this event but there are some thing that make me think evil thoughts lol. for instance I wish the drop rate of the nerds/geeks was more abundant like the mummies. I think I read somewhere on here that that was a glitch but it helped when gathering those shiny golden buttocks lol it would be nice if when u were collecting to unlock a character it didn’t take away however many blam! that’s needed and just worked off the overall collected like the big prizes do it took me like 3 days to gather 1,000 for bullock(that’s his character on American dad just incase some dont know that) 5000 for clay morrow(ron perlman,i love sons of anarchy lol)is gonna take forever lol. Oh and why is it that when I had no batteries octostewie was constantly taking over my town and now that I have batteries and have questlines that require so many zapped mutant infants hes nowhere to be found? Idk why im even complaining its not like im gonna stop playing lol


    • Lol. Just wanting to vent a lil?

      It would be cool if we had a rush of Nerds. You never know. Still LOTS of time left in this event. Plenty of fun to still be had. 😉


      • Hey if I cant vent to you then who would I vent to? Lol My mother told me my fondness and knowledge of all things Family Guy is abnormal lol to which I replied “Well I’d love to stay and chat but youre a total bitch.” Haha once again u can edit that if u have to but it is from family guy of course (Stewie says that to Olivia in the episode From method to madness) oh god I am such a NERD! lol


      • So do u loose the time in game while u can’t play the game what I mean is you have time limits in things and they disappear if u don’t complete that task. So what I’m saying is how much will be lost.


  5. I can’t upload pic of screen snatch but mine is showing I’m collecting butts.. Any ideas? I have an android and updated last night


    • It’s a known glitch at the moment. If you visit a friend that sill has the Full Moon Event and go back to your town it’ll show you’re collecting butts. It won’t impact your game play, just a texture glitch for the most part. However, if you visit another friend that has Comic Con it should the butts from your town. 🙂


  6. im an android player so I havent gotten the update yet but I was wondering if there were any decorations or other freemium things to go with this event. I have been farming the standard office(I have over 150) since the end of the last event and have no free space available. Should I free up some space for this event or just keep farming?


  7. I have a Verizon tablet..I have not been able to find the update. My friend has had it for several days.Do I have to wait till the 31st? Will those of us whom dont have it be able to play longer?


    • Android devices have to wait until the 31st for the update to hit their games…iOS should be able to play now. As far as an extension, I don’t think it will happen. But I know something special is in store for Android players from TinyCo’s hints..and I’m sure we won’t be disappointed 🙂


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