Stripper Bonnie Is In Our Games! (Complete)

UPDATE 8:15PM EST: We let TinyCo know the concerns of you as well as made suggestions of our own, this is there response…New tasks to help earn items. (Keep in mind these were JUST pushed, so you may not see them right away. Force closing the app may help trigger them faster.) 

Mort / Scrounge for Coins = microchip
Dr Hartman / Test Experimental Drugs = microchip
Herbert / Be a Peeping Tom = heavy tires
There you go, they do indeed listen and try to help their players as much as possible to still enjoy the game. 🙂 

So as usual, TinyCo dropped a lil surprise today into our games. Stripper Bonnie.

Stripper Bonnie

She apparently wants to be a superhero too. Lol. In order to unlock Bonnie, you need to have her available to tap the ! above her head and start the Hostess with the Mostess. You will just need to complete the multitude of tasks associated with her questline to unlock her. The Costume build and collection will not start until Part 7 of Hostess with the Mostess. (To be able to unlock Stripper Bonnie you will need to also have Red Hot Lois unlocked.)

Stripper Bonnie 1


In order to build her costume you will need the following.

Hoop Earrings15 Hoop Earrings (Common) : Consuela Scrub Skidmarks, Tricia Seek Mother’s Approval, Connie Stay Beautiful, Quagmire Drink at the Clam, and Bonnie Clip Coupons.

Fishnets10 Fishnets (Rare): Seamus Emerge from the Shadows, Goth Chris Enjoy Private Sulking Time, and Bathrobe Quagmire Check on Korean Women.

Stripper Heels10 Stripper Heels (Rare): S&M Lois Practice Whips on Joe’s Legs, Jerome Play Darts, and Joe Raid Personal Weapons Stash.

Wax5 Wax (Extra Rare): Hooker Peter Attract New Clients, Mid Life Crisis Lois Skank it Up, and Bruce Be a Good Listener.


Once she is completely unlocked and the skin is usable for tasks in your game, she is yours to keep. So make sure you do all this BEFORE the end of Comic Con as she is linked to the event and WILL go with it if she is not unlocked.

There is also a new Decoration:

Stripper Bonnie's PoleStripper Bonnie’s Pole. 25 Clams. 4×4. Bonnie will need this for her Champagne Room Task (Which is the eye candy for the guys that Nathan gave the gals. Lol. ) This will appear during her costume unlock in Part 7 in your decorations menu.

Stripper Bonnie 4


Now for a lil FYI: Part 1 will take 25 hours, Part 2 will take 14 hours, Part 3 will take 8 hours, Part 4 will take 4 hours, Part 5 will take 6 hours each for Red Hot Lois/ Captain Hammered/Bonnie/Joe, Part 6 will take 1 hour for Red Hot Lois, Part 7 is where you are able to start earning materials to unlock her. Total of 58 hours of tasks. So get started as soon as you can if you want to start unlocking her. 

What do you think of the new costume introduced? Will you be working to get it? Have you rushed through and unlocked it already? Let us know.



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  1. Nevermind. I exited the game and came back and found it. 🙂


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