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District 9 Coming Soon…(Updated with Precious Metal Questline Walkthrough)

Update 7:15pm EDT: There is a new questline involving Stewie and Time Travel in our games tonight.  This is basically a little questline to keep us tapping for now.  Once complete District 9 (at least as of this moment) is still not open.  It’s a fun little questline and I believe it’s a prelude to District 9.  The Precious Metals questline is 4 parts and 29hrs long.  It solely involves Stewie.  Full walkthrough is below the fold below.  

Hello There Clammers,

Many of you are starting to see this popup in your Tiny Quahogs today…

2014-09-09 20.16.07

District 9 is NOT open yet….think of this as a preview.  It’s coming….

When will it be here?  We don’t know.  My guess is next week…but TinyCo has been known to do some crazy things so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s this week.  However, at this time we don’t know when it will hit.

What do YOU think of District 9 hitting?  Would you prefer it hit next week or do you want it right now?  Are you ready for Tom Tucker and Mayor West in your game?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

Precious Metal walkthrough below…..

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Caption This Clammers!

Note: The Comic-Con Event Wrap up poll will be up a little later today.  For now I thought we all could use a change of pace from Comic-Con and a bit of fun humor!  So enjoy this special Tuesday Edition of Caption This!

As you are playing through quest lines, finishing up some tasks, or seeking to get those “rare” items for our characters… you may catch a glance at some of the funny moments that happen in our games. For those of you that are watching and are actually able capture these rather silly and strange things as they happen, we want to see them.

Now comes the fun part, once a week we will be posting these silly images here but want YOU, the readers, to caption them for us. So put on your silly thinking hats, let out that lil comedian inside, and have some fun! (Keep them PG please.)

This week’s Caption This was sent in by Addicts Reader Castroo44….



If you’ve got an image you’d like to submit for a “Caption This Clammers!” post, email it to us at familyguyaddicts@gmail.com or post it on the Family Guy Addicts Flickr page, you never know when yours might be next!