Daily Archives: September 20, 2014

Candy Time!

Hello There Clammers!

So last night we got a little Halloween preview in Quahog!  Each day a bucket of candy will appear in Quahog…collect the candy each day (which should appear random in color) to unlock Pink Brian!

Pink Brian 2


Full rundown on this can be found here, but this post is more just a reminder.  A reminder that at 12pm PDT the candy will reset and a second piece will be available to collect.  So make sure you log into your game BEFORE 12pm PDT if you haven’t already collected your candy from last night to do it then, and log into your game AFTER 12pm PDT to collect piece number 2!

Not-a-Finger Black Bat Candy Bucket on Sidewalk


Also, a few helpful hints…. Continue reading