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Quahog Comic-Con & The Fabulous Four!

Hello There Clammers!

Here we are in the final hour of Comic-Con and page 7 of the Adventures of the Fabulous Four has finally been released!  Our comic adventure is now complete!  Miss any of the fun?  Don’t worry we’ve got it all for you right here!

So now let’s take a look at the FULL adventures of the Fabulous Four throughout the last 7 weeks shall we?

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Comic-Con Wrap Up






Update 7pm EDT: Comic-Con Has ended!  You’ll need to reload the game to have it disappear (it will force you to reload).  Also, if you’re looking for the directors chairs you’ll find them in the decos tab in your store.  They’ll be listed as free.  

Quahog comic con

Hello There Clammers!

Well….the end is near!  In just a few hrs Comic-Con will officially leave our Tiny Quahogs and things will return back to normal.  Well as normal as they get in Quahog!

In an effort to make sure everyone’s on the same page about the end of the event we thought it would be effective to do a wrap up post and answer many of your Comic-Con Event ending questions!  So here we go…

takeiphone Bryan Cranston 2 Nathan Fillion 5

When Does Comic-Con End?
Per TinyCo…it’s scheduled to end at 3pm PDT on 9/8.

What Time is that Where I Am?
It’s basically impossible for me to calculate everyone’s different time zones.  However, I can tell you that it converts to 6pm EDT and 2200 GMT (or 10pm GMT).  If you need more clarification beyond that you can check out this site for a timezone conversionContinue reading

Blam! Prizes: Breaking Down the Tenth (and Final) Blam! Prize George Takei

Hello There Clammers!

How are my favorite Clammers?  Everyone racking up as much Blam! as you can in the final days of the event?  So whatcha gonna do with all that Blam! you’re collecting?  Besides get one heck of an energy drink buzz, you’ll unlock really cool prizes of course!

While many items during the event will cost you some Blam! (or clams), the cool thing about Comic-Con is you’ll earn prizes at various collection points along the way.  AND…these prizes won’t take from your Blam! on hand! After all, who couldn’t use a little Blam! pick me up every now and then?   So let’s take a look at the tenth prize you’ll unlock during Quahog Comic-Con, George Takei…

Blam takeiphone Blam


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