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Tuesday Night Update….District 9 Phase 2

Hello There Clammers!

Never a dull moment…as we just got hit with new content for District 9.  If you have Tom Tucker you’ll start up a new questline for him.  Also, Stewie will start What the Deuce Pt. 3…requiring you to Build City Hall…to get Mayor West!  (initially, and for as long as I can remember, they’ve said that Mayor West will be in City Hall…turns out he’s not.  Looks like he won’t be released in this phase)

In this phase you’ll unlock…Vinny!

Currently working out the rest of the details now…more to come 🙂

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Random Contest Winners Update!!

Hey there Clammers. Just hopping on by to remind a few of you that you need to get your email addresses in to me by tonight September  in order to make the deadline to receive your prizes. If you do not, then you will forfeit your prizes. I hate NOT giving out free stuff, but we do have to set a deadline on all contests.

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Dear TinyCo: I Would Really Like…..

Hello There Clammers!

We’re nearing the 6 month mark of TQFS!  As the game evolves we’re noticing more and more of you commenting about upcoming items/features you’d love to see in the game.  So we thought 1 central place for you to put your game requests (features, events, characters, decorations etc) would be the best place for TinyCo to see all of your great ideas!

Remember..TinyCo does listen to YOUR requests (and they read this blog!) as evident by the Character Locator, Stripper Bonnie Extension, Sell Feature etc that they’ve added/changed in the game.

So go on and let us know what YOU would like to see in the game!  Sound off with your requests in the comments below, we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Tom Tucker Mystery Box

Hello There Clammers!

Dropping in with a fun new feature to hit our games once you enter District 9 and repair the News Station (and clear the land surrounding it)…the Tom Tucker Mystery Box!

This is a Premium Mystery Box, 30 clams a try, but intended to help you unlock Tom Faster!  Here’s what’s inside…. *This will go away as soon as you unlock Tom Tucker. So make sure you have all your goodies before hitting that unlock.


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