Special Guest Post: Diary of A Non-Fan

Hello There Clammers!

Happy Monday my friends!  We decided after a long weekend of blam! snatching, nerd zapping & mutant blasting it’d be fun to take a step back from the game and see it from a newbie’s perspective.  This newbie is special to Bunny & I…since it’s the one, the only Wookiee!

For those of you that follow us both on this site & our sister site (TSTO Addicts) you’re all aware of just who Wookiee is & his resistance to all things Family Guy…but for those of you that don’t know him, here’s a brief explanation of just who Wookiee is.

On our Simpsons site (TSTOAddicts) we have a 3rd Blogger in our Addicts family (besides Bunny & I)…his name is Wookie.  He loves all things Simpsons and Cheetos…and most importantly he completes our TSTO family.  (much like Cybersilly completes our TQFS family)
Wookiee has been against TQFS from the start.  He wanted no part with this new site (no matter how many cheetos we tried to bribe him with) and it was only because he doesn’t like Family Guy (he’s not a fan of the potty humor).  While he told Bunny & I numerous times over, he’d do anything to support us…he just couldn’t get into a game about a show he just doesn’t like.
ANYWAY, short story long….he FINALLY downloaded the game and started playing it.  Of course being the awesome blogger that he is…he complied his thoughts into a guest post for this site!  What happened on Wookiee’s adventure into Quahog?  Did he venture over to “the darkside” for good?  Or will he delete the game before he barely gets into it?    You’ll have to continue reading to find out…..

What’s up Quahogians!

I’m the Wookiee and you may know me from other sites that revolve around characters slightly more jaundiced than the citizens of Quahog.  Alissa and Bunny are two dear friends of mine and for a while they’ve been running this site about all things Family Guy.

You might ask youself, who the heck is this guy and why is he writing a post on Family Guy Addicts?  I thought our Wookiee’s name was Cybersilly.  Well, he’s not (but helping out the Lady Addicts tremendously… big thanks bud) and it’s mainly because I have an admission.  I finally downloaded FGTQFS and figured I had to admit it at least in an e-mail to my two favorite sistas from different mistas.

Picture me finishing another game about tapping and then writing some info about it and getting off the phone with some lady who wishes I was her personal Fuzzball but finding out the hard way it’s just not gonna happen.  My daughter aka the little Ewok is watching FG on the tellie and all of a sudden, I find myself needing some mindless humor to get my mind off how crazy some ladies are.

Maybe I’ll try this FG game everybody is talking about?  Couldn’t hurt, right?  I probably won’t like it but I’ll try anything twice.  Alright, wow, had no clue this would become a confessional post but here it goes.  I’m not a big FG fan (the horror the horror).  While I have seen tons and tons of episodes, they’re just not my bag.  I’ll admit that I have laughed my face off at some of the Griffins antics and really like Brian the Dog but beyond that, I can’t quote it or do anything real fans would.  I have been offended by a joke and turned off the show and still watched other episodes.  All this would seem like a recipe for disaster for liking a game based on them.

And boy was I wrong.  I downloaded  and the action started right away.  For a non-fan, the opening animation was amazing and there really was no better way to draw me in than with a chicken fight.  IMHO, they are one of the most EPIC things about FG.  The game started and I had 4 characters and 3 buildings before I really knew what was going on.  I am currently doing tasks for Jerome at the Drunken Clam.  Quagmire is doing something strutty, Bonnie’s chugging wine, Chris is picking his nose and Peter is doing the Bird mainly because that’s one of my favorite things Peter does in FG.

Throughout all of this, I found myself chuckling and really that is my biggest take-away from starting this game.  Sure, potty humor isn’t for everyone but I thought everything has been pretty hilarious to this point.  I know a bunch of you are probably much further than me in this game and just shaking your head at the newbie but for the foreseeable future I think I just might find myself popping into Quahog for a while.  I still have no clue what is going on and it’ll probably take me a little (I’m a techno-tard that way, ask Bunny) but excited to see what happens in 2 hours when my tasks are done.

Uh oh… that sounds like the famous last words of an future Addict.

Anywho, my last confession is that I may have only started this game because of a bug planted when I saw some FGTQFS info online.  TinyCo have to be geniuses because the true hook that has made me consider downloading the game has been the current ComicCon Event.  Those guys and dolls really know how to set a hook in my brainmeat.  Not sure when the goodness for that starts but hoping to enjoy some of it while the event is going on.

Well, sorry to bug ya but figured I’d share my thoughts if only for Alissa and Bunny to laugh at their furry friend who may just have joined the Dark Side.  Not sure yet but I do own the Family Guy Star Wars episodes lol.  Keep on clamming in the free world and stay classy above all else.

TTFN… Wookiee out!



Well my friends….what did YOU think of Wookiee’s confession?  Do you have a similar story about joining TQFS?  Did you get sucked in by all the action?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

36 responses to “Special Guest Post: Diary of A Non-Fan

  1. I love this game and the only thing that would make me stop playing is a South Park clone of tapped out or family guy (but we will probably end up with an American dad version before South Park)


  2. I don’t watch either show but play both games….


  3. cyclne5@gmail.com

    Howdy all. I rather enjoy the continuous activity in FGTQFS more than the gameplay itself. Its been fun rolling from one event into another. The clams are a major bugbear though. The constant need to use clams can make playing quite exasperating. I’m not sure how long I’ll hang on but I’m giving it a go.

    BTW. I’ve been playing TSTO since the 2nd Valentine Day event. I enjoy the sight of my Springfield but the thrills are few and far in between. I now pop in there just once a week to restart the 24hr tasks. But its a game not lifesaving surgery. It doesn’t have to fill a gap in my life just use up a few moments of tedium. I’ll keep playing both and live to tell the tale, God willing.


    • This is indeed a different game than the other. The two are NOT alike at all. For that I am happy. Lol.

      Correct the Clams ratio is a bit different and they may not go as far as you are used to, but again…not same game or even same company. My suggestion is take advantage of sales through your app markets to get more for your money. Same with local stores and buy app gift cards. Watch for good discounts and sales to get more for your money. Other than that, play and acquire all you can for free then decide if it is worth it to YOU to mix in some money purchases too. 😉


  4. I don’t get it. You say your not a fan then point out your favorite parts about family guy. I thinks perhaps you protest to much. Also you still like the simpons? I must admit I’m just waiting for them to end it hope fully in a big cinematic goodbye.


  5. Good job on the open mindedness. I follow you on the other site and nice to see you pop in here. Feels like when an old SNL member comes back as a host. Either way it goes I hope you have fun in the process.


  6. I loved simpsons growing up, I think the older episodes are the best, the newer episodes seem to be trying too hard and for me just don’t seem funny anymore, don’t know if it’s because I’m older now or what but that’s what I think, I started playing tsto about a year after it came out and now I’m getting bored of that too I’ve gone as far as I can with it!! I started watching family guy from the first season and was hooked straight away and have been hooked ever since, I think it’s definately a more grown up cartoon that yes probably does offend many but you’ve just gotta take it with a pinch of salt and not let it get to you, I’m English and the way they portray the English I could get offended but I don’t cause I love the show! TQFS I started playing as soon as it was released and yes it’s similar to tsto it’s also very different in the sense that you have to earn the characters you get and not just get them cause you’ve built the building they come with, once you finally get them, you feel proud that playing has paid off!! As for the recent comic con event, I’m loving it! Not really a massive comic book fan but I think the whole concept is genius, actual celebs in your town AND they have their own voice?! Brilliant!! I don’t see tsto doing this any time soon which for me is why I can see myself playing TQFS for a long time yet whereas I’m now so bored with tsto I’m not even giving them jobs to do cause what’s the point? There’s nothing left to achieve for me! Family Guy is now and will always be my number one choice for animated escape from reality be it playing the game or watching the show, I will always choose that! 🙂


  7. I can’t remember the last time I watched Family Guy but I still can’t seem to stop playing as I have always been addicted to any games like this ever since early sim city games when I was younger.
    I used to like the show in the early seasons but when the jokes got a bit repetitive and long winded I just couldn’t watch it anymore. When they would keep showing that country singer and ended up having a 5 minute video of him in a 20 minute show that was just too lazy for me.
    I am still enjoying the game but the only problem is that I never know if any of these prizes are actually from the show or made for the game. That’s were TSTO wins for me as you want to get items in your town that you are familiar especially if you really liked that episode.

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    • Too funny. My ex-wife hates the Conway Twitty cutaways and will actually leave the room. We are still very close so the ex thing doesn’t mean anything negative. Sorry, anyway, she thinks it is the dumbest and laziest thing ever. I think it is hilarious and love how it draws out so long. That is what makes it funnier to me as I know it is irritating the hell out of somebody. Thank god we all have a different and unique view or it would be boring indeed. Now South Park is a whole other can of worms lol

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    • Every item in the game has appeared in the shows if u watch the first two seasons the original u will c they even have a episode with the chicken fight n they destroy the whole town n have to rebuild it (sounds familiar) n what makes this episode even more interesting is the mutated stewie is in it 2 like from the event so if u watch the episodes on Netflix if u have it u will c buildings like Bob’s Funland and even some carnival stuff n buildings I’ve seen a lot of familiar stuff cuz I decided to watch all the seasons from the beginning n I b like o I have that building or whatever it is makes the game more interesting if u know what everything is n what episode it came from


  8. I never liked the Simpson’s one because U never could get on to play it! Family Guy however I’ve always been addicted to the show! So I thought I would try this game a few week before the lovely butt even occured! I was hooked to it even before the event and by the time the event started nothing was going to make me delete this event! Family Guy for life! Lol the only complaint I have is that the game has made it hard for me to put it down for schoolwork lol! Don’t worry I can still put it down but with a sad face. I sound like a little girl lol but I’m 27


  9. Lol nice article I started tsto when it first came out a long time(yes I got the Springfield waterfalls) I stopped playing for over a year just recently started playing again when I started fgtqfs I’m barely level 40 on tsto n 50 on fgtqfs don’t get me wrong I love both games but I hardly play my tsto I send all my characters on 12 – 24 hour task then go back when I can to collect I’m almost to where everyone gets bored of the game the highest level n have to much money to spend similar problem with fgtqfs but it’s still interesting enough to play I missed out on so many events that I hate looking at everyone’s town n seeing all the cool stuff but on family guy I started playing as soon as it became available on play store although tsto came out first I can honestly say I prefer fgtqfs Idk y it’s just more interesting n so far I’ve unlocked everything the game has to offer yet there has been times where things seem impossible but I managed to get everything n to b honest I never really liked the Simpson’s show either don’t get me wrong I can’t really judge because i haven’t seen every episode n didn’t really grow up watching it either but family guy just seems more compelling to keep me wanting to play n buy premium stuff every time I get paid lol I’ve sent money on tsto but not nearly as much on fgtqfs I actually never pictured myself buying play store cards every chance I get just to buy in game items unless it was a add on for cod or other PlayStation n xbox games or buying a game itself but for some reason I can’t stay away I’m hooked on this game like tsto has a new update n seems pretty cool to take advantage of but I’m debating if I should or just get 40 dollars worth of clams lol cuz I really want these celebs in my town for gud n this event is bigger than any event I have seen from any other game similar so with that being said from a player stuck in the middle from both sides I hope tsto comes out with a really gud event instead of some deal to compete with fgtqfs cuz it’s just ain’t working tsto is losing a lot of players n I know this because i can only visits half of everyone’s towns anymore lol


  10. My story is similar. I used to like Family Guy, but the humour became more and more coarse and finally I couldn’t stand watching it anymore. When I picked up TSTO a few months ago, I figured I’d give TQFS a chance as well, but didn’t really like the mechanics of the game. a few months later, after the insanity of the Stonecutters died down I decided to try this one out again. I’ve liked it more this time, so we’ll see how it goes.


  11. My boyfriend downloaded TQFS in January and had been playing it. I just laughed, didn’t really get it, and wasn’t really interested.

    Flash back to three weeks ago, when I finally downloaded it. Instantly addicted, much to the amusement of my boyfriend! I’ve been playing ever since 🙂


  12. I still like the other game better but will keep playing this one as my freemium game. I never watched family guy so did giggle over quagmire. I don’t use sound so don’t know what they say other than giggity. Never knew where it came from when my son would say it. Nice game but frustrates me to no end at times.


  13. To be honest for me I started with TQFS and played it exclusively until like three weeks ago I downloaded TSTO I played for a few hours but just could not get into it it was so drawn out to get the simple intro done. I hated that you had to do things exactly how they said no deviation. This probably changes later in the game but there was no draw to keep me going. TQFS started quick and just kept building yes it may cost more money than TSTO but it is purely choice to spend money you can have fun without spending money you may not get everything in every event or it may take longer to get stuff but the makers of the game have to make money to contuine the game and make it better. They are a budding company not like EA with more experience and money. What I love about Tiny Co is that they listen to their gamers and change things to reflect that. Yes there maybe glitches riddled through out the game that pause the game play for a while but they fix it as soon as they can and remember this is a multi-platform game with constant updates and events to keep the players engaged so bugs are to be expected with such a new game. It came out less than six months ago people expect some problems. I am stepping down from my soapbox now. Enjoy the game however you want to play it.

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    • Seconding everything you said! I’ve been so impressed with TinyCo thus far that I checked their site to see if they’re hiring in my field. They are not, so I’m forced to continue wishing them success as a fan only. 🙂


  14. On the other game I started around a certain snake stomping event and for months I thought it was an awesome game…and then I caught up with everyone else..from there an update every month and a half that gave me game play for 4-7 days (depending if everything was an 18+ hour task). Despite complaints about the lag between levels and the fact that it constantly has had issues kicking people off for a variety of reasons they haven’t listened..their events are fun for when they are going..afterwhich half if not more of the maxed out players simply put their people on 24 hr tasks..and I am now with them if that…now on this side of the fence there has constantly been something going on..we are on the second huge event of the summer. instead of simply fixing something…coming back x hours..sending someone on a mission..coming back x hours…its more of a gamble..you normally have to send a variety of people on a variety of missions and yes it is luck based but the more times or people you send the better the odds..you pretty much have to grind it out and for some it is frustrating but I do have patience and I do try to send people out as often as it allows me until you achieve success…basically instead of sending a person out x amount of hours..so I can send someone else out x amount of hours until the story line is complete I actually feel more a part of it. and the amount of animated things that you can get on family guy is insane..and growing. basically the other FOX game hadn’t felt the need to improve..so they didn’t while Tinyco is constantly making improvements to make it the better game. So basically I may be the top level on the other game and might of bought a lot here and there but for the last month or two I think I play that other game a total of five minutes a day..which was more than enough time to finish everything I needed to finish the last level in 5 days. I am definitely more of a fan of this game..coming over here must be the same feeling that people that grew up with only radios felt when the tv was invented

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  15. Don’t feel bad wookster I not a big fan of family guy either I only started playing because the Alissa and bun bun brought it up in Tsto post and figured hey let’s give it a try and I ended up liking it from the beginning (luckily so I got this waterfall right Alissa) besides the addict are family be Tsto FGTQFS we stick together.


  16. It has begun…

    Hey Wookiee, glad to see you on this side of the fence 😉


  17. Funny- I’m a Family Guy fan and think the chicken fights are the worst, unfunny, most drawn-out bits of the show… And also, coincidentally, a pretty close interpretation of these awful tedious tasks to unlock characters.


  18. Whilst it is great to see Wookie posting here, unfortunately FGTSFS has done nothing to convince me to switch sides from the Springfield game. I love FG but I am afraid TinyCo need to take a leaf out of the dreaded EA book and observe how a freemium game should be made. I love all things SciFi and the latest update should have been the change over point, but having observed not only losing 3 days of the competition to iOS, and then realising that the only way to enjoy this game even at a simple level is to part with serious amounts of real cash, virtually everything needs an injection of clams, I am afraid I will not be joining the FG gang. Whilst TSTO allows you to play the game free and only buy luxury characters or buildings that supplements the game, for some reason TinyCo have made it so difficult to find certain items (plutonium) or cool stuff like the Clamterprise which I worked hard to unlock a premium item, I am well and truly switched off. Shame really as I have worked so hard to get a half decent town.


    • Interesting because I started Tapped Out before TQFS, and while I enjoyed it as a freeloader, the moment I started building my Quahog, Tapped Out just seemed dull and lifeless. The jokes were few and far between, and in true simpson’s fashion, only about half of them were (kinda) funny.

      i haven’t been back to Springfield since. Haven’t deleted it yet, but thats mostly because whenever I get on my tablet I don’t want to waste my time with triffles

      There is a game for everybody, and the material can make up for alot of gameplay issues. tapped out may play better, but I just don’t
      have as much fun playing it.


  19. Just smiling 🙂


  20. Lol….so you are slowly coming to the dark side 🙂 …..[excellent!, our plan is working and soon we’ll have total World DOMINATION…..MUHAHAHAHAHA!!]. But seriously, my Friend, thanks for my kind shout out and all you do for my “other” gaming obsession on that “other” **cough** TSTOAddicts.com **cough** site. And I could never be “The Wookiee”…….because, I’m the Walrus “Coo Coo Achoo” (Gesundheit) XD


  21. Oh no! Wookie is going to start playing and now his Quahog is going to look immaculate and so much better than I could imagine mine, lol. Can’t wait to see his in-game Wookie portrait.


  22. Wookie, My Friend, Welcome to FamilyGuyAddicts!!! LOL Anyway, i was not as much of a fan of Family Guy as i am of The Simpsons! Mostly because of the portions of potty stuff i have seen and yes i own Blue Harvest! The ComicCon Event is definitely more my style than that King Butt Event! I am glad you at least checked it out! 😉
    Maybe you’ll stick it out maybe not! The only thing i am sure of is i am not giving up on My other game while playing this one! 😉 Happy to see you! 🙂


  23. Is this Peter Mayhew?

    Hmm…how’s the weather up there! 🙂


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