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Comic Con Event Phase 3: Giant Stewie, Felicia Day, Bryan Cranston and MORE! (Updated and Complete)

Update 8/11: Quagmire’s 12hr Drink at the Clam task now can earn you Ice Cream Sundaes.  Remember it’s still extra rare in drop rate…but it’s nice to have another character that can earn it 🙂
Also, Ron’s task to earn pesticides has now been split from his task to earn batteries.  His 4hr task now will always drop green pesticide, and he has a new 8hr task Shop for Tough Guy Bandanas now has the chance to drop batteries (rare).

Note: On top of everything else hitting today….there’s an update in the Play Store as well.  So download the newest version to your device

Hello There Clammers!

Phase 3 has JUST hit our games….Felicia Day, Giant Stewie, Bryan Cranston, New buildings and MUCH MUCH MORE!

Details are on their way…just as soon as we go through everything 🙂

For now…Peter kicks things off and you’ll have to have completed the Creature from the Goo Lagoon questline to have the new questline start for you.

More below the fold….

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Signs of Comic-Con Phase 3???

Hello There Clammers!

Who saw this fun little notification popup on their Clamming Devices today?

2014-08-07 20.09.32


A sign of things to come?  Will something be hitting tonight???  We’ll have to wait and see.  Remember Ron and Mutant Stewie originally hit our games last Thursday around 7pm EDT…so who knows Stewie might be up for another attack tonight!

A few quick reminders….

-Ron will not leave your game if you haven’t yet unlocked him once a new character hits.  You have the entire rest of the event to unlock him, he’ll only leave at the end of the event if you have not unlocked him.  If you do unlock him (or any other celebrity) before the event ends, they’re yours forever!

-Remember Patrick Stewart cost 1,000 Blam! to unlock, Ron cost 5,000 Blam! to unlock…the next character may cost more than 5,000 Blam! to unlock…so be smart about your Blam! spending until the update hits.  ALSO…remember if a character requires Blam! to unlock them that Blam! will disappear from your Blam! on hand total (top left next to your coins).  So be careful where you tap with characters!

-Batteries…there’s no telling what the next phase might bring.  So for now…we suggest saving your batteries.  Just zap Stewie’s every 4 hrs (if you’re past the questline and have already earned the car.)  We don’t know what the next phase may bring…so hang onto those batteries for now.  I’d actually wait until we’re through the weekend as well…but that’s just me 🙂

So that’s it for this little teaser my Clamming friends!  What do YOU think tonight will bring?  Are you ready for phase 3?  Can your tapping fingers hardly contain their excitement?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

Blam! Prizes: Breaking Down the First Five Blam! Prizes

Hello There Clammers!

How are my favorite Clammers doing this morning?  Everyone racking up as much Blam! as you can?  So as we finish out week 2 of the Comic-Con Event (or week 1 for some of us) everyone should be earning that Blam! at a decent rate.  So whatcha gonna do with all that Blam! you’re collecting?  Besides get one heck of an energy drink buzz, you’ll unlock really cool prizes of course!

While many items during the event will cost you some Blam! (or clams), the cool thing about Comic-Con is you’ll earn prizes at various collection points along the way.  AND…these prizes won’t take from your Blam! on hand! After all, who couldn’t use a little Blam! pick me up every now and then?   So let’s take a look at the first five prizes you’ll unlock during Quahog Comic-Con…

Blam Blam



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