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Friday Night Update: Stewie Box! Bombs Away! (Updated and Complete)

Update 8/16: Appears that the Kindle update has finally hit. ¬†So all of our Kindle friends check your app store and finally start getting those Minions! ūüôā

Hello There Clammers!

Another Friday night update is upon us! ¬†And just like many of us predicted….we now have a Stewie Box! ¬†For 180 Clams you can get unique prizes, Clams, Batteries & Bombs from the Stewie Box!

More details on the way my friends…

Bologna building- We’re investigating what it’s for at the moment. ¬†My¬†guess is it’s a mistake and wasn’t supposed to be released just yet. ¬†It’s a texture glitch and supposed to be ham for Blobulous. ¬†TC is working on fixing it at the moment.

As far as the bombing training…yes you can earn free clam(!) for bombing Minion Stewies in groups….Peter starts this questline.

bomber trophy

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Minion Stewie’s? Ohhhh Myyyyyy!

What the DEUCE??!! Why are there creepy crawly lil Stewie’s all over the town? AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!

Minion Stewie 2


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What the Hell?!

Happy Friday Clammers!

Well, we’ve all made it through another “work week” (kinda, sorta, almost) and the weekend looms large up ahead.¬†All week we field your comments about your frustrations in the game (What the event¬†isn’t going to be released on Android for a WEEK?!) and we wanted to give you (and us)¬†a fun new way for you to voice your frustrations and get it all off of your chest.

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