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Blam! Results and a New Poll About How You Earn Blam!

Hello There Clammers!

Comic-Con is in full swing on all of our devices and this week’s poll question wants to know how YOU earn Blam!.  Plus, we wanted to share the results of our Blam! collection poll.

But first I’m curious to see your Blam! collecting methods now that the Minions AND Giant Stewie have been released.  So which method do you prefer for earning the most Blam!?

Please elaborate on your answer in the comments as well…

Now let’s get to the results of the Blam! Collection Poll…

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Quahog Comic-Con Walkthrough Pt. 4

Hello There Clammers!

Comic-Con phase 4 has arrived in Quahog!  The fourth phase brings a new celebrity to our towns as well as little Minion Stewies running all over Quahog!  I know many of you are curious about what’s in store for us in our Tiny Quahogs during the fourth phase of this event..So with that in mind here’s the full quick walkthrough for phase 4 of the event (phase 1 can be found herephase 2 can be found here and phase 3 can be found here)  This covers the quests that popup during the 4th week of Comic-Con including: Bombs Away and The Creator.

So now let’s bomb some minions shall we?

Minion Stewie 2
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HELP! Tips On Minion Stewie’s

Hey there all you silly Quahogians. I see lots of comments all over about those wanting a lil more help and details on ways they can trap and max the Pesticide Bomb potential when defeating Minion Stewie’s. Well I have been playing round a bit in my game and here are a few things I have tried that may work for you too.

Stewie Squid 2Latcher StewieMinion 4

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