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New Comic Con Update: Stewie Mutant Bombs and MORE!!!

UPDATE 1230 AM EST: Try to uninstall and resinstall to see if issue is resolved and let us know. Before you do, make sure you were linked to a FB or an email account. If not, you will lose your game. I am trying this now myself. Those of you that did not link your accounts may have to wait for the gamewide fix to hit. They know no one likes having to uninstall. 

FYI…the new content is gone for now. No info on its re-release, but I think we all can agree to have them wait to avoid this again. 🙂

If your account goes back to Level 1 after install, follow the steps for recovery to linked accounts.

If you games still seems a lil…OFF…try a force close or restart of your device to see if that helps to refresh it as well.


UPDATE 11PM EST: Some of the new content is hitting, however…many of us are seeing this instead…


I am in the process of looking into it as we speak. Everyone else just sit tight in the meantime, they are WELL aware of it and doing what they can as fast as they can.


Here were are another Friday, so you know what that means…another update in our crazy lil Quahog Comic Con Event. So what surprises did this one bring? More details will be coming as we verify them live ….

Version 1.1.2

So far the updates hitting are resolving the issue of the cars not being able to rotate properly. As for the remaining content…we do not yet see it live in the games. That is not to say it won’t hit all of the sudden (this is actually early for an update than usual times. Lol.)

Stay tuned and as soon as we see more info, we will update it into this post. 😉





So here we are again. Another week and oh so much more added to the Quahog Comic Con Event…and…I AM LOVING IT!! TinyCo really wants us to NOT get bored with our lil games and constantly give us something to do. All while meticulously having each item somehow coincide with another. And y’all thought I was the insane one. Lol.

Giant Stewie

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What the Hell?!

Happy Friday Clammers!

Well, we’ve all made it through another “work week” (kinda, sorta, almost) and the weekend looms large up ahead. All week we field your comments about your frustrations in the game (What the event isn’t going to be released on Android for a WEEK?!) and we wanted to give you (and us) a fun new way for you to voice your frustrations and get it all off of your chest.

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