So here we are again. Another week and oh so much more added to the Quahog Comic Con Event…and…I AM LOVING IT!! TinyCo really wants us to NOT get bored with our lil games and constantly give us something to do. All while meticulously having each item somehow coincide with another. And y’all thought I was the insane one. Lol.

Giant Stewie

Well let’s break this whole new Giant Stewie down. How does he work? What benefit is he to our lil games? Does he even matter? Time to hop on in. He is now here to stay the course of the entire event, so get used to yet another lil…errrr…GIANT spawn in your town. Lol



First off, to launch him into your game. You will needed to have completed Creature from the Goo Lagoon Part 5.

Creature from the Goo Lagoon Part 5

You will then see the usual ! over Peter and his dialog will start for Enfant Terrible Part 1.

Enfant Terrible Part 1

This part will walk you through the basics and get you started on the Giant Stewie that has taken over the Convention Center.

2014-08-07 23.29.22

2014-08-07 23.29.26


As you can see, he will most DEFINITELY be helpful to you as THIS is what you will use to multiply your Blam! output and hit that 100,ooo Blam! so much faster.



So, what to do? Well first of all, take stock in what you DO have that will help in the process of defeating him and getting up as high as you can on the multiplier line to MAX out that Blam! earning potential.

Pesticide Earning Characters:

Character Task Time/Payout Blam!/Pesticide/Misc
Captain Hammered Gather Smelly Pesticide 2hrs/ $30, 20XP 6 Blam!/ (ALWAYS) 1 Red or 1 Yellow
Captain Hammered Gather Foamy Pesticide 2hrs/ $30, 20XP 6 Blam!/ (ALWAYS) 1 Green or 1 Yellow
Ron Perlman Practice Fighting Large Monsters 4hrs/ $50, 30XP 10 Blam!/ (ALWAYS) 1 Green/ (Rare) 1 Battery
Patrick Stewart Be a Thespian 4hrs/ $50, 30XP 10 Blam!/ (ALWAYS) 1 Red
Blobulous Gather Gross Pesticides 2hrs/ $30, 20XP 6 Blam!/ (ALWAYS) 1 Red or 1 Green
Blobulous Gather Smelly Pesticides 2hrs/ $30, 20XP 6 Blam!/ (ALWAYS) 1 Red or 1 Yellow
Felica Day Practice Larping 4hrs/ $50, 30XP 10 Blam!/ (ALWAYS) 1 Yellow/ (Rare) 1 Battery
Bryan Cranston Inspect Buildings 2hrs/ $30, 20XP 6 Blam!/ (ALWAYS) 1 Red & 1 Yellow & 1 Green

So all those characters you are unlocking as you progress continue to help to also collect needed items for both the Latcher and the Giant Stewie’s. It also makes the cost of Bryan even MORE helpful for the event. His task is really short to get 3 Pesticides in one drop. That is easily 8 of each daily if you utilize him alone.


Pesticide Earning Zapper: 

Yes, you read that correct. Along with all the other random drops, the Zapper as well is getting into the mix of things. You will notice as you go to Zap Latcher Stewie now that the gun continually changes materials it drops. Pesticides have been added to the mix too. (Note: your Zapper “CHANCE” icons will vary what they show on what you have and have not unlocked.)

Zapper Pesticides


SIDE NOTE: This did NOT change any other drops for the Zapper. Those materials are still there, just the Pesticides are a better drop rate so you will see them more often then those rare or higher items. 

Pesticide Earning Buildings: 

fg_building_herotrainingcenter@4xTraining Montage Training Center: Every 12 hours you will get either an Orange or Red Pesticide along with the payout when you clear it.

Fat Kevins Comic BooksFat Kevin’s Comic Books: Every 6 hours  you will get a Red or Green Pesticide along with the payout when you clear it.

So there you have a mix of different ways on how to get yourself some more Pesticides for Giant Stewie.

SIDE NOTE: Nerds do NOT drop Pesticides. They still have chance of all the previous materials dropping until that character is unlocked.



Every new day, you are given a 24 hour time frame in which you can battle the Giant Stewie and get a multiplier for earning Blam! Each day will be different in what it will ask you to collect and use, so be cautious with how you decide and when you decide to defeat him and move up.

So to start it out, just look to your Convention Center and you will see either a countdown timer or just an icon that resembles one of Toxic Waste. Giant Stewie may be inside or on top, but if he is inside…he usually jumps right back out when you tap in that area. Tap on the Convention Center itself. This will open up the pop up for the multiplier and Pesticide counts for the 24 hour period you are on.

This is how it looks. Giant Mutant Stewie (2)

Day 1: The following breakdown was for MY test game for the first day. (Yours may differ. In the past, the colors needed would even come in pairs or threes…asking for a mix of each.)
1X: 1 Orange
3X: 3 Green
8X: 7 Red
15X: 12 Orange
25X: 18 Orange

The Blam! Reward for Vanquishing him is 100. So you will get a Payout of 100, 300, 800, 1500, or 2500 Blam! depending on what level of multiplier you hit. (He also drops items needed for Character Unlocks, like hams.) Also, after hitting the 25X the first time, it allows you to do it again but for 29 Pesticides.

After each defeat, the timer will reset to 24hours. If you do not defeat him again, the timer will run out no matter where you are and reset to 1X.

As for the wording at the bottom of the pop up, it will say “Find Pesticide” if you do not have enough of the color you need along with a “number you have/number required”  break. After you collect the amount it requires, you then see the wording change to “Vanquish Giant Stewie”. Just tap on Vanquish when it switches and a lil Movie will appear quick of Giant Stewie being sprayed with Pesticide.

Vanquish Giant Stewie

He will then go back into the Convention Center and hide for 1 minute 30 seconds now. This means you have to wait at least 1 minute 30 seconds between Vanquishing him, regardless if you have all the necessary Pesticide to jump to the next multiplier step. It will show you a timer countdown on how many seconds remaining til you can try again in the pop up.

Giant Mutant Stewie (3)

You will also notice on the first pop up the “Streak Time Left”. This is the time YOU have left to get to the highest possible multiplier (25X) before it resets it all back to 1X a the end of 24 hours. So again, if you let the timer run down the 24hrs, you will lose any progress you made and go back to 1X. This countdown information will also be displayed over the Convention Center.

Giant Stewie

So now comes in the fun part. How do you decide on when and where to use the Pesticide for the most benefit? Well, the breakdown is pretty simple. Right now you have to defeat Stewie at least 5 times to get the Challenge car. So plan out wisely.

Otherwise, this is my suggestion. Stockpile the Pesticides you earn and keep them until YOU have time to spend in the game and MAX it. Why? Because there is a HUGE difference in just getting 3 X 100 Blam! vs 25 x 100 Blam! (the payout on Vanquishing Giant Stewie). It will take a lil more Pesticides to do this, but if you are earning them at a faster rate, then maximize that.

Do you see a method to the madness now? That 100,000 Blam! feeling a little more easier to get to now? I hope so.  Even if you can’t max it out. Just get it to X3 or X8 and it will make a TON of difference in your earnings. So use those Pesticides wisely. Earn them whenever you can. Store them and don’t waste them if you know real life work, vacation, etc will not allow you to fully use those MAX multipliers to their potential.

Right now, focus on getting your Challenge car. You only have a few days. So same, do not rush to MAX each day if you can split it 3 days. That would mean you may only need 4 Pesticides each day to Vanquish him and get the car. (1 for first Vanquish. 3 for second. Etc.) Stay within your gaming means and use what you can when you can really apply yourself. If you are not to the Part 4 in the Enfant Terrible, then save those Pesticides up for when you are about to hit it so you can knock out the time with no worries. (The Car will trigger between Part 3 and Part 4.)


There you have it. A lil method to the Madness of Giant Stewie. Hope this has helped you out a bit. Need more info? Anything I did not cover you need more clarification on? Let us know.


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  2. Dude, I so want to use this in a Demotivational Poster after the coolest gift my older brother got me for Easter (Cthulu dice game inside a plush Cthulu doll). If this offends in any way or infringes, please tell me IMMEDIATELY! In the meantime I will post it on my website listed down there and give you FULL CREDIT for the image input! You have amazing talent!


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