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The Rupert Triplets: Pesticide Mystery Boxes

Hello There Clammers!

Well I take a night off to celebrate my cousin’s wedding and TinyCo decides to blow up the game!  What the hell?!  Oh wait wrong post… 😉

So looks like with all of the craziness of the failure to launch last night…things are finally starting to get under control.  I know many of you are still locked out, but hopefully all will be restored soon.

Now that things are restored in some places we can get a look at what TinyCo had in mind for this weekend.  Looks like the new item of the week(end) is Pesticide Mystery Boxes…

2014-08-09 12.07.01

More details will be below the fold, but basically these are designed (as you can guess) to get you more pesticides to help you defeat Giant Stewie.  However, they cost clams (95 clams each box) and in my own opinion…NOT WORTH IT.  Save your clams!  At least for now.  If if gets to the last days of the event and you’re just shy of getting George (or another prize you really want) then it might be worth the investment.

So here are the details…

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