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Comic-Con Phase 4: Stan Lee & Minion Stewies Oh My

UPDATE 8-15 2PM EST (Bunny): Due to confusion from players on Part 3 of “Bombs Away” with Blobulous, his two hour task to get Bombs will be disabled until Part 3 is completed. (People were sending Blobulous 2hr instead of Chris 4hr.) Then it will return. Also, Stan Lee Trailer not dropping will has a fix on its way.


Update 10:30 PM EDT: Just received word the update has not hit Kindle yet.  As soon as we hear it’s hit we’ll let you guys know.  In the meantime keep earning that Blam! 🙂

Update 9:30 PM EDT: If you’re getting the Consuela screen with the boost::bad_format_String ERROR… showing up…TinyCo IS Aware of this and they’re working on repairing it.  Sit tight and hopefully all will be restored shortly! 🙂

Hello There Clammers!

Phase 4 of Comic Con is upon us!  Another celebrity has hit our towns and Stewie has changed yet again! App Store Update has hit!

More details are on the way…just as soon as we go through everything ourselves.  But for now…as usual…Peter kicks things off for phase 4!  (note you have to have completed the Enfant Terrible Part 6 questline for phase 4 to start for you)

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Hey there Clammers. So you want to try to get the most BLAM! for the time you spend in your game? Want to earn all those cool prizes? Don’t know where to begin? Well I have broken down the tasks we currently have in time blocks to help players at different gaming hours to get as much out of your playing time as you can.


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Midnight Madness? New Items & New Tasks

Well not to be out of sync, TinyCo introduced a lil something extra into our games in the WEEEEEE hours of the A.M. Good thing some of us don’t sleep. o.O

Two quick items, the first up…new Battery Packs for Clams options:

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